Armed rebels attack Al-Watani hospital of Homs resulting in the death of 4 gunmen and the injury of 2 Syrian soldiers.

Opposition website pages say that radical militias have taken control over Al-Watani hospital.

Clashes took place yesterday in Al-Warsheh neighborhood and result in the injury of 2 security men and the death of gunmen.

Armed militias attack the security checkpoints located in Al-Saloumia village which wounded 3 security men.

Pro-government activists accuse radical Islamic militias of burning 13 houses belong to Kasouha family in Al-Ksair area after they have kidnapped 16 members of the family around a month ago.

Armed militias are shooting in Al-Souq area which results in the death of a security man and the injury of another.

Armed rebels attack security checkpoints and bomb many shells in Dear Ba’lba, Al-Khaldia and Al-Bayada neighborhoods for what they called “the Free Army militia’s revenge”.

Pro-government people talk about a gunmen’s spread appears in Al-Hamedia, Bostan Al-Dewan and Al-Midan neighborhoods.

Tens of injuries from the security force arrive to Homs’ hospitals and mane insurgents get arrested in many neighborhoods of the city.

9 unidentified dead bodies are found in Daer Ba’lba neighborhood.

66 people who have been kidnapped from Al-Karabees neighborhood by armed rebels are liberalized.

A security man is wounded by a sniper in Bab Al-Sbaa’ neighborhood; a civilian is wounded by a sniper in Bab Todmour neighborhood.

The so-called “Tansikiat Homs” website page states that 18 people died today in Homs neighborhoods and accuses the security force and the Syrian Army of killing them.


The preacher of Al-Rahman mosque, Ahmad Fouzie Lata, gets arrested in Al-Bara town under the charges of “inciting sectarian”.

The Free Army militia announces targeting a military checkpoint located nearby the clinic of Khan Shekhoun town which resulted in the death of 4 soldiers.

An evening demonstration occurs in Ma’rshoureen town located in Edlib countryside.

Rajee’ Al-Awad and Ahmad Al-Kheder are killed in Hass town of Edlib countryside and anti-government activists accuse the security force of killing them.

The wanted Mohammad Bareesh is killed during clashes took place in Sarakeb area of Edlib countryside and pro-government activists say that he is “one of the most dangerous wanted people”. Hasan Shbaib is killed during clashes took place in Farkia village located in Al-Zaweya Mountain.

Insurgents attack Colonel Tarek’s office and destroy it after he has been threatens many times before.

Armed rebels cut off the road between the Central Prison and Edlib and kidnap 2 civilians and the Health Department manger’s assistant.

Clashes between the Syrian Army and insurgents take place in the farms of Kharbet Hass located in Al-Zaweya Mountain area which result in the death of 8 insurgents (such as: Samer Ahmad Farhat who is a leader of a militia, Zakaria Farhat and A’zzam Al-Najar) and the arrest of 8 others, Iyad Ahmad Al-Yousif is one of them; the clashes also result in the injury of a lieutenant.

Weapons and a dead body belongs to Officer Esma’eel Mohammad Shartah are found in Hass town of Edlib countryside.

A thwart of gunmen’s attempt to enter Syria from Turkey happens nearby Kharbet Al-Jouz located in Edlib countryside and a big amount of weapons are seized as well.

Anti-government activists broadcast a video shows “Shohada Jabal Al-Zaweya” militia capturing 2 Syrian soldiers.

Demonstrations occur in Talmnas, Killey, Al-Daer Al-Sharqie and Farkia villages of Edlib countryside; other anti-government gatherings occur in Al-Zaweya Mountain, Ma’rat Al-Nouman and Jeser Al-Shoghour areas.


Armed rebels attack security checkpoints located nearby A’waijel town on the road between Aleppo and Al-Atareb.

Clashes between the security force and gunmen, who have tried to attack the governmental building of Khanaser area of Aleppo countryside, result in the death of a policeman, the injury of the mayor of the town, the death of 2 gunmen and the arrest of another.

A number of people in car loaded with weapons get arrested in the industrial area located in Al-Shaikh Najar.

A students’ demonstration occurs in the University Housing units of Aleppo University and gets dispersed by the security force using tear gas.

2 evening demonstrations occur in Al-Halak and Salah Al-Deen neighborhoods and a security spread appears in Al-Sha’ar neighborhood.

Ahmad Mahmoud Kanaj’s funeral takes place in Tal Sha’eer village located in Aleppo outskirt and turns into an anti-government gathering.

The so-called “Lewaa’ Ahrar Halab” militia kidnaps Colonel Zohair Zouhrey, the chief of recruitment division of Manbij, and broadcasts a video of him.

A pro-government cars rally occurs in Sa’d Allah Al-Jabirey square.


A’bd Al-Aziz Al-Salem, Mohammad Al-Salem and Awad Al-Salem got released last night in Souran area of Hama countryside after they were arrested under the charges of participating in unlicensed demonstrations.

Gunmen set an ambush last night on Salamia – Al-Shaikh Kasoun main road located in between Trad and Al-Raba villages which resulted in the death of First Lieutenant Haitham Mohsen and the injury of Fadi Majed Al-Tanakhie and Esma’el Hasan A’baido.

18 explosive devices, weapons and communication devices are seized in Al-Madeek castle area of Hama countryside and pro-government activists say that the Syrian Army took control over the area.

Damascus Countryside

SANA: a raid on a farm located in Harasta area happened last night and resulted in the capture of weapons, RPG shells, hand bombs, military uniforms and governmental cars.

Arms (such as detonators, dynamite sticks, explosive devices and equipments used to produce bombs) were seized in a gunmen’s cache last night in Yalda area.

A number of people get arrested in Jdaidet Artouz area.

The official TV channel: around 100 people have surrendered themselves and their weapons to the Syrian authorities in Madaya area.

Evening demonstrations occur in Douma area and in Al-Kaboun and Barzeh neighborhoods.

Anti-government activists: “crucial” clashes between the Syrian Army and the Free Army militia take place in the eastern side of Harasta area.

12 people get arrested in Al-Ma’ddamia town under no specific charges.


A bombing device explodes nearby the police station located in Al-Bahsa area and results in the injury of 3 policemen and a civilian in addition of material damages in the stores nearby.

Media sources: a delegation of the United Nation is visiting Damascus in the coming 48 hours to discuss the protocol for the observers’ work in Syria.

Funerals of 10 soldiers and security men who have died during clashes in Damascus countryside, Homs, Edlib, Deir Al-Zour, Hama and Aleppo initiate from Tahsreen and Halab military hospitals of Damascus and Aleppo.

Deir Al-Zour

Clashes between the security force and gunmen take place in Al-Kouria area which results in the death of a number of gunmen and the injury of others.

A students’ demonstration occurs in the Faculty of Agriculture of Al-Fourat University.

An armed clash takes place in Al-Joura neighborhood and results in the death of a gunman and a lieutenant and the injury of 2 security men.

An evening anti-government gathering occurs in Al-Hwaika and Al-Shaikh Yaseen neighorhoods; others occur in Al-Joura and Al-A’raidey neighborhoods and get aired on Aljazeera Live TV channel.

A demonstration occurs in Al-Hamedia neighborhood and gets dispersed by the security force; another armed one occurs in Al-Jbaileh neighborhood and chants for the Free Army.

3 explosions are heard in Albo A’wad neighborhood and a fourth one is heard in Albo Kamal area.

An explosion is heard nearby the military security building of Deir Al-Zour on this morning.

Armed rebels stole last night 8 million Syrian Pounds and a car belong to the Sugar Faculty; others highjack a car belongs to the Directorate of Water Resources of Deir Al-Zour countryside.

Hamad Al-A’edan’s funeral takes place in Al-Jorthey town and turns into an anti-government gathering.


Shooting happens nearby Mousa Ben Naseer mosque located in Dara’a Al-Mhatta on this morning.

Mohammad Al-Msalma, from the opposition, got arrested yesterday in Dara’a Al-Mhatta.

Demonstrations occur in Al-Shaikh Maskeen village, Dara’a Al-Mhatta, Kharbet Al-Ghazaleh and Al-Soura village of Dara’a countryside.

More than 25 people get arrested in Daa’el town and pro-government activists say that they are accused of possessing unlicensed weapons and joining armed militias.

Anti-government activists post a photo Walid Al-A’bd Allah, a member of the Free Army militia, and state that he is transferred to Qatar after he was injured during clashes with the Syrian security force.