To our brothers and sisters in Lebanon,

Our Revolution and our people’s sacrifice for freedom, dignity, and democratic change have entered the 11th month. In the midst our struggle to oust Bashar Al-Assad’s regime and his thugs, our victory is near. The SNC very much appreciates the Lebanese people’s solidarity, as well as their political, humanitarian, and moral support.

Both the Syrian and Lebanese people share a common cause that is better served by democratic regime change in Syria, especially with regard to Lebanon’s sovereignty. This is an opportunity to turn back the dark pages of history in the Syrian-Lebanese relationship; the dark pages brought on by a dictatorial Syrian regime that exercised the worst of tutelage, influence, and interference.

Our Council assures you that the Syrian Revolution will paint a better picture: we will transition from the current status, dictatorship, and tyranny to an era of freedom and democracy. The latter holds a wide, bright horizon that is open for our peoples to establish a close, cooperative relationship based on a common future.

Dear Lebanese brothers and sisters:

The Syrian National Council seeks a bright future with Lebanon, and a free and democratic Syria, and emphasizes the following principles:

 A free, democratic, and independent Syria will recognize a sovereign and independent Lebanon.
 Future Syrian-Lebanese relations will be between two independent and equal states and based on a common history and a common future.
 We will establish collaborative efforts between our two democratic and independent nations, which play an integral role within the Arab framework. In addition, we will create a new Arab order inspired by a new concept of Arabism in the cultural, economic, and humanitarian arenas. Both countries will cooperate in support of a new Arab bond, inspired by the Riyadh Declaration of 2007, to establish and consolidate pluralistic values of tolerance in the Arab world.
 Since our countries share common attributes, such as ethnic and religious diversity in a pluralistic society, we must vow to protect our rich history, which has contributed so heavily to humanity and culture.
 Consistent with the principles above, we will respect Lebanon’s National Charter embodied in the Taif Agreement. We look forward to working with a democratic Lebanese state in the near future on the following important issues:
• Review agreements signed between the two countries and reach new agreements based on the independent and common interests of both nations
• Focus on a relationship between the two nations within the framework of diplomatic representation by our respective embassies.
• Abolish the Syrian-Lebanese Supreme Court.
• Demarcate the Syrian border, particularly in the Shebaa Farms.
• Adjust the common border between the two countries.
• End the intelligence and security role, which previously intervened in Lebanese affairs (including arms smuggling). Afford Lebanon its right to stand as an independent entity governed by its principles and the rule of law.
• Form an inquiry commission to resolve the issue of detained and missing Lebanese nationals in Syrian prisons.

Dear Lebanese brothers and sisters,

After the Syrian Revolution emerges victorious, and when we are armed with freedom and democracy, we will face a long struggle as we transition into the new era of civility, modernity, and progress. We look forward to building a future based on mutual interests.

The SNC will present a set of principles that govern Syrian-Lebanese relations. These principles stem from the acknowledgement that Syria’s interests are in seeing a relationship with Lebanon that is based on brotherhood, mutual respect, joint work, and mutual interests. It is in both countries’ best interests to promote a new regime founded on new Arab interests and equality.

The Syrian National Council has chosen this time to apply these principles because we stand on the edge of a monumental, historical change for both Syria and Lebanon. The Assad regime, which has been a permanent obstacle in preventing the development of appropriate relations between our two countries and peoples, is on the precipice. We proclaim that today is not only an act of faith to these relations, but a solemn recognition that two independent states can work together, achieve together, and progress together. We represent two states that will mutually support one other.

My dear brothers and sisters,

The Syrian Revolution addresses you heart-to-heart and mind-to-mind. We are here to work together toward a bright future in achieving peace, security, and stability in the region and for its peoples.

Glory to Lebanon’s fallen heroes who died for the sake of independence.

Glory to our fallen heroes, whose Revolution was written in Syrian blood.