Pro-government activists: a state of caution and tension prevail on Homs, where separated clashes occur in several neighborhoods, in addition to demonstrations taking place in Talbysa, Al-Rastn and Teldo, located in Homs countryside.

Anti-government gatherings occur in the neighborhoods of Al-Wa’ar Al-Qadeem, Jourat Al-Shyah, Al-qusair, Al-Shrkas and Tyr Ma’ala.

Al-Farooq militia spread in Al-Qusir town, where Syrian Arab Soldiers are captured there, Anti-government activists claim.

Clashes between Syrian Arab Army and Al-Farooq militia occur in the neighborhoods of Dair-Ba’alba, Al-Khaldya and Al-Bayada, resulted in the injury of 14 soldiers; where pro-government activists accuse armed rebels of killing 3 citizens in Al-Sabeel and Al-Abasya neighborhoods.

The so called “Sniper of Bab Sbaa” kills one of the Syrian Arab Army soldiers, anti-government activists claim.

Dair Ba’lba of Homs exposed to bombardment by Syrian Arab Army, Anti-government media sources claim. On the other hand, pro-government allies say that armed militia takes control over the neighborhood, where clashes with security forces and law enforcement occur.


Demonstrations take place in several towns and villages of Edlib and its countryside, such as Kafar Tkharym,Saraqeb, Arrmanaz and Darkoosh.

Syrian Arab Army Units leave Taftanaz village. After days of clashes with anti-government gunmen, weapons and communication devices are found in the town, pro-government allies say, where anti-government activities accuse the Syrian Army Units of killing 17 people.

A car belongs to security forces, exploded by radical Islamic militia, in Al-Kornish Al-Jnouby area, and resulted in the death of two Syrian security forces.

Ahmad Al-Masri’s beheaded body is found in front of his house in Jisr Al-Shoughor.

Fouad Halabi gets killed by unknowns; pro-government activists accuse the insurgents.

Tareq Mouhamad Kheir Al-Hasan gets killed in Ma’arshmaryn town, where anti-government allies accuse security forces.

After getting a ransom estimated by 1 million Syrian pounds, Insurgents release Iyad Yousef.

Clashes between Syrian Arab Army Units and Al-Mhmoud militia occur in Sahel Al-Ghab, resulted in the death of Mhoud Tlas, brother of the defect lieutenant Abed Al-Razzak Tlas.

Syrian Arab Army and security forces enter Ma’art Msryn town, where anti-government gunmen spread there, pro-government activists say.

Three explosive devices, planted by insurgents, are dismantled in between Ihsem and Al-Bara town, pro-government allies say.


Demonstrations occur in the neighborhoods of Bustan Al-Qasr, Al-Marja, Al-Halak, Msaken Hnano and Al-Firdos, all located in Aleppo; separated gatherings take place in the city’s outskirts, like the towns of Turkman Bareh, Azaz and dar Azza.

Evening demonstrations occur in the neighborhoods of Al-sheikh Mqsood, Tareeq Al-Bab and Al-Sukari, ended peacefully.

Two explosions occur at Aghir mosque and Hanano Street, where no victims are recorded.

Using burning tires, unidentified anti-government allies, block the leading road from Al-lyrmoon roundabout to Al-Azaz town.

In many towns and villages in the southern side of Aleppo, Syrian Arab Army forces killed 14 gunmen of Free Army militia, the so-called Aleppo Coordination says.

Heavy spread for security forces occurs in Al-Maja neighborhood, where fire shooting sounds are heard near by the public park.

Abed Al-Ghany Hawa got killed in Andan town, where Anti-government activists accuse security forces.

Damascus Countryside

Unknown side opens fire in front of the town building of Mysraba, located in Damascus country yard; pro-government activists say that insurgents have tried to assassinate the town’s governor.

Anti-government gunmen attack a building, belongs to Migration Department in Douma city; the attack resulted in the burning of the down floor and damages in the other floors, where security forces kill 2 insurgents and arrest 2 others.

Clashes between Syrian Arab Army and insurgents take place in Douma, Harasta and Al-Ghouta Al-Shrkia, located in Damascus country yard, where” Shouhda’ Douma” militia bombs a tank belongs to Syrian Arab Army.

The funeral of both Anas Mahmoud Sultana and Maysam Sheikh Al-Najar in douma, turns into demonstration, estimated by hundreds.

On the Friday of “He, who prepares for a conquest in the name of God, is conqueror as well”, a demonstration, estimated by 200 people, occurs in Daria city. Anti-government activists talk about injuries and 1 dead person.

An attack carried out by insurgents, on one of the Syrian Army checkpoints in Daria city, 4 Syrian Arab Army soldiers got killed, anti-government allies said. On the other hand, security forces and law enforcements have entered the city and control over the entrances, pro-government allies said.

On the Friday of “He, who prepares for a conquest in the name of God, is conqueror as well”, two demonstrations occur in Al-Qaboun neighborhood, located in Damascus country yard, where Separated gatherings take place in Barza and Al-Qadm neighborhoods.

Free Army militia targets a checkpoint of Syrian Arab Army in Barza neighborhood, resulted in deaths and injuries in Syrian Arab Army.


Using burning tires, anti-government allies, block the road that leads to Al-Mysat square on yesterday evening.

Fire shooting occurs in the neighborhoods of Al-Tyjara, Al-Qasa’a, Bab Touma and Al-Abaseen square, where it’s believed to be clashes between Syrian security forces and anti-government militia, taking place in Jobar area, pro-government activists say.

During clashes with insurgents in Homs, Damascus, Aleppo, Edlib and Damascus country yard, a funeral of 11 dead Syrian Arab Army soldiers and security forces takes place at the military hospitals of Tishreen, Zahi Azraq, Aleppo and the police Hospital of Damascus.

Anti-government gatherings occur in the neighborhoods of Al-Zahyra, Al-Tadamon and Assaly, where no injuries recorded.

known of being pro-government ally, the journalist, Rafiq Loutef’s assassination attempt is foiled; where 3 people with a sniper got arrested in house, opposite to his, located in Al-Shaghor area, Media sources say.

Deir Al-Zour

Clashes between Syrian Arab Army and armed rebels occur nearby Al-Syouf and Ghasan Aboud roundabouts.

Using Grenades and explosive devices, “Al-Sadeeq” militia, attack security forces’ checkpoint, located in Al-Dala area in Dair Al-Zour, anti-government web pages publish.

Demonstrations occur in the neighborhoods of Al-Sheikh Hasan, Al-Hamydia, Al-Jbyla, and Al-Areedi, Where a gathering takes place in Al-Qurya village of Dair Al-Zour. Anti-government activists accuse security forces of killing Ibrahim Al-Omar.

A demonstration occurs in Al-Boukamal city.


Dispersed by security forces, two demonstrations occur in Al-Sabounya and Jnoub Al-Mala’ab neighborhoods, where anti-government gatherings take place in the neighborhoods of Al-Swaek, Al-Ta’awnya and Alylyat, located in Hama.

Anti-government demonstrations occur is several towns and villages, located in Hama countryside, such as Al-Asharna, Al-Jalma, Al-Loutmana, and Kafarzyta. On the other hand, anti-government allies talk about deaths occurs in Karkanaz.

Evening demonstrations occur in Tyba Al-Imam and Bab Qebly neighborhoods. Another gathering takes place in Treeq Halab neighborhood.

Syrian authorities seize large amounts of weapons, where explosive devices, set to be remotely detonated, are dismantled, in Al-Sabeel neighborhood on Aleppo road.

Majd Al Tern, known of being an anti-government ally, is killed in Masha’ wadi Al-joz area; anti-government activists accuse security forces.


One the Friday of “He, who prepares for a conquest in the name of God, is conqueror as well”, anti-government gathering occurs in Al-Hara town of Daraa countryside.

On the Friday of “He, who prepares for a conquest in the name of God, is conqueror as well”, Yousef Al-Khatyb’s funeral turns into demonstration, taking place in Al-jyza area.

Charged by participating in unlicensed demonstrations, Shadi Al-zaher Al-Swydan and Wasim Ibrahim Al-Abid Al-Swydan got arrested in Daraa Al-Balad.

A demonstration, dispersed by security forces, occurs in Nimr town, resulted in the arrest of many people.


After being kidnaped by Free Army militia, Colonel Zuhir Muhsen is liberated by Syrian Arab Army Units.


 Anti-government gathering occurs in Al-Qamishli city of Al-Hasaka, raising the Kurdish flags, of what opposition calls “He, who prepares for a conquest in the name of God, is conqueror as well”, Friday.