Sasha Ayoub, Celina Abada and Mohammad Al-Abd Allah are released after they were arrested yesterday for raising anti-government slogans in “Sham city center” mall of Kafr Sousa neighborhood.

4 people get arrested under the charges of organizing unlicensed sit-in participated in it 35 people and was held in front of the People Assembly.

SANA: the Ministry of Interior Affairs asks the citizens who were forced to leave their houses to other cities in the country or to other countries to return.

Protesters try to cut off the road nearby the Four Seasons Hotel.

Funerals of 13 soldiers and security men who have died during clashes in Homs, Dara’a, Lattakia and Damascus countryside initiate from Tashreen and Zahi Azrak military hospitals of Damascus and Lattakia.

Damascus Countryside

Insurgents kidnap 3 policemen from the Immigration center of Al-Nabik area.

87 people surrender themselves and their weapons to the authorities on this morning.

A sound bomb was heard last night nearby the police club located in Barzeh neighborhood; no causalities are recorded.

A booby-trapped Mercedes explodes on the main road of Al-Rawda neighborhood of Jaramana area then follows by shooting.

Activists: a security spread appears in Douma area on this morning.

Anti-government activists say that the security force fired on a demonstration in Daraya area while pro-government activists say that the security force dispersed the demonstration without using arms.

A demonstration occurs in Al-Qara area; an evening one occurs in Douma area.


Demonstrations occur in Jourat Al-Shayah, Al-Warshi and Al-Waer neighborhoods.

News on a founding of 16 dead bodies belong to one family are found in Deir Ba’lbeh neighborhood.


Demonstrations occur in Ma’rshamsha, Al-Tamana’a, Karkanaz, Sarjeh, Jarjanaz,Al-Tah, Sarmeen, Khan Shekhoun and Sarakeb towns of Edlib countryside.

Armed rebels bomb a security vehicle with an explosive device on Edlib – the central prison road which result in the death of a security man and the injury of others.

Ryad Kamsha’s funeral takes place in Ma’rat Al-Nouman, Marwan Kayal’s funeral takes place in Khan Shekhoun area and Jamil Sattout’s funeral takes place in Shalakh village of Edlib countryside.


A morning demonstration occurs in Ankhil town; others occur in Dara’a Al-Balad and Al-Herak area.

Gunmen assassinate Naser Bakheet Naser who is the secretary of Al-Baath party of Al-Mzaireeb town.

A video shows a number of gunmen announcing the formation of what they called “Al-Saddek” battalion.

2 people get arrested in Al-Sanamain area under no specified charges.


An explosive device bomb a military bus transporting Officers on the way to their work to a military unit located on Al-Mohallek Al-Janoubie highway nearby Al-Nairab airport’s bridge which result in the death of lieutenant-colonel and the wound of 24 officers and several civilians who happened to be in the area.

A demonstration occurs in Ratian village located in Aleppo countryside; another students’ one occurs in the Faculty of Literature.

Deir Al-Zour

Demonstrations occur in Albo Kamal area and in Hasan Al-Tah and Al-Takaya Streets.

Anti-government activists wave the mandate flag in the main square of the city.


A demonstration occurs in Al-Taweel souq; another women’s one occurs in Bab Kabley neighborhood.


A person gets arrested in Al-Jawadia town under no specified charges.

An evening demonstration occurs in Ghwairan neighborhood.


2 bombing devices exploded last night in Banyas area and resulted in the injury of 11 security men.


25 people surrender themselves to the Syrian authorities in Al-Haffa village.