Al-Tawheed Brigade, of Free Army militia, shows a video of 100 claimed abducted members of the Syrian Arab Army and security forces in Aleppo

Anti-government gunmen assassinated the Sheikh Abed Al-Latief Al-Shami, the Imam of Amneh Mosque in Aleppo city, where he was abducted during Taraweeh prayer with figures known of their loyalty to the Syrian government

According to antigovernment activists, Syrian Arab Army shells Masaken Hanano, Al-Sheikh Fares, Al-Haidaria, Al-Sheikh Khouder neighborhoods and Al-Bab city located in Aleppo outskirts

Armed rebels steal an ambulance from Quick United Ambulance, after taking over it in Bustan Al-Qaser neighborhood of Aleppo city

On the Friday of “The uprising of the capitals”, demonstrations occur in New Aleppo, Al-Shaar, Al-Sakhour and Masaken Hanano neighborhoods, and in Jarablos city of Aleppo

Severe confrontations between Syrian Army and militias appear in Bab Al-Hadeed area located in Aleppo outskirts

SANA: Syrian Arab Army set an ambush for militants on Aleppo-Daret Ezza road, destroyed 5 pickups vehicles for Free Army militia, headed to Aleppo city, equipped with machineguns and loaded with explosive charges

Anti-government web pages publish names of 6 people claimed to be killed in “bombardments” by the Syrian Army on several neighborhoods of Aleppo

A number of armed rebels get killed during severe clashes with the Syrian Arab Army appeared in Al-Firdos neighborhood of Aleppo outskirts

Al-Shabaa Birds battalion in Aleppo kidnap the colonel in Syrian Arab Army; Kalid Hameed Wlio


Opponents broadcast a video showing the Free Army militia raiding on Al-Nazeheen Camp Police Station in Daraa Al-Balad, focusing on the killed policemen

On the Friday of “The uprising of the two capitals”, demonstrations take place in Al-Mlyha Al-Gharbia, Al-Yadouda, Qarfa, Khourbet Ghazala, Naseeb and Sahouet Al-Qameh towns of Daraa Countryside

Activists: the news that has been quoted by pro-government networks about shootout between the Syrian Army and Jordan one is untrue. The clash that has appeared at Tal Shehab government location is between the Syrian border guards and gunmen attempted to infiltrate illegally to Syria

Anti-government people talk about bombardment by the Syrian Army on Busra Al-Sham located in Daraa Countryside

Severe armed conflicts take place between the Syrian Arab Army and Free Army militia in Al-Herrak City of Daraa Countryside

Sporadic gunfire appears in Syda village located in Daraa Countryside, and resulted in the injury of a woman

Daraa anti-government coordination: two members of Free Army militia get killed during clashes with Syrian Arab Army in Al-Ghaya Al-Sharkia village and Al-Sad road neighborhood of Daraa. The killed members are Ibrahim Ahamd Al-Drezei and Muhammad Eid Muhammad Theab Ayash

The Youngman Abed Al-Latief Abdullah Klad gets killed, as opponents accuse Syrian security forces of killing him in Daraa city

The body of Saied Abu Khalaf has been found on Daraa – Al-Mzereeb road

The Free Army militia member, Zaki Al-Masir, gets killed when a mortar shells was fired on his car in Wadi Al-Ajami area

SANA: four militants get killed during clashes with Syrian security forces, appeared when the gunmen tried to attack the worshipers in Al-Hasan Mosque in Daraa


Anti-government activists: Syrian Army shells Maaret Al-Nouman area of Edlib Countryside, what resulted in the death of three people, known of them Abed Al-Aleem Al-Haramy, where others get injured simultaneously with severe armed conflicts between the Syrian Arab Army and Free Army militia in the very area

A gunman threw a grenade on a house located in front of the Treadmill in the northern neighborhood of Edlib City, what resulted in the death of Thaer Zazkzak. The rebel has been arrested by the competent authorities

Militants open fire in front of Saaed Mosque located in Al-Thawra neighborhood of Edlib city. Two militants have been killed by Syrian competent authorities known of them Abed Al-Kader Zakzak

On the Friday of “The Uprising of the two capitals”, demonstrations occur in Ram Hamdan, Kunsurfa, Al-Kastan, Kafar Numbul, Surmin and Jabal Al-Zawya towns located in Edlib Countryside

Big size explosive charge gets detonated bear the electronic bakery located in the northern neighborhood of Edlib. The incident resulted in the death of 3 civilians, 3 members of Syrian security forces and 14 injuries of civilians and military personnel

Government Opponents: Syrian Artillery shells points in each of Ma’rddseh and Khan Al-Subul in Edlib Countryside

Syrian Army Units have shelled HQ for anti-government armed rebels in Orm Al-Joz town of Edlib Countryside, which resulted in the death of all the gunmen inside

Eight armed men get killed during their attack on a checkpoint for Syrian Arab Army located near Saraqueb town of Edlib Countryside. Among the killed armed rebels were Faiz Aboud and Ahmad Al-Kurwa


On the Friday of “The Uprising of the two capitals”, a demonstration appears in Al-Shagour neighborhood, while two anti-government gatherings initiates from Al-Nakshbandi and Al-Thahabia Mosques in Al-Midan neighborhood of Damascus

According to antigovernment activists, bombings occur on Al-Hajar Al-Aswad and Al-Yarmouk Camp neighborhoods located in Damascus Countryside

According to government opponents, more than 150 killed during clashes in several areas in Syria; stated that most of them killed in Edlib and Aleppo Countryside. 100 of the killed are militants in the Free Army militia

Unidentified gunmen open fire from Jobar road towards the Abbasid Square near the Police Station. The Police Station guards responded to the gunfire, where no causalities gave been recorded so far

Anti-government armed rebels attack a checkpoint for Syrian Arab Army at the entrance of Dummar Al-Balad town, where the Syrian Arab Army forces clashed with them, as no causalities have been recorded yet

Sporadic gunfire appears on morning in Barze neighborhood, where Unknown open fire at night and no news about causalities have been recorded

Damascus Countryside

According to Anti-government activists, the two cities of Daria and Al-Ma’damia in Damascus Countryside are shelled

Syrian Security forces arrest under no specific charges Nuha Gharier, the sister of Hussein Gharier; the detained Syrian blogger since 6 months

Two mortar shells are fired in Al-Malaab neighborhood, behind the Water Project in Duma city of Damascus Countryside

Mortar shells have been fired “Sporadically” on several separated points in Al-Dumair city, what resulted in the displacement of many residents

Evening demonstration occurs in Yabroud town of Damascus Countryside

Severe clashes between the Syrian Arab Army forces and Free Army militias appear in Yelda and Bebela towns of Damascus Countryside

Syrian Army units raided on headquarters for armed rebels in a farm located in Al-Kuswa area of Damascus Countryside, after armed conflicts in which resulted in the death of a number of militants, the arrest of others and the confiscation of their arms

SANA: Syrian Arab Army controls over Al-Hajar Al-Aswad area of Damascus Countryside, an declares it a secure area

Deir Al-Zour

Syrian Army fires mortar shells on Al-Jbailia, Al-Hamedia, Al-Sheikh Yaseen, Al-Arady and Al-Hawieka neighborhoods of Deir Al-Zour City

Clashes between the Syrian Arab Army and Free Army militias take place in Al-Miadeen city of Deir Al-Zour province, which resulted in deaths and injuries among the members of Free Army militia

SANA: Armed conflicts with militants appeared in Ali Bek Al-Kabeer Street located in Deir Al-Zour; and resulted in the death of many armed rebels

Husam Ibrahim, of Free Army militia, gets killed during clashes with Syrian Arab Army near Al-Madlajy roundabout in Deir Al-Zour city

Armed rebels target with RPG shells the building of Workers’ Union, located in Al-Sheikh Yaseen neighborhood of Deir Al-Zour, what resulted in its burned


On the Friday of “The Uprising of the two capitals”, demonstrations take place in Al-Hamedia, Aleppo Road, Bab Qubli and Al-Arba’ien neighborhoods of Hama. Others occur in Kafar Nabuda, Kafar Zeta, Ma’rdes and Tlemseh towns, in Al-Latamneh and Kernaz districts of Hama Countryside

Opponents accuse the Syrian Arab Army of firing a mortar shells on a house in Al-Zakat village of Hama Countryside

Engineering Units of Syrian Army dismantle tow explosive charges that each of them weights 50 Kg, near Al-Bahra roundabout and in front of the Traffic Branch in Hama city

Anti-government activists talk about bombing by the Syrian Army on Al-Latamna town of Hama countryside, which resulted in several injuries


A demonstration occurs in Al-Malaab Al-Baladi neighborhood of Homs city

Syrian Arab Army shells HQs for armed rebels in Al-Qarabees, Jouret Al-Shayah and Al-Khaldia neighborhood of Homs city

A sniper killed Muhammad Hassoun in Al-Khaldia neighborhood, while anti-government activists accuse the Syrian security forces of killing him

Severe armed confrontations between Syrian Arab Army and Free Army militias take place in Al-Jabria village of Homs Countryside, and resulted in the death of a member from Free Army militia and the injury of others

Syrian Security forces raided on headquarters for armed rebels in Al-Qusari city, Al-Nahria and Abu Houry villages in Homs Countryside, where news recorded large number of deaths among the rebels’ ranks

Syrian Official TV: A great explosion appears when militants attempted to booby-trapped Al-Shawader Street located in Al-Khaldia neighborhood of Homs with explosive charges,which resulted in several deaths and injuries among the gunmen ranks.