The Syrian Army took control over Abel village and Al-Wae’r neighborhood after surrounding the insurgents in both areas and arresting them.

Anti-government activists: 8 wounded insurgents are transferred to Lebanon after they got injured during clashes with the Syrian Army in Al-Ksair area of Homs countryside.

Pro-government activists: armed rebels set up checkpoints in Al-Hosen village located in Homs countryside and highjack a bus transferring 25 passengers nearby Al-Bsas exit; news on the death of 2 civilians.

4 mortar shells are fired on Qattena village resulting in material causalities and anti-government activists accuse Al-Farouk militia of firing them.

Salah Al-Saleh’s funeral takes place in Al-Rastan area and turns into an anti-government activists.

The so-called “tansekiat Homs” Facebook page states that the security force has killed 20 people in different neighborhoods of Homs and posts names for 14 of them.

An anti-government gathering occurs in Tair Ma’la neighborhood; an evening one occurs in Al-Kossour neighborhood.

Clashes between the Syrian Army and armed rebels take place in Al-Khaldia, Deir Ba’lba and Al-Bayada neighborhoods and also in Al-Kala’a area.

A security man and 2 civilians get killed while a third one get injured from a sniper in Job Al-Jandali neighborhood; a security man died last night due to an armed attack on security checkpoints in Al-Bayada, Al-Khaldia and Bab Todmour neighborhoods.

The retired Colonel Ahmad Rajab Al-A’akel is shot dead in Al-Enshaat neighborhood by insurgents.

A shell is fired on a building located by Mar Georgas church, 2 others are fired on another building and a third one is fired on the Roman Orthodox cemetery located in Al-Hamedia neighborhood; pro-government activists blame it on the insurgents.

Activists: armed rebels shelter in Om Al-Zenar church located in Al-Hamedia neighborhood after they have destroyed parts of it.

A weapons and bombs’ cache is seized in Baba Amr neighborhood.

Clashes between the security force and armed rebels take place in Al-Nazheen neighborhood and result in the death of a security man and a number of rebels and the capture of weapons.

A number of RPG shells are fired on security checkpoints located in Al-Rastan and Al-Ksair areas of Homs countryside and on Bab Todmour neighborhood.


Demonstrations occur in Al-Deir Al-Sharqie village, Kafr Nobl village, Kafr Yahmoul village, Haish town and Al-Shaikh Moustafa village of Edlib countryside.

Firas Al-Ahmad’s funeral takes place on this morning in Talmans town of Edlib countryside and turns into an anti-government gathering.

Armed rebels fire on 2 military vehicles nearby Al-Janoudia village located in Jeser Al-Shoghour resulting in injuries and deaths from the Syrian Army.

Media sources: armed rebels kidnapped Colonel Zohair Mohsin Al-Zohairey last night in Manbaj.

2 explosive devices placed by insurgents on Edlib – Harem road were dismantled last night; a third one placed on the western entrance of Areha nearby Ma’rat Masreen roundabout is detonated.

A media source: the Syrian Army takes control over many towns of Edlib countryside.

Activists: clashes between the Syrian Army and radical Islamic gunmen take place in Jeser Al-Shoghour and Al-Ghab areas of Edlib countryside after the gunmen tried to kidnap soldiers; the clashes result in deaths from both sides.

A demonstration occurs in Sarmeen town; Hasan Hamdo Al-Naief’s funeral takes places in Jarjanaz town and turns into an anti-government gathering.

7 people get arrested in Al-Ghadka village located in Ma’rat Al-Nouman area under the charges of possessing unlicensed guns.


A bombing device exploded in Al-Marjeh neighborhood yesterday while the security force was trying to dismantle it which resulted in the injury of 17 people, 8 of them were security men.

Students’ set-in occurs in the Faculty of Architecture of Aleppo University and results in the arrest of many students for few hours.

Students’ demonstrations occur in the Faculty of Literature and the Faculty of Mechanics and Information of Aleppo University.

An anti-government gathering occurs in Tal Rafa’at town located in Aleppo outskirt; others occur in Al-Marjeh and Al-Soukarey neighborhoods and get dispersed by the security force.

A number of people get arrested in Tareek Al-Bab neighborhood after a demonstration.


Officer Taiseer Mohammad Naser Al-Homsey and Sergeant Firas Ba’jano due to their injuries they were shot by insurgents in Al-Arba’een neighborhood last Thursday.

SANA: armed rebels bomb 2 transportation buses in Janoub Al-Mala’ab neighborhood and news on the death of many passengers.

SANA: the Syrian Army takes control over Al-Madeek castle area located in Hama countryside after clashes with insurgents lasted for 2 weeks.

Khalid Hsain Al-Haka’s funeral takes place in Kafrzetta village of Hama countryside and turns into an anti-government gathering,

Deir Al-Zour

Anti-government people talk about “crucial” clashes between the Syrian Army and the Free Army Militia take place in Al-Ragheeb town nearby Thaiban town.

Clashes and shooting between the security force and insurgents took place in Al-Joura neighborhood last night.

Anti-government militia cuts off Al-Bsaira – Deir Al-Zour road nearby Al-Sabha area.

A students’ demonstration occurs in the Faculty of Science of Al-Fourat University.

An evening anti-government gathering occurs in Al-Hsain Street located in Al-Hamedia neighborhood; another one occurs in Al-Jbaileh neighborhood.


The official TV channel: the Jordanian intelligence denied what Aljazeera TV channel aired on the landing of a Syrian helicopter on its properties.

Funerals of 5 soldiers and security men who have died during clashes with insurgents in Damascus countryside, Homs and Aleppo initiate from Al-Shourta military hospital of Harsta, Tahsreen military hospital of Damascus, Aleppo military hospital and from Zahi Azrak military hospital of Lattakia.

The so-called “Syria Friends’ Conference” in Istanbul announces the “National Council” as the legitimate representative of Syrians and the opposition.

A pro-government gathering occurs in Istanbul to support the Syrian President and to oppose the so-called “Syria Friends’ conference”; the Turkish security force injure 7 protesters after the gathering.

An anti-government gathering occurs in a street of Rokn Al-Deen neighborhood and gets dispersed by the security force; anti-government activists talk about a death.

Damascus Countryside

Shooting is heard in Harsta and Douma areas on this morning and news on attacks carried out by gunmen on the military checkpoints.

News on the death of the chief of the recruitment Division of Al-Nashabia village happens nearby Al-Fadalia exit.

3 gunmen from Libyan nationalities get arrested in Qatana area and pro-government activists say that they are “suicide bombers”.

A number of insurgents got arrested and their weapons got seized in Douma area after the occurrence of an armed demonstration in the area 2 nights ago.

The security force spreads on this morning in the so-called “protesting square” located in Barzeh neighborhood and anti-government activists say that governmental bulldozers have burrowed the square.

A demonstration occurs in Douma area.

A’laa Hathal’s funeral takes place in Al-Dmair area and turns into an anti-government gathering


Anti-government people are talking about the death of Mohammad Al-Jabawey, who is from Nawa area and member of Al-Ka’kaa’ militia, during clashes with the Syrian Army.

Clashes between the security force and anti-government militias take place in Al-Gharba Al-Sharkia and Al-Gharba Al-Gharbia towns of Dara’a countryside and result in the death of a number of insurgents and the arrest of others with their weapons and bombs.

A demonstration initiates from Al-O’marey mosque located in Kharba Al-Ghazaleh village; an evening one occurs in Dara’a Al-Mhatta area.

A students’ demonstration occurs in the Faculty of Economics of Dara’a University and gets dispersed by the security force.

Mohamamd Al-Mousa’s funeral takes place in Om Walad town and turns into an anti-government gathering; anti-government activists accuse the security force of killing him.