Reuters: members of Al-Qaeda coordination announce the release of two foreign journalist, one of them is Dutch and the other is British after they were abducted on Syrian Turkish borders, where one of them got injured by a bullet

Armed rebels attack a military checkpoint in Al-Jmeilieh area located in Aleppo

Severe clashes appear in Al-Janoubi wa Al-Gharbi neighborhood located in the middle of Al-Attareb city of Aleppo outskirts; resulted in the destruction of many houses

Hard explosion appears near Al-Sakhour roundabout of Aleppo, followed by clashes

Media source: two unidentified corpses were found inside a burned car in Al-Zahraa neighborhood locate in Aleppo city

Mortar shell has been fired on a clothes shop in Seif Al-Dawleh neighborhood of Aleppo city, what resulted in the death of a person and the 4 other injuries

Militants attack a checkpoint in Masaken Hanano neighborhood of Aleppo; resulted in the death of all its members

Dozens of families of Aleppo city migrate to near village due to the continuing clashes between Syrian Army and militants

Armed conflicts take place between Syrian Army and Free Army militia in Salah Al-Din, Al-Hamadanieh and Al-Sakhour neighborhoods located in Aleppo outskirts

Police officer Muhammad Murshed Ahmad from Al-Oseibeh village of Banyas area located in Tartous gets abducted in Afreen area of Aleppo province

Ahmad Abed Al-Raheem Al-Hajji gets killed in Mare’ town located in Aleppo outskirts, where anti-government activists accuse Syrian security forces for killing him

Funeral of Modar Kaddour Akkoush turns into a demonstration in Al-Attareb town located in Aleppo outskirts

Syrian Army units clash with militants in Al-Midan neighborhood, cause them the death of 3 of them and the confiscation of their arms, where two gunmen get arrested in Al-Jmeilieh neighborhood after they killed two civilians and put them in a truck of their vehicle

Armed rebels attack Al-Zubeidieh police station and clash with Syria security forces in Aleppo countryside; resulted in the death of 3 gunmen and the confiscation of two vehicles that contained weapons and communication devices

Damascus Countryside

Severe clash continue in Yalda town for the fourth day, where according to news, a large number of militants get killed

The leader of Zu Al-Nourein battalion of Free Army militia Muhammad Ahmad Abu Khalid, known as Abu Obeida, gets killed during clashes with Syrian Army in Al-Hajar Al-Aswad neighborhood located in Damascus countryside

Four militants get killed during armed conflicts with Syrian Army near Jaramana city of Damascus countryside

Anti-government activists say clashes appeared between Syrian Army and Free Army militia in Al-Tal town; resulted in several civilian casualties

Harsh explosions are heard in Al-Zabadani and Daria areas of Damascus countryside, followed by heavy gunfire

Anti-government activists: two mortar shells have been fired on Kudsaya area of Damascus countryside, where no injuries have been recorded

Armed rebels clash with members of Syrian Army checkpoints in Irbeen area of Damascus countryside

Syrian Army liberates two Italian experts, who work in an Electricity plant and were abducted by militants on their way to International Damascus airport in Damascus countryside

Anti-government activists say Syrian Army artillery shells Babbeela town and Al-Mu’addamieh area located in Damascus countryside; resulted in 9 victims and other injuries, where pro-government activists say the bombed areas are shelters for militants


Syrian official TV channel: explosive charges blasted yesterday evening during trapping buildings in Al-Shawader street located in Al-Khalidieh neighborhood; resulted in deaths and injuries of militants

Syrian Army fires shells on Jouret Al-Shaiah neighborhood located in Homs city

Syrian Army fires many shells on shelters for militants in Old Homs, Bab Houd, Al-Safsafeh and Bab Al-Turkman neighborhoods of Homs city

Evening demonstration appears in Al-Wa’er neighborhood located in Homs city

Militants claim to be law enforcement forcers, announce their defection from the internal security forces; joining Al-Ansar battalion of Free Army militia in Homs province

Armed conflicts take place between Syrian Army and armed rebels in Al-Rastan, Al-Bweida Al-Sharkieh, Talkalakh countryside areas, Bab Tadomr, Al-Hamidieh and Al-Warsheh neighborhoods located in Homs countryside

Militants Saleem Al-Deheik in Talbiseh area and Jasem Al-Tahhan in Al-Sultanieh neighborhood get killed during clashes with Syrian Army in Homs province

Funerals of two Syrian Army members initiate from the military hospital located in Homs province

Militants clash with each other, burn cars and houses due to financial dispute in Talkalakh area located in Homs countryside

Unknowns fire several mortar shells on Teir Ma’alleh village in Homs countryside, what resulted in minor material damages

Videotape Free Army militia, taking control over Syrian Army weapons in Homs countryside

Armed conflicts take place between Syrian Army and gunmen who attacked a Syrian Army checkpoint in Al-Qusair area located in Homs countryside; resulted in the death of 8 insurgents and 15 other injuries


Severe clashes took place yesterday evening near the National hospital and Ma’aret Misreen roundabout in Edlib city

More than two hundred militants attack the city hall checkpoint of Syrian Army located in Ma’aret Nu’man near Edlib countryside; what resulted in the death of many soldiers and the abducts of the others

A Free Army militia member gets injured during an attack on a Syrian Army checkpoint in Mahambel town located in Edlib countryside

A video shows around 50 gunmen, centered by a person claimed to be first assistant officer Rakan Hajj Abdullah, of General Intelligence Administration, announcing the formation of the Levant Shield Battalion “Dera’ Belad Al-Sham”, with the assistance of defectors from the Syrian Arab Army and some civilians in Edlib Countryside

Armed confrontations take place between Syrian Army and insurgents in Ma’aret Al-Nu’man area located in Edlib countryside; resulted in the death of many gunmen

Clashes appear between Syrian Army and armed rebels in Kourein area of Edlib countryside, which resulted in the death of many militants including 3 Saudis, one of them is called Jihad Muhammad Salem Al-Harbi 


Armed conflicts appear between Syrian Army and armed rebels in Barzeh neighborhood located in Damascus after two days of calmness, where medium and small arms were used

Poland closes its Embassy in Damascus for security purposes

Two evening anti-government gatherings appear in Al-Kaboun and Ruken Al-Din neighborhoods located in Damascus


Anti-government activists: Syrian government forces shell areas of Taseel and Al-Harrak towns of Daraa countryside

Sporadic gunfire appears near the Panorama, Al-Hamameh roundabout and Al-Kashef neighborhood located in Daraa Al-Mahatta

Many residents of Tareek Al-Sadd neighborhood located in Daraa Al-Mahatta migrate due to clashes between Syrian Army and armed rebels

Severe clashes took place yesterday evening between Syrian Army and Taher Sayasneh battalion in Daraa Al-Mahatta

Free Army militia targets a the IDP camp police department located in Daraa province after breaking into it and killing all its members

Anti-government activists: Free Army militia redraws from the IDP camp in Daraa city

Unknowns fire many mortar shells on Al-Sheikh Miskeen village located in Daraa countryside

Syrian Army seizes a weapon store after clashing with gunmen in Busra Al-Sham area located in Daraa countryside

Deir Al-Zour

Severe clashes take place between Free Army militia and Syrian Army near its artillery in Al-Mayadeen desert located in Deir Al-Zour province

Syrian Army shells centers for militants in neighborhoods of Deir Al-Zour including Al-Ba’ajeen and Al-Jbeileh neighborhoods

Armed conflicts take place between Syrian law enforcement forces and insurgents in Al-Jbeileh neighborhood located in Deir Al-Zour city; resulted in many deaths and injuries of the gunmen

Syrian Army destroys a shelter for militants, kills all of gunmen inside it and blasts a mortar artillery they had in Al-Muhasan town located in Deir Al-Zour countryside

Militants target a bus with an explosive charge in Al-Ommal neighborhood located in Deir Al-Zour, which resulted in the death of 20 persons

Unknowns fire a mortar shell on Al-Areedi neighborhood located in Deir Al-Zour; resulted in the death of 6 persons


Syrian security forces separate with forces an anti-government gathering in Tareek Aleppo neighborhood located in Hama province

Armed rebels burn houses in Al-Tweini village of Sahel Al-Ghab area located in Hama countryside

Abdullah Bin Al-Zubeir battalion claims responsibility for assassinating First Assistant of Syrian security Abu Ya’rem in Hama city


Evening demonstration initiates from Othman Bin Affan mosque of Rakka province, where rebels block the street with rocks and burning tires