Anti-government activists: clashes took place yesterday in several areas of Syria between Syrian Army and Free Army militia; resulted in the death of 88 gunmen

Funeral of the head of National Security office Major General Hisham Ikhtyar takes place after he was assassinated in the explosion that targeted the National Security building several days ago

SANA publishes photos of Al-Midan neighborhood of Damascus that show the results of the clashes that carried out in it in the past days between Syrian Army and anti-government militia, where the footage shows arms and explosive devices that were found in shelters for militants

Syrian center for Documentation’s reporter: sporadic armed conflicts appeared yesterday in Al-Barzeh and Al-Kaboun neighborhoods, where a heavy deployment for Syrian security forces appeared in Al-Shaghour area and relative calm appeared in Al-Muhajreen, Al-Kassa’, Bab Touma, Al-Maysat, Al-Mazra’a, Baghdad Street, Al-Adawi, Al-Amwyeen and Al-Abbasyeen squares located in Damascus

Anti-government activist Tammam Al-Sa’eb, who is known for organizing demonstrations, gets killed in Barzeh neighborhood

Armed coflicts between Syrian Army and armed rebels continue in Al-Razi orchards of Al-Mazzeh neighborhood located in Damascus

Media sources say a Tunisian person called Marwan Ashouri got killed yesterday during armed confrontations with Syrian Army in Al-Midan neighborhood of Damascus

Damascus’ mayor says that the Maintenance workshops will bring life back into Al-Midan of Damascus in 5 days

Syrian Army shells shelters for militants in Kafar Souseh neighborhood of Damascus


Each of Amer Al-Samman, Hasan Kakhia of Baba Amr Martyrs battalion in Jobar neighborhood and Muhammad Rateb Hafyan in Bab Tadmor neighborhood get killed during clashes with Syrian Army

Competent authorities foil an infiltration attempt from Lebanon through Talkalakh area of Homs countryside

According to anti-government activists, Syrian Army shells Al-Rastan area of Homs countryside, what resulted in the death of Maryam Idrees, Ahmad Delleh and Abed Al-Salam Delleh

According to anti-government activsts, Syrian Army artillery shells Jousieh and Al-Nizarieh villages of Al-Qusair area located in Homs countryside

Evening demonstration appears in Al-Wa’er neighborhood of Old Homs


Military source denies the redrawn of Syrian Army from Abu Al-Zuhour military airport located in Edlib countryside

An explosive charge that was planted in a car in Al-Thalatheen Street of Edlib countryside explodes; resulted in material damages only

Syrian Army units clash with militants who attempted to escape from Salkeen town to Turkish borders in Edlib countryside; resulted in the death of many of them and the escape of others

Many armed rebels get killed during armed conflicts with Syrian Army in Al-Rami town located in Edlib countryside

Syrian Army takes control over Salkeen, Kafar Hom and harem towns of Edlib countryside

According to anti-government activists, Syrian Army shells several areas of Areeha located in Edlib countryside

Damascus Countryside

Major General Nabeel Zugheib, his wife Violett and his sun George get assassinated when armed rebels opened fire on his car in Barzeh neighborhood of Damascus countryside

Armed conflicts take place between Syrian Army and insurgents in Jdeidet Artouz, beit Sahem and Naher Eisheh areas of Damascus countryside

Syrian Army units destroy many SUV vehicles supplied with Dushka machinegun that belong to militants in Daria area of Damascus countryside

Ali Al-Ammouri gets killed in Al-Kaboun neighborhood of Damascus countryside during armed conflicts with Syrian Army

Malek Al-Masri gets killed in Harasta city of Damascus countryside, where anti-government activists accuse Syrian Security forces for killing him

Syrian Center for Documentation’s reporter: Syrian Army takes full control over Al-Sayedeh Zeinab area and liberal Al-Khomeini hospital after militants raided it

Uthman Bin Affan anti-government coordination publishes photos of several people, claiming to be Syrian Politic Security members, where the video shows severe torture marks on them

Activists say 4 mortar shells have been fired on Kudsaya area of Damascus countryside without causing injuries

Severe clashes between Syrian Army and armed rebels were heard yesterday evening in Al-Tal town

Syrian official TV channel: Syrian Army takes control over Al-Kaboun neighborhood of Damascus countryside and announces it as a Safe Area

Two unidentified corpses, thrown by masked militants, were found in Hazzeh orchards of Damascus countryside


Akram Al-Hamdan gets killed in Ma’arba town of Daraa countryside during his attempt to plant an explosive charge in the area

Armed confrontations take place in Om Walad town of Daraa countryside; resulted in the death of Muhammad Al-Rifa’ee, Okba Shhadeh and 2 other injuries

According to anti-government activists, Syrian Army shells Al-Sadd Al-Janoubi Road neighborhood located in Daraa city

Syrian Army units take control over Naseeb border passing with Jordan after militants attacked it

Government forces shell Baser Al-Hareer town of Daraa countryside, which resulted in 5 injuries of civilians

Deir Al-Zour

Severe clashes appear between Syrian Army and armed rebels in Al-Arfeh, Al-Mouazzafeen, Al-Jdeideh neighborhoods and Al-Madalji roundabout; resulted in the death of two gunmen called Khalid Al-Omari and Abu Ra’ed that carries the Iraqi nationality

According to anti-government activists, Syrian Army artillery fires mortar shells on Al-Jbeileh neighborhood of Deir Al-Zour city

Armed attack initiates on a Syrian law enforcement forces checkpoint in Al-Mayadeen city of Deir Al-Zour province

Free Army militia carries out a field assassination for a person, claiming to be Lieutenant Qusay Al-Ali of Syrian Arab Army in Al-Muhasan town of Deir Al-Zour


Severe clashes appear between Syrian Army and armed rebels in Al-Sakhour and Tareek Al-Bab neighborhoods located in Aleppo outskirts

Demonstration takes place in Al-Sakhour neighborhood of Aleppo province


Demonstration appears in Al-Tawbeh village of Hama countryside


Two evening demonstrations take place in Al-Shuhadaa neighborhood and Tal Abyad Road of Rakka province