Damascus Countryside

Insurgents assassinate Syrian Arab Army Brigadier Walled Johnny in Jarmana area of Damascus country yard.

An explosive device gets dismantled on Al-Tal road of Damascus country yard.

Activists: Security forces and enforcements leave Duma city.

Demonstrations occur in Bibyla district, Duma and Darya cities, Braze neighborhood and Mnyn village of Damascus country yard, of what opposition calls “Revolution for all Syrians” Friday.

Evening demonstrations occur in the areas of Mysraba, Ybrood and Jobar; Activists talk about one dead man in Daria.

The funeral of Fares Al-Haboul turns into demonstration.

Russia Today Channel broadcast a video shows anti-government people execute a man known as pro-government ally, where he is shot after his death in Duma on 12-4-2012.

Unknown anti-government allies assassinate Imam Al-Sieda Zynab Mosque in Damascus country yard.


UN envoy to Syria, Kofi Anan: ceasefire in progress and it must proceed.

Shooting is heard yesterday in Al-Mhajreen and Al-Medan neighborhoods.

Norwegian General, Robert Mod, visits Syria today, in preparation to send International Monitors.

An explosion of sound bomb occurs under Al-Zahira Bridge in Damascus.

Demonstration occurs in Kafr Sousa neighborhood of Damascus.

Demonstrations occur in the neighborhoods of Al-Mydan, Kafr Sousa and Al-Qadam of Damascus; a number of people get arrested in Al-Mydan and Mezza neighborhoods, charged with unlicensed demonstrating.


On the Friday of “Revolution for all Syrians”, demonstrations occur in Al-Qusoor, Khaldya, Bab Al-Dryb, Jouret Al-Shyah, Shammas and Al-Insha’at neighborhoods, and in Tlbysa district of Homs.

Anti-government activists accuse security forces of “Truce Breach” after shooting is heard in Al-Wa’ar and Al-Qarabees neighborhoods of Homs.

Armed rebels attack security forces’ checkpoints in the neighborhoods of Al-Qrabees, Al-Hal Marke, Al-Qusour, Wadi Al-Sayh, Al-Byada, Al-Khaldya and Bab Tadmor, of what pro-government allies call "Truce Breach".

Activists: Armed rebels attack yesterday security forces checkpoints in Homs neighborhoods, resulted in the death of 2 security forces in Al Bayada neighborhood, 1 security man, 1 civilian and the injury of 8 people in Al-Qrabees neighborhood. Another 3 people get injured in Al-Wa’ar neighborhood, where 3 others get injured by unknown Sniper in Al-Qusoor neighborhood.

Suhil Al-Ali, a security forces man, gets killed after being kidnapped by armed rebels, on the road between Al-Na’mya and Sadd, located in Homs countryside.

Homs anti-government coordination: Free Army militia participates in a demonstration in Old Homs.

Evening demonstration occurs in the neighborhoods of Al-Mla’ab Al-Baladi, Al-Insha’at and Al-Hawla.

The so-called, local coordination committees claim that 6 people are killed today in Homs.

Three Syrian Arab Army soldiers are kidnaped by ant-government armed militias in Cairo Street of Homs.


During their infiltration attempt from the Turkish Borders to Syria, Clashes between Syrian Arab Army and insurgents occur in Khurbat Al-Joz village of Edlib.

Activists: 60% of the displaced families come back home after the announcement of ceasefire.

Armed rebels block the International Road of Aleppo-Damascus, located in Sraqueb Bridge. Others block the International Road of Lattakia-Aleppo junction in Edlib, kidnap a truck and escape towards Samka village.

Unidentified corpse is found in Al-Rami village in Jabal Al-Zawya.

Demonstrations occur in Ma’arshureen town, Sarmyn, Hybit, Nyrab, Zaradna, and Armanaz villages, located in Edlib countryside, of what opposition calls “Revolution for all Syrians” Friday.

Evening demonstrations occur in the areas of Ma’aret Al-Noua’man, Jysr Al-Shughour and Jabal Al-Zawya, raising radical Islamic mottos. Other demonstrations occur in the towns of Al-Dana, Ma’rshmareen, Jerjanaz, Saraqueb and Aryha.


Anti-government allies block the main street of Al-Sad Road neighborhood of Daraa Al-Mahata, stoning security forces.

Separated anti-government gatherings take place in the areas of Daraa Al-Mahata and Daraa Al-Balad; Khalid A’rrar is killed in Nawa town, where anti-government activists accuse security forces.

Evening demonstration occurs in Al-Hara city.


Heavy security spread occurs yesterday in Al-Sukary area of Aleppo.

Demonstrations occur in the villages of Htamylat, Mara’, Andan, rytian, Azaz and Daret Izza, located in Aleppo outskirts, of what opposition calls “Revolution for all Syrians” Friday.

Demonstrations occur in the neighborhoods of Bustan Al-Qaser, Al-Firdos, Al-Izaa’a and Al-Fourqan in Aleppo, where all have dispersed without injuries; Anti- government allies talk about 1 dead man in Al-Mashad neighborhood.

Charged with unlicensed demonstrations, Yaser Jdlan, Ahmad Al-Sheikh and Abdo Al-Sheikh get arrested.

Security forces dispersed anti-government gatherings in the neighborhoods of Al-Sukary, Al-Sha’ar and Al-Marja.

Deir Al-Zour

An explosion of explosive charge occurs on the main street of Al-Bu Kamal city of dair Al-Zour, resulted in the injury of 2 people.

Demonstrations occur in Al-Ikhlas Mosque, located in Al-Jbylya neighborhood and in Al-Arafy mosque as well. Other demonstrations occur in Al-Mwazfyn neighborhood in Dair Al-Zour, in Mo Hassan village and Al- Quria city, located in Dair Al-Zour.

Evening demonstrations occur in the neighborhoods of Al-Hamedya, Al-Ommal, Al-Arrdy and Al-Qusour, where all dispersed without injuries.


Ahmad Kadour gets killed in Brydeej village of Hama countryside; Anti-government activists accuse security forces.

Demonstrations occur after Friday’s pray in Kernaz district and the villages of Hylfaia and Qastoon of Hama countryside. Others take place in Al-Hamydia, Al-Qusour, Al-Sabounia and Al-Alylyat neighborhoods of Hama, of what opposition calls “Revolution for all Syrians” Friday.

Security forces dispersed demonstrations in the neighborhoods of Al-Bayad , Jnoob Al-Mla’ab and Al-Alylyat, where anti-government allies talk about injuries among people.

For unknown charges, Khalid Suleiman Al-Abed Al-Rhman gets arrested in Al-Qumhana town.


The funereal of Lieutenant Policeman Hassan Abo Trabah, who died during clashes in Daraa, occurs in the National Hospital of Swaida in Sama Al-Bardan village on 13-4-2012.