Media Sources: Syrian Army forces capture 3 armed Pakistanis in Maaet Al-Nouman town of Edlib

Radical militia attack military convoys for Syrian Arab Army, which resulted in killing 3 military men, the injury of 10 and destroying 3 military vehicles in several areas of Edlib Countryside

Pro-government activists: Syrian Army forces shell HQs for anti-government militants in Saraqueb and Aryha towns, what resulted in the death of 30 gunmen and the injury of 60 others

Two insurgents were killed when they were planning to plant an explosive charge on Aleppo highway in Edlib province

Demonstrations take place in Haish and Maarshourien towns of Edlib Countryside, of what anti-government activists called “ Deir Al-Zour, the victory coming from east” Friday

Each of Salah Al-Hamed, Ghazi Al-Baghel, Tarief Haj Yusuf, Muhammad Ziad Murshan and Hamad Al-Dakka get killed in Al-Janoudia town of Edlib Countryside

A demonstration occurs in Al-Tamanaa town of Edlib province


Armed conflicts occurred when Syrian Army attack HQ for Free Army militia in Al-Arbaaien neighborhood of Hama city

A demonstration occurs in Al-Latamna town of Hama province

Anti-government activists say that tanks deploy in Aleppo road neighborhood of Hama city

Severe clashes between Syrian Security forces and armed militias appear in Al-Mahata neighborhood of Hama city

Evening demonstration occurs in Al-Khattab town of Hama province

Deir Al-Zour

Muhammad Al-Fateh brigade battalions, of the Revolution military Council, claims responsibility for setting an ambush against Syrian Arab Army soldiers on the Syrian – Iraqi borders, which resulted in the death of 3 soldiers and the capture of 2 others

A demonstration occurs in Al-Joura neighborhood in Deir Al-Zour, of what government opponent activists called “Deir Al-Zour, the victory coming from east” Friday

Anti-government activists: Each of Zghair Jazeera, Elian and Muhemdia villages of Deir Al-Zour province have been bombed

Youngman, Ahmad Mushref, the football player for Al-Futoua club, has been killed in Al-Hamedia neighborhood of Deir Al-


According to anti-government activists, more than 6 mortar shells have been fired by the Syrian Army on Buser Al-Harier town of Daraa province, what resulted in the death of more than 14 armed rebels and a number of civilians known of them Balkies Al-Zoukany

An attack was carried out against law enforcement forces in Daraa Al-Balad area near the Heuristic Unit, which resulted in killing a number of the gunmen

Najia Ibrahim gets killed in Al-Yadoudeh village of Daraa Countryside, while anti-government activists say that she was killed due to bombardments of the very village

Nine vehicles for armed rebels were destroyed in Al-Gharia Al-Sharkia town of Daraa Countryside, including 3 equipped with machineguns

Demonstrations take place in each of ottman, Enkhil and al-Muleha Al-Gharbia towns and Ebtaa village of Daraa Countryside, of what opposition called “Deir Al-Zour, the victory coming from east” Friday


The Syrian Official TV reporter, Karim al-Shybani, gets injured by anti-government militants in Al-Midan neighborhood, during his cover to the clashes up there

Clashes between Syrian Army and armed rebels take place in Al-Tadamon neighborhood of Damascus

Reuters: Syrian Army takes control over most of Al-Tadamon neighborhood of Damascus, where the very neighborhood is considered the last stronghold of the armed opposition in the capital of Syria, Damascus

Government opponent activists: more than 4 artillery shells have been fired on Ruken el-Din neighborhood located in Damascus

Correspondent of Syrian Center for Documentation: a sound bomb, planted in Shemdien Square of Ruken el-Din neighborhood, was exploded and resulted in material damages only

Tow anonymous source blasts has appeared this morning in Barze neighborhood, as sporadic armed conflicts between Syrian Security forces and armed rebels appeared in the very neighborhood last night

Opponent Activists: Armed confrontations in Syrian provinces recorded 22 civilian victims and 70 members of Free Army militias

Damascus Countryside

Four explosions appear this morning in Harasta city of Damascus Countryside

Anti-government gathering takes place in Harasta of Damascus Countryside, on the opposition named Friday “Deir Al-Zour, the victory coming from east”

Civilians get injured in bombardments by the Syrian Army on points located in Al-Mlyha town of Damascus Countryside

Evening demonstration occurred in Al-Tal town of Damascus Countryside

According to anti-government activists: Mortar shells have been fired on Dummier city of Damascus Countryside, what resulted in victims and damages in houses

Civilian activists hold a Christian Islamic joint Iftar inside a church. The Iftar was attended by the dignitaries of Yabroud town on 3-8-2012


Syrian Army artillery shells Jouret al-Shayah neighborhood of Homs City, what resulted in damaging the buildings, as no causalities have been recorded so far

Syrian border guards foiled gunmen infiltration attempt from Lebanon to Syria at Talkalakh Countryside of Homs province

The funeral of Nidal Hillal turns into a demonstration in Dar Al-Kabera village of Homs Countryside

Syrian Army is bombing al-Houla area located in Homs Countryside

SANA: around 60 insurgents have been killed during severe armed conflicts with the Syrian Army in Al-Hamedia neighborhood of Homs city

Armed rebels detonated a bridge linked between Qusair and Jouseh areas of Homs Countryside, what resulted in suspending the traffic

Syrian official TV: Syrian forces seize a den for armed rebels in Dair Baalba orchards located in Homs City

Demonstrations take place in al-Malaab neighborhood of Homs City, Houla village of Homs Countryside, of what anti-government opposition called “Deir Al-Zour, the victory coming from east” Friday


Syrian Army forces shells points in Salah el-Din neighborhood. Pro-government people say the shelled points are centers for armed rebels, as anti-government activists say the whole residents of the very neighborhood have been displaced

25 gunmen have been killed during clashes with Syrian Arab Army in Salah el-Din neighborhood. Syrian Center for Documentation reporter says that the Syrian Army besieges the neighborhood

Free Army militias attack a police Station in Saif Al-Dawleh of Aleppo province

Demonstrations appear in each of Kobani, Mareaa, Aqyoul area, Masaken Hanano and Bab el-Hadeed neighborhoods located in Aleppo outskirts. The demonstrations attended by members of Free Army militia, of what opposition called “Deir Al-Zour, the victory coming from east” Friday

The funeral of Hameed Ali Al-Nayef turns into a demonstration in Ebeen town located in Aleppo outskirts

Two chained bodies have been found on the main road in Al-Zahraa neighborhood located in Aleppo outskirts

The Correspondent of Syrian Center for Documentation: Severe armed conflicts between Syrian Arab Army and Free Army militias appear in Al-Furkan neighborhood, in which heavy and medium weapons have been used

At least 4 policemen get killed, where others get injured, after the militants of Free Army militia have attacked the police stations of Ansari and Sukari, as both have been controlled by the gunmen