Ceasefire violations

Activists: an explosion happens in Anayat Mas’oud area in Daraya.

An armed attack, with an explosive charge, on a military vehicle happened in Jdaidet A’rtouz area which burn the vehicle and injure who were in it.

Armed rebels assassinate Brigadier Dr. Anwar Al-Sakka near the farms of Barzeh neighborhood by attaching an explosive under his car.

Gunmen kidnap Brigadier Dr. Mohammad Ameen Aslan after they stopped his car in Sahnaya area and shoot on it.

Explosions are heard in Al-Khaldia neighborhood and shooting happens in Al-Bayada neighborhood.

Anti-government activists: the Syrian Army is shelling Old Homs neighborhoods and Al-Kossour neighborhood which burned 2 houses.

Many mortar shells are fired on Al-Hamedia neighb