"Deeply concerned by the escalation of violence", which could widen the conflict to regional dimensions, they urge "the cessation of armed violence in all its forms." Who are the non-violent? Members of the Task Force for Syria, meeting in Geneva on June 30, issued a final communiqué [1].

At their head is the U.S., the puppeteer conducting the war operation through which, after the destruction of the Libyan State, is now trying to dismantle that of Syria. Agents of the CIA, wrote the New York Times, are at work secretly from southern Turkey, recruiting and arming groups fighting the government of Syria [2]. Through an underground border network, in which Mossad is also operating, they receive automatic rifles, ammunition, antitank missiles and explosives. A video posted on YouTube shows their adeptness at using the hardware: a civilian truck, while passing a store, is blown up by a powerful remotely controlled explosive device.

Turkey, while expressing its "opposition to the militarization of the conflict" which it claims should be "resolved through peaceful dialogue", equips the command center in Istanbul, from whence the operation is directed, and the military bases where armed groups are trained before their infiltration into Syria. Turkey, with the excuse that one of its military aircraft was shot down as it tested Syria’s air defenses at low altitude along the Syrian coast [3] now amasses its own troops on the border, threatening "defensive" intervention. That would serve as a hook for a large-scale attack by NATO on the basis of Article 5, dusted off for the occasion, while a kind of inverted section 5 had been used for the attack against Libya.

Other group members also say they are "committed to defending the sovereignty, independence, national unity and territorial integrity of Syria": these are France, Britain, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. They want to repeat in Syria the same operation previously contrived in Libya: arming and leading the " Free Syria Army " and other groups (about a hundred), recruited from various countries, and whose members are paid by Saudi Arabia. They also use activists and whole armed Islamist groups, previously labeled as dangerous terrorists. They introduce special clandestine forces, disguised as internal opposition groups like those sent by Qatar to Libya last year. Members of the Action Group, seeking "freedom of movement throughout the country for journalists" are the same people who are, through manipulated images, waging a relentless worldwide media campaign to attribute responsibility for all the massacres to the Syrian government. These are the same folks who organized the terrorist attack which killed three Syrian journalists [4] when one of their armed groups launched a missile attack on al-Ikhbariya television in Damascus, reducing it to rubble.

This is a blow to the assurances given by Russia and China, members of the Task Force, that no outsider would make decisions on behalf of the Syrian people. By putting their war machine in gear, Western powers have already decided to annex Syria back into their empire.

Roger Lagassé
Il Manifesto (Italy)

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