Activists: mortar shells were fired on Al-Sultanieh, Jobar, Jouret Al-Shaiah and Al-Karabees neighborhoods; resulting in the destruction of some buildings including centers for militants

Severe clashes take place between Syrian Arab Army and militants in Al-Khalidieh and Al-Hamidieh neighborhoods of Homs city

Three shells were fired this noon on Al-Qusour, Al-Zahraa and Al-Sabeel neighborhoods located in Homs city

Armed conflicts took place yesterday between Syrian Army and armed rebels; resulted in the death of Ziad Ahmad Tahhan near Al-Oja roundabout in Al-Huson area and Abed Al-Razzak Al-Ubeid in Al-Rastan area of Homs countryside

An explosive charge explodes in a Free Army militia center during the presence of Free Army members in Homs province according to activists

A videotape shows a number of militants, two of them claim to be Captain Mahmoud Al-Rahhal and First Lieutenant Gheith Al-Abdullah, announcing their defection of Syrian Arab Army and joining Al-Farouk battalion in Al-Rastan area located in Homs countryside

Syrian border guards foil 3 infiltration attempts for militants from Lebanon through Jusr Al-Kamar, Al-Armouta and Al-Zaibani passings located in Talkalakh of Homs countryside

Competent authorities raid a site for militants in Sukara area located in Homs countryside; resulting in the death of 5 gunmen, the arrest of 5 others, the wreck of 3 vehicles and 5 motorcycles they were using

Militants attack a military checkpoint in Wadi Al-Sayeh neighborhood of Homs city, what resulted in the death of one Syrian law enforcement member and the injury of 4 others

National Reconciliation Commission in Homs moves 24 civilians including women and children from Al-Khalidieh neighborhood

An explosion planned by militants targeted a patrol near Ayo village of Talbiseh located in Homs countryside, where victims and injuries have been recorded

According to anti-government activists, 8 Rocket-propelled grenades have been fired on Talaf and Al-Burj town of Al-Houleh area located in Homs countryside

According to anti-governments, director of Al-Ameen hospital Muhammad Ameen Al-Halawani has been arrested in Al-Mal’ab neighborhoods of Homs city


Armed confrontations take place between Syrian border guards and armed rebels in Al-Baida – Biksirya site of Edlib countryside, what resulted in the arrest of Muhammad Al-Sheikh Bakour and Ibrahim Birro

A videotape shows a person, claiming to be Officer Abed Al-Naser, announcing his defection of Syrian Army and joining Free Army militia in Bansh town located in Edlib countryside on 10-7-2012

Demonstration appears in Hass town and Farkia village located in Jabal Al-Zawieh of Edlib countryside

Syrian border guards foil an infiltration attempt by militants from Turkey in Khirbet Al-Jawz village located in Edlib countryside, what resulted in the death and injury of several gunmen

An explosive charge explodes, targeting a Syrian Army patrol in Jisr Al-Shughour – Darko road near Kineh site; resulting in the injury of 2 members, where 4 explosive devices that weight 50 Kg get dismantle in the same area

Severe clashes appear between Syrian law enforcement forces and militants in Al-Janoudieh village located in Jisr Al-Shughour area of Edlib countryside, what resulted in the death of several militants and 3 Syrian Army members including one lieutenant

Unknown reason fires were appear in Al-Za’inieh, Al-Shugher and Al-Taibat forests located in Jusr Al-Shughour of Edlib countryside, where civil defense forces put out the fires


Muhammad Khalil Al-Khalil and his son Mustafa Al-Khalil were killed in Kafar Sajneh village located in Edlib countryside, where anti-government activists accuse Syrian security forces for killing them

Militants target a staff bus with an explosive device on Ayo – Karafbo road located in Hama countryside; resulting in the death of 5 persons and the 26 injuries

Syrian Army arrest Militants Ammar Husein Al-Amoura and Muhammad Al-Ghareeb and confiscate their arms after they attempted to attack a Syrian Army supply vehicle near Marj Al-Zuhour village located in Al-Ghab area of Hama countryside

Demonstration appears in Al-Tawbeh village, where another anti-government gathering takes place in Kastoun town of Hama countryside


Heavy gunfire appear in Al-Sadd road and IDP camp area located in Daraa Al-Mahatta

Anti-government activists: Syrian Army artillery shells Tareek Al-Sadd neighborhood located in Daraa Al-Mahatta, where several shells were fired on Daraa Al-Balad

Muhammad Rahmoun and Hussein Rahmoun got killed yesterday during their preparation for explosive devices in Baser Al-Hareer area located in Daraa countryside

Demonstration appears in Al-Harrak and Da’el towns of Daraa countryside

Unknown source shells have been fired on Tafas town of Daraa countryside

Deir Al-Zour

Two shells have been fired this dawn on Al-Sina’a and Al-Jubeileh neighborhoods of Deir Al-Zour city

Three unknown source shells have been fired on Al-Buleil village of Daraa countryside, where anti-government activists say Syrian Army fired these shells

Syrian Army artillery shells Al-Khareeta, Al-Muhasan and Bu Omar villages in Deir Al-Zour countryside according to anti-government activists


Militants surround and fire randomly on Al-Balata village of Slunfeh district located in Lattakia countryside, what resulted in the death of one citizen and the injury of 3 gunmen

Armed conflicts take place between Syrian Army and armed rebels in Asturbeh village of Al-Haffeh area located in Lattakia countryside, which resulted in the death of over 25 militants including Muhammad Al-Bitar

Syrian law enforcement forces kill militants who were riding a Chevrolet vehicle and firing on citizens of Al-Abed village located in Lattakia countryside

Armed confrontations appear between Syrian law enforcement forces and militants in Lattakia – Aleepo road near Beit Salha village of Al-Kafaria area located in Lattakia countryside; resulting in the death of 3 gunmen and the injury of one


Syrian Army blast an explosive charge after they were unable to dismantle in in Al-Uzezieh neighborhood of Aleppo city

Each of Subhi Abed Al-Majeed Latouf, Ahmad Jawad Takesh, Subhi Ahmad Al-Zouneh, Ammar Utr Khalasi and Subhi Majed Katesh got killed yesterday during clashes with Syrian Army in Daret Azza town located in Aleppo outskirts

Funerals of Muneer Al-Najjar in Al-Bab area and Mustafa Marroush in Ratyan town turn into demonstrations in Aleppo outskirts

Funeral of Abed Al-Basset Arjeh turns into a demonstration in Manbaj area located in Aleppo outskirts, in which protesters accuse Syrian security forces for killing him

Anti-government activists say Syrian Army artillery shells A’zaz area located in Aleppo outskirts

Damascus Countryside

Muhammad Hani Younes was killed in Kudsaia area of Damascus countryside, where anti-government activists accuse a Syrian security forces checkpoint for killing him when he was driving a bus

Unidentified militants attempt to assassinate the Islamic preacher Abdulrahman Al-Dulo’ in Jdeidet Artouz area located in Damascuc countryside, where media sources say he got injured and was taken to a near hospital


Clashes take place between Syrian law enforcement forces and militants in Al-Lawan area of Kafarsouseh located in Damascus countryside, what resulted in the death of 25 militants

An explosive charge that was planted under a car explodes in Baghdad Street of Damascus, where no injuries have been recorded