One would assume the German Chancellor would have no trouble locating her own country, and its main cities, on a map. But as it turned out, Angela Merkel had a spot of trouble finding Berlin, finally placing it… in Russia.

The German leader was attending an open geography lesson at an International European school in Berlin.

At one point, Merkel decided to join the pupils as they tried to locate their home cities on a map.

Challenged to spot her native Hamburg, the Chancellor decided first to locate the capital. But to much amusement, searching for Berlin she found herself in Russia.

Berlin should be here? Or here?” questioned the Chancellor. “No…," she replied to herself. “And what is here?

That’s Russia,” humbly replied the teacher.

What, Russia? So close?” Merkel seemed clearly surprised.

It would only be fair to mention though, that the map was a blank one used by teachers to color and label cities and countries. But even so!!

Source: RT