Free Army militia announces the Public Call Up in Aleppo city, where militants take control over a police department in Masaken Hanano neighborhood and others deploy in Salah Al-Din neighborhood

Syrian Army shells several areas of Seif Al-Dawleh, Bustan Al-Kasr neighborhoods and trap militants in Salah Al-Din and Masaken Hanano neighborhoods

Activists: Syrian Army destroys two building, where militants were hiding in them in Al-Sakhour neighborhood

Syrian official TV channel: competent authorities arrest many gunmen who carried foreign nationalities in Seif Al-Dawleh neighborhood located in Aleppo province

Armed rebels fire an RPG shell has been fired on a house in Seif Al-Dawleh neighborhood from Al-A’zamieh Side located of Aleppo city

A leader of Al-Tawheed brigade called Hamzeh Al-Bakari got killed yesterday during clashes with Syrian Army in Salah Al-Din neighborhood located in Aleppo province

Syrian Red Crescent organization of Aleppo: our teams are doing their best and offering support in the areas that witnessed violence yesterday until this dawn, and they will continue to provide the best they can do

Media sources: severe clashes appear in the Central Jail of Aleppo between armed rebels and Syrian Army; resulted in the death of many gunmen, where the army reclaims control over the very area

Many residents of Masaken Hanano and Al-Heidarieh neighborhoods migrate due to the clashes between Syrian Army and militants

Five sound bombs were heard yesterday evening near the Mail office in Seif Al-Dawleh neighborhood located in Aleppo

Activists: Syrian security forces arrests a suicide bomber who attempted to blast himself in Al-Suleimanieh neighborhood of Aleppo

Severe clashes take place between Syrian law enforcement forces and militants who infiltrated to Bab Al-Hadeed neighborhood located in Aleppo outskirts

Severe clashes take place between Syrian Guards of the Martyr Omar Al-Futeimi barrack and militants who attempted to attack the barrack near Al-Jazmati roundabout located in Aleppo city, where no victims have been recorded yet

Videotape shows many militants, standing on the top of a building in Al-Marjeh neighborhood located in Aleppo outskirts

Damascus Countryside

Anti-government activists: Syrian Army shells several parts of Daria area located in Damascus countryside; resulted in several deaths and injuries

Mortar shells have been fired on Al-Hameh area of Damascus countryside, what resulted in material damages only

Funerals of 24 victims appear in Daria city in the middle of a demonstration participated by hundreds

Ja’far Al-Sadek battalion claims responsibility for firing a mortar shell on a military checkpoint near a gas station and clashing with Syrian Army members in Yalda town of Damascus countryside

Evening demonstrations appear in Jobar neighborhood, Al-Tal and Harasta areas of Damascus countryside

Syrian Army artillery fire shells on centers for militants in Al-Dumeir area located in Damascus countryside

Fourteen militants, including Non-Syrians, get killed during armed conflicts with Syrian Army in Al-Kadam area of Damascus countryside


Syrian Army fires mortar shells on neighborhoods of Daraa Al-Balad and Da’el town located in Daraa countryside

Severe clashes took place yesterday evening between Syrian Army and insurgents in Al-Sheikh Miskeen area of Daraa

Five people of Al-Salamat Family; Abed Al-Rahman, Maria, Ikhlas, Hind and Asmaa get killed in Al-Harrak town of Daraa countryside, where anti-government activists accuse Syrian Army for killing them by shelling the very town

Armed rebels throw yesterday a bomb on a Syrian law enforcement forces checkpoint and clashed with its members in the IDP camp area of Daraa province

Armed conflicts took place yesterday between Syrian Army and armed rebels in Tareek Al-Sadd neighborhood of Daraa Al-Mahata

Free Army militia claims responsibility for firing a shell on the Court office located in Daraa Al-Mahata

Shopkeepers reply to strike calls by anti-government activists in Daraa Al-Mahata

Armed confrontations take place between Syrian Army and militants in Al-Harak city of Daraa countryside, which resulted in the death of many gunmen including Kassem Jaber of Ghabagheb town


According to anti-government activists, Syrian Army fires shells on Areeha town of Edlib countryside; resulted in the death of a person and the injury of another

Syrian Army artillery shells Kafar Sajneh, Rakaia Sajneh towns of Khan Sheikhoun area after the attacks that carried out by militants on Syrian Army checkpoints of the very area

Funeral of Yahia Al-Akta’ turns into a demonstration in Edlib countryside

Syrian Engineering units dismantle 7 explosive charges that were planted by militants near Bansakoul village, Nahlaya village junction and Salkeen – Azmaree road of Edlib countryside.


Syrian Army shells centers for militants and clash with them in Al-Qusair countryside of Homs province; resulted in the death of many gunmen

Anti-government activists: Syrian Army artillery fires shells on Al-Rastan area of Homs countryside; resulted in 5 injuries

Bombardment and clashes appear in Jouret Al-Shaiah and Al-Karabees neighborhoods, what resulted in the injury of Syrian Army member Samer Al-Saleh in Al-Karabees neighborhood


Armed conflicts appeared yesterday between Syrian Army and armed rebels in several areas of Syria; resulted in the death of 134 persons including 8 civilians, 27 soldiers and the rest of them are Free Army militia members, where pro-government activists say Syrian Army operations continue in Syrian cities to clear them from militants

Al-Jazeera News TV channel says the Syrian ambassador in Cyprus Lamiaa Al-Hariri defects, where government sources confirm that there is no such thing as Syrian ambassador in Cyprus, but there is a Charge d’affaires and he has been called back to Syrian earlier

The Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations Herve Ladsous arrives to Damascus

The leader of Al-Ahrar Al-Kaboun battalion of Free Army militia Anwar Arafeh gets killed during armed conflicts with Syrian Army in Al-Kaboun neighborhood of Damascus countryside


Demonstration takes place in Al-Tawbeh village located in hama countryside

Free Army militia members Fares Al-Ahmad, Mahmoud Suleiman Al-Hasso and Abed Al-Rahman Ameen get killed due to armed confrontations with Syrian Army in Al-Ziarah neighborhood of Hama

Pro-government activists say that unknown militants burn houses and crops in Al-Latamneh town of Hama countryside

Three anonymous source explosions were heard in Al-Arba’een neighborhood located in Hama city

Deir Al-Zour

Syrian Army fires shells on a shelter for militants in Muhasan village located in Deir Al-Zour; resulted in the death of 7 gunmen

Severe clashes appear between Syrian Army and Free Army militia in Al-Deir Al-Ateek neighborhood

Pro-government activists say Syrian Army shells centers for militants in Al-Hamidieh neighborhood, Al-Muhasan village and Al-Bukaman city, where anti-government activists say the bombardment resulted in civil victims


Syrian Army fires shells on centers for militants in Al-Kastal and Marej Al-Zawieh villages of Kansba area located in Lattakia countryside


Anti-government gathering appears in Al-Tabaka area and gets separated by Syrian security forces in force .