In its edition of the weekend, Komsomolskaya Pravda [1] quotes a general of the military intelligence (GRU) that the accident of Russian Superjet 100, which occurred in Indonesia on May 9, could actually have been a sabotage.

The aircraft, which was on a promotional tour, crashed on Mount Salak with 45 people aboard. None survived.

The thesis advanced by the GRU is the U.S. Air Force, which has a base nearby, deployed new jamming systems to bring down the plane. The aim was to trigger order cancellations for the crowning jewel of Russia’s aerospace industry.

Following this article, Vladimir Popovkin, director of the Russian Federal Space Agency, has raised the possibility that the U.S. may also have sabotaged three recent space launches.

Such announcements should in principle be followed by accidents of similar magnitude in the USA.

During the Cold War, Washington had many undercover agents in the USSR charged with sabotaging the Soviet economy on a large scale.

[1"К падению ’Суперджета’ могут быть причастны американские военные?," Komsomolskaïa Pravda Hebdo, 24 May 2012.