Mahmoud Tlas, the defected lieutenant Abd Al-Razzak Tlas’ uncle, gets killed during “crucial” clashes between the Syrian Army and Al-Farouk militia in many neighborhoods of the city.

Anas Al-Helwaney, who is an anti-government reporter, is killed and anti-government activists accuse the security force of killing him.

Clashes between the Syrian Army and gunmen took place last night in Qattena town and resulted in the death of a number of gunmen and the seized of a weapon cache.

A demonstration occurs in Al-Enshaat neighborhood and raises radical Islamic slogans.

Explosions and shooting happen on this morning in Al-Ksair area located in Homs countryside and anti-government activists talk about causalities.

Pro-government activists say that insurgents have burned Al-Watani hospital of Homs with its equipments.

Clashes between the Syrian Army and “Katebat Jobrael” militia take place in Deir Ba’lbeh neighborhood; anti-government activists broadcast a video shows cars loaded with gunmen heading from Al-Khaldia neighborhood to Deir Ba’lbeh neighborhood.

SANA: tunnels used by armed rebels are founds and explosive devices are dismantled in Deir Ba’lbeh neighborhood.

Armed militias attack a number of security checkpoints in Al-Hawla area of Homs countryside; no causalities are recorded.

Homs refinery is operating after repairing the damages caused by mortar shells.

Pro-government activists: Tawheed Al-Zo’bey and Ahmad Al-Zo’bey, the founders of Al-Farouk militia and the accused by killing the policemen in Al-Hosen police station, get arrested.


Evening demonstrations occur in Tareek Halab, Janoub Al-Mala’ab and Al-Shaikh A’nbar neighborhoods.

Clashes between the Syria Army and gunmen took place last night in many areas of the city; weapons caches are seized in Al-Daheria and Al-Masafi neighborhoods.

Unknown gunmen bombed last night explosive devices in Talat Al-Dabagha neighborhood which resulted in material damages and pro-government activists accuse armed militias.

A demonstration occurs in Kafrzetta village located in Hama countryside and calls for arming the Free Army militia.

Anti-government people broadcast a video of an operation carried out by “Abd Allah Ben Al-Jobair” militia in Hama.

Anti-government activists talk about a number of people got killed in Al-Latamna town and accuse the security force of killing them.

A security spread appears in Al-Kossour neighborhood and anti-government activists talk about the existence of many Tanks in the neighborhood.


Demonstrations occur in Salah Al-Deen, Al-Sakhour and Karm Al-Jabal neighborhoods.

The military operation continues in the northern outskirt of Aleppo and anti-government activists talk about causalities from the armed militias and the civilians.

The security force disperses 2 demonstrations in Bostan Al-Kaser and Al-Kallasa neighborhoods; another demonstration occurs in Tareek Al-Bab neighborhood.

News on “crucial” clashes between the Syrian Army and gunmen take place in Manegh town located nearby Aleppo; shooting is heard in Al-Maseer neighborhood.

The Free Army militia states that it has “caused massive losses” to the Syrian Army in A’ndan town; pro-government activists assure that the Syrian Army took control over the entrances of the town and arrested many gunmen.

Anti-government activists post 8 names of people they proclaim to be killed today in Hraitan town


Demonstrations occur in Ma’rshamsha, Ma’sran, Harbnoush and Bsakla towns.

Clashes between the security force and armed militia took place last night nearby Ma’rat Al-Nouman area located in Edlib countryside which resulted in the death of gunmen.

Weapons and explosive devices were seized last night in Ehsom and Al-Bara areas.

A women’s demonstration takes place in Hass town; another one occurs in Kafr Sajna village located in Edlib countryside.

Anti-government people broadcast a video shows an attack on a tank belongs to the Syrian Army in Khan Shekhoun area of Edlib countryside.

The so-called “Tansikiat Edlib” Facebook page posts names of 12 people it proclaims that they were killed during operations carries out by the Syrian Army in Areha town.

Maher Shahwan’s funeral takes place in Khan Shekhoun town and turns into a demonstration.


Anti-government activists: explosions and shooting happened last night in Dara’a Al-Balad area and in Al-Kashef neighborhood; pro-government activists talk about an operation against the armed militias.

Armed rebels kill Ibrahim Al-Ta’aney in his house located in Hasem Al-Joulan village; he has been threatened before due to his loyalty to the government.

Demonstrations occur in Tareek Al-Sad and Shamal Al-Khat neighborhoods; shooting is heard in Dara’a Al-Mhatta.

Damascus Countryside

Anti-government activists accuse the security force of killing Mohammad Ibrahim Mourad in Douma area; pro-government activists say that he is a member of the Free Army militia.

Shooting was heard in Harasta area last night and activists say that it was due to clashes between the Syrian Army and armed rebels.

8 people get arrested in Sakba area under no specified reasons.

Activists: night clashes between the Syrian Army and gunmen take place in Zamalka area; no causalities are recorded.

SANA: a group of rebels surrendered themselves last night in Al-Raouda village.

SANA: 97 detainees are released after they were proven not guilty.

Anti-government activists say that a group of “Sariat Al-Eslam” militia and members of “Al-Baraa” militia attacked a bus belongs to the Syrian Army in Al-Ghouta Al-Sharqia area.


A pro-government rally occurs in Al-Sabe Bahrat square on the anniversary of the establishment of Al-Baath party.

Funerals of 15 soldiers and security men who have died during clashes with rebels in Damascus, Damascus countryside, Homs, Aleppo and Dara’a initiate from Tashreen, Halab and Zahi Azrak military hospitals of Damascus, Aleppo and Lattakia.

A demonstration occurs in Al-Qaa’a area of Al-Midan neighborhood and demands the release of the detainees for the so-called “the Syrian detainee’s day”.

A pro-government gathering occurs in Al-Kaimaria neighborhood; another one occurs in Bab Touma square. Demonstrations occur in Rokn Al-Deen and Barzeh neighborhoods.


Anti-government people broadcast a video shows the kidnap of Fayad Ali Maya due to his loyalty to the government in Jableh area of Lattakia.