SANA: gunmen commit a “massacre” in Deir Ba’lbah neighborhood; torturing equipments and weapons are found in the scene site.

Activists: a number of hostages are released and a field hospital is found in a school located in Deir Ba’lbah neighborhood.

Shooting is heard in Jourat Al-Shauah neighborhood and 2 shells are fired on Al-Hamedia and Bostan Al-Dewan neighborhoods.

A number of gunmen get killed while attacking a security checkpoint located nearby Al-Hosen castle and 2 Syrian soldiers get injured.

A female’s dead body is found nearby Al-Matahen roundabout.

A number of gunmen who have tried to enter Syria illegally from Lebanon get arrested nearby Al-Joubania village located in the north of Al-Ksair town of Homs countryside.

Gunmen surround Al-Watani hospital of Homs and announce taking control over it.

Omar Mohammad Al-Ali Abo Hafas gets killed. While anti-government activists proclaim that he is a defected lieutenant, pro-government activists broadcast a photo of him saying that he is a “Radical Islamic gunmen”.

The so-called “Tansikiat Homs” Facebook page says that the security force killed 12 people in many areas of the city and posts 6 names of them.


Explosions are heard nearby Areha area on this morning; other explosions are heard in different areas of the city.

A video shows the Free Army militia bombing a tank belongs to the Syrian Army in Edlib countryside.

A demonstration estimated by 100 people occurs in Kafrouma village of Edlib countryside; another estimated by 50 people occurs in Bsakla town.

Clashes between the Syrian Army and armed rebels take place in Bansh and Ta’oum towns located in Edlib countryside.

Khalid Darweesh’s funeral takes place in Ma’rat Al-Nouman area and turns into an anti-government gathering.

Activists: gunmen tried last night to enter Syrian illegally from Turkey through Kharbet Al-Jouz village located on the Syrian – Turkish border in Edlib countryside which resulted in the death of one of them; weapons and 1500 detonators are seized.

Yousif A’aref Al-Asa’ad, the defected colonel Ryad Al-Asa’ad’s uncle, and Khalid Ahmad Darweesh get killed in Ma’rat Al-Nouman area and anti-government activists accuse the security force of killing them.

Anti-government activists say that Taftanaz town is under a bombing operation; pro-government activists talk about “RPG shells fired on military checkpoints” in the town killing 4 soldiers and injuring 9 others.


Clashes between the Syrian Army and armed militias take place in Ankhil town and anti-government activists talk about injuries from the Syrian Army.

Demonstrations occur in Al-Soura, Al-Mtaa’ya and Khabet Al-Ghazaleh towns.

Tah Sliman Aba Zaid and his wife and son Ibrahim get killed and two of his brothers get injured by his son, Majed Aba Zaid, due to a financial dispute.

Shooting is heard in Ezraa’ area.

Evening demonstrations occur in Kharbet Al-Ghazalah town, in Dara’a Al-Mhatta and in Shamal Al-Khat neighborhood; activists talk about a security spread appears in Daa’el town.

3 people get arrested in O’tman town without knowing the charges.

The so-called “Tansikiat Dara’a” Facebook page posts 3 names of people it proclaims the security force has killed in Ebtaa’ town.

Damascus Countryside

Explosions are heard on this morning in Douma area.

4 people got arrested last night in Al-Ma’ddamia area after seizing unlicensed rifles in their car; a weapons’ cache is found in the area.

An evening demonstration occurs in Daraya area; another one initiates from Al-Baghdadi mosque located in Douma.

Pro-government activists say that the security force has surrounded a gunmen’s headquarter in Ashrafiat Sahnaya area where there found explosive devices and bombs.

Heavy shooting happened in Ein Tarma area last night.

Activists: a security spread appears in Al-Zabadani area and news on the arrest of many people and the death of one of them.

News on a security spread appears in Barzeh area and the arrest of many people.

An explosion happened in Al-Kadam area late last night and activists say that the explosion led to cutting of Damascus – Dara’a highway for hours.


Media sources: a small bomb explodes in Al-Shaikh Sa’d neighborhood located in Al-Mazzeh neighborhood which results in only material damages.

94 Syrians, who have participated in the condemning sit-in of “Friends of Syria” conference, are still stuck in Istanbul since the Turkish authorities refused to allow a private Syrian plane to land off its land and transfer the protesters to Damascus due to the air sanctions imposed by Turkey. Meanwhile, anti-government activists direct death threats to the protesters in case of attempting to return to Syrian by land.

The Syrian Minister of Foreign Affairs: Syria continues to provide all the necessities for the success of the International Committee of the Red Cross’ humanitarian mission and in the coordination with the Syrian Red Crescent.

Funerals of 10 soldiers and security men who have died during clashes in Aleppo, Edlib, Homs, Hama, Dara’a and Damascus countryside initiate from Tashreen, Zahi Azrak and Halab military hospitals.

Anti-government people cut off a road in Al-Midan neighborhood with burning tires.

A demonstration occurs in Rokn Al-Deen neighborhood on this afternoon; an evening one occurs in a street of Kafr Sousa neighborhood.

Deir Al-Zour

2 students’ demonstrations and a pro-government gathering, estimated by 50 people each, occur in the Faculty of Agriculture; no causalities recorded.

Armed rebels burn tires and cut off the road between Albo Kamal and Deir Al-Zour.

The so-called “Tansikiat Deir Al-Zour” Facebook page states: “crucial” clashes between the Syrian Army and the Free Army militia take place in Al-Miadeen area.

Saraie Ali Al-Saier’s funeral takes place in Al-Kouria area and turns into an anti-government gathering.

Evening demonstrations occur in Al-Joura, Al-Jbaileh and Al-Hamedia neighborhoods and get aired on Aljazeera Live TV channel.


Evening demonstrations occur in Bab Kabley and Al-Kossour neighborhoods; a security spread appears in Taibah Al-Emam area.

Zakaria Al-Nourey’s funeral takes place in Souran town on this morning and turns into an anti-government gathering.

An anti-government gathering and a pro-government one, each estimated by 100 people, occur in Masyaf area of Hama countryside.

Gunmen burn a school located in Al-Madeek castle area of Hama countryside.

Pro-government activists talk about a mine explosion in Al-Madeek castle of Hama countryside; news on the death of 8 people.

10 injuries happen in Al-Latamna town and anti-government activists say that the security force has dispersed a demonstration by force.


Activists: clashes between the security force and armed rebels take place in A’zaz area and result in the arrest of the leader who is called Abd Allah Massat.

A video shows a number of gunmen announcing the formation of “Forsan Halab” battalion.

A demonstration occurs nearby Al-Zeraa’a roundabout and disperses after it was videotaped.

Evening demonstrations occur in A’ndan and Hardtanin towns located in Aleppo outskirt; other anti-government gatherings occur in Al-Ashrafia, Tareek Al-Bab, Al-Sakhour and Al-Halak neighborhoods.

The security force disperses a demonstration in Al-Shaikh Faris neighborhood and arrests a number of protesters under the charges of participating in unlicensed demonstrations; a person gets injured during dispersing a demonstration in Saif Al-Doula neighborhood.

Ahmad Mohammad Al-Kanaj’s funeral takes place in Jarablous and Omar Abd Al-Hameed Al-Haj’s funeral takes place in A’zaz town; both funerals turn into anti-government gatherings.


A students’ sit-in takes place in front of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Al-Hasaka demanding the release of A’amer Al-Haeys who got arrested for organizing unlicensed demonstration.