Promoted as the instrument of the "revolution" by Western regimes, the reality of the social media site Facebook is quite different for those on the wrong side of "democracy".

Indeed, the platform has relayed, for several weeks, pages calling for the lynching and murder of citizens and Syrian officials accused of being favorable to their government, which is described as "bloodthirsty".

Accordingly, the anti shabiha page invites to send the coordinates and complete descriptions of such people, considered by the authors of the page as "enemies of God."

 Do you know people close to officials, soldiers or members of their families?

 Can you provide photos, full name, phone number, place of residence, work colleagues, children’s identities?

Denunciations and threats are not limited to government officials and the army. All patriotic citizens are targeted. And the page provides a list of people to execute including, among others, the mayor of a municipality, the coach of a sports team, restaurateurs and retailers. Managers of the "NGO" (sic) also provide pictures and addresses of anyone accused of demonstrating for the government or of donning T-shirts in favor of President Assad.

The militia of the FSA (Free Syrian Army) as well as the Western and Gulf media justify this policy of terror by branding the victims “shabiha”, that is to say, "pro-regime militia", thus opening the possibility of arbitrarily eliminating any Syrian defending his country against foreign aggression or supporting his government [1].

Absent relevant statutes in international law, the Silicon Valley multinational company and its leaders risk nothing for their distribution of such calls to murder. However, Facebook can now be considered "hate media", as defined by Unesco.

In the past, the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has publicly lauded the role played by Facebook in the regime changes brought about by the "Arab spring” in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya.

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, was notably one of the participants at the 2011 conference of the Bilderberg Group, NATO’s public relations club [2].

The young millionaire was also one of the guests at the ultra-VIP grandiose dinner in honor of Shimon Peres, recipient of the "Medal of Freedom" on June 13 in Washington.

Zuckerberg personally oversaw the creation and promotion of the official Facebook page of the Israeli President launched last March. He created a campaign video titled "Be my friend for peace", featuring such pacifists and human rights champions as Nicolas Sarkozy, David Cameron, Recep Erdogan and Queen Elizabeth II of England.

The aim of the operation is to ensure the promotion of Israel by creating "communication with citizens of countries that have no diplomatic relations with Israel, focusing on youth in the Arab world."

Presented by Western outlets as a "young" and "trendy" support for "revolutionaries", Facebook is now a key element of U.S. and Israeli imperialist propaganda "2.0".

[1"Policy of targeted killings in Damascus”, Voltaire Network, 17 February 2012.

[2"What you don’t know about the Bilderberg-Group,” by Thierry Meyssan, Voltaire Network, 9 May 2011.