Demonstrations take place in Kobani town, al-Fourkan, and New Aleppo neighborhoods, all located in Aleppo province, on the named Friday of “provide us with aircraft”, according to anti-government activists

Ahrar al-Sham battalion claims responsibility for bombing a Soldiers’ carrier for Syrian Arab Army, which was heading towards Aleppo city

Evening demonstration took place yesterday in al-Khaldia neighborhood of Aleppo province

Kamal Jnaied al-Shoun gets killed in al-Attareb neighborhood of Aleppo outskirts, where anti-government activists accuse the Syrian security forces of killing him

Seven people get arrested in al-Saurian neighborhood of Aleppo, as government opponents say they were aid volunteers for the displaced people of Aleppo neighborhoods

Clashes between the Syrian Army and Free Army militia take place in Bab al-Hadeed, al-Ezaa, Saif al-Dawleh and al-Mashahad neighborhoods of Aleppo outskirts, what resulted in several deaths and injuries among the militants

News says that 40 members of Free Army militia have been killed amid strikes made by Syrian Army forces at Maysaloun roundabout in Aleppo province

Al-Ikhbaria TV Channel: Syrian Arab Army track down armed rebels at Akyoul and Kadi Askar roundabouts of Aleppo province

According to anti-government activists, a number of shells have been fired on Tal Rifat town located in Aleppo outskirts

Heavy explosions appear in al-Halak neighborhood located in Aleppo outskirts

Militants of al-Tawheed Brig. Attack a vehicle for Syrian Army in Aleppo outskirts and kill all the soldiers

Three unidentified bodies have been found in al-Inzarat neighborhood of Aleppo outskirts

The funeral of Khawla Mahmoud Othman turns into a demonstration in al-Ebzemo town of Aleppo outskirts

Syrian Official TV: Syrian Army eradicates militants who were barricaded in Muhammad Qasar School in Hanano neighborhood of Aleppo

Syrian Army clash with armed rebels who attempted to attack the International Airport of Aleppo, which resulted in killing a number of the gunmen

A mortar shells is fired on the building of Diocese of the Armenian Orthodox, what resulted in material damages only

Syrian Army take over a car carried with 4 militants in Al-Jamielia neighborhood of Aleppo province


A demonstration occurs in Al-Malaab neighborhood located in Homs city, of what anti-government activists called “provide us with anti-craft” Friday

Severe armed conflicts appear between Syrian Army and Free Army militia in Jouret al-Shayah and al-Khaldia neighborhoods of Homs province

Engineering Units of Syrian Army dismantle a car bomb, in which was loaded with 250 Kg of explosives, in the Sheep Souk in Dair Baalba neighborhood of Homs province

Armed conflicts take place between Syrian Army and Gunmen who barricaded in the Engineers’ building located in Bab Hood, and resulted in deaths and injuries among the militants’ ranks

UN delegation visits the military hospital of Homs province

Syrian Army forces destroy a vehicle that is equipped with a machinegun near al-Shayahat and Al-Zeraa towns, located in al-Qusair Countryside

Muhee el-Din Zalfa, of Free Army militia, gets killed during clashes with Syrian Arab Army near al-Nahria village of Homs Countryside


Radical militias claim responsibility for bombing a tank for Syrian Arab Army in Aryha area of Edlib Countryside, as they take over another tank

A video shows clashes between Syrian Arab Army and members of Free Army militia near al-Baladia checkpoint, pointed in Kafar Nubul town of Edlib Countryside

Syrian Army Shells al-Kastan village located in Jeser al-Shughour area of Edlib Countryside, where 4 people have been killed, according to Government opponent activists

Around 40 members of Free Army militia get killed during an attack carried out by the Syrian Army forces on strongholds positioned in Kafar Nubul of Edlib Countryside

A video demonstrates the armed conflicts between Syrian Arab Army forces and insurgents of Free Army militia in Aryha area of Edlib Countryside

Deir Al-Zour

Anti-government activists: members of Free Army militia get killed by a sniper in Al-Aradie neighborhood, when they have raided on a building for Syrian border patrols in al-Miadeen City of Deir al-Zour province. The militants are Isa Jadouaa al-Sheikh and Awwad Abed al-Hamad al-Akoul of Khalid bin al-Walied battalion

Severe armed conflicts between Syrian Army and gunmen take place in al-Baajeen neighborhood of Deir al-Zour, which resulted in killing 5 insurgents who were centered on the school

Syrian Arab Army Units destroy a store for militants in al-Hamedia neighborhood of Deir al-Zour. The Store included Anti-tank missiles, explosive charges, RPG shells, weapons and ammunition

Ahmad Khaliel al-Badawy and Awwad al-Akoub get killed during clashes between militants and members of Syrian Army, took place near al-Miadeen Bridge of Deir al-Zour Countryside

Armed Confrontations between Syrian Army and gunmen take place in the area surrounding Hwaiga, Hamoud al-Abed and Al-Daleh roundabouts, Al-Mwazfeen and al-Aradie neighborhoods, Mo Hasan town and al-Bu Syd area of Deir al-Zour. The clashes left several deaths among the militants including Oubieda Jaber al-Hamoud and Isa Jadouaa al-Sheikh

Damascus Countryside

Al-Ikhbaria Syrian TV Channel says that it has lost contact with its team, including Journalist Yara Saleh, Cameraman Aboud Tabra, his assistant Hatem Abu Yehya and the driver Hussam Imad, who all were in al-Tal area of Damascus Countryside. The Channel address the Kidnapers and their supporting countries of the responsibility for the team’s safety

Two anti-government gatherings take place in Erbeen area and al-Hameh town, located in Damascus Countryside, of what opposition called “

provide us with anti-craft” Friday

Anti-government activists: Syrian Army Units shell Dair al-Asafeer town of Damascus Countryside, as no victims have been recorded to the moment

Mortar shells have been fired on Kafar Batna and Ein Tarma areas, both located in Damascus Countryside

Several militants get killed during clashes with Syrian Army forces in al-Tal area of Damascus Countryside. Reported information says that a number of the abducted law enforcement forces have been liberated


Two demonstrations take place in Kafar Souseh neighborhood and Dummar Project area in Damascus, of what opponent activists called “provide us with anti-craft” Friday


A demonstration takes place in Amouda town located in Hasaka Countryside, of what opposition named “provide us with anti-craft” Friday

Three armed rebels, of who kidnapped a member of Syrian law enforcement forces, get arrested in Hasaka province


A demonstration occurs in Al-Msyfra town of Daraa Countryside, of what opponent activists called “provide us with anti-craft” Friday

According to anti-government activists, Syrian Army is bombing Maarouba village and Busra al-Sham area of Daraa Countryside

Yaser Tayseer Subieh, Anas Muhammad al-Masri, and other militants, killed during clashes with Syrian Arab Army appeared in Syda town of Daraa Countryside


The funerals of Taha Hasan al-Faraj and Khalid Muthna al-Faraj turn into a demonstration in Kafarzeta town of Hama Countryside

Two explosive charges, that each weight 20 Kg, get dismantled in western al-Mashtal area, near Al-Tatan Mosque of Hama province


Armed rebels burn shops in Jbata al-Khashab village of al-Qunitra Countryside.