Morning demonstrations take place in Jarablos city, towns of Bazaa, Ebzemo and Mareaa. Others occur in Sandra and Ebeen villages located in Aleppo outskirts and in the neighborhoods of al-Sakhour, al-Shaar and al-Sukari of Aleppo

Syrian Army units had raided yesterday on positions for the militia of Free Army in the areas of al-Andalos School, al-Hayat Hospital, Rahmo Khattab School, al-Hemiat Hospital, Ahamd Saayd School and Maysaloun School of Aleppo province. A spokesman of Free Army militia says that 17 members of the Free Army have been killed during the very military operation by the Syrian Arab Army

A video shows the brigade of Endan martyrs, of Free Army militia, taking over 3 tanks and other vehicles for the Syrian Army in Endan area located in Aleppo outskirts on 18-8-2012

Pro-government people say that Syrian air force strikes centers for armed rebels in al-Izaa neighborhood in Aleppo, what resulted in the death of several gunmen including the leader of Abu Baker al-Sadeek Mustafa Mahmoud al-Sheikh, while government opponents say that the Free Army militia has tactically withdrawn from the very neighborhood, as civilians victims have been died

Armed conflicts between the militias of al-Tawheed battalions and Syrian Army units continue in Saif al-Dawleh and bustan al-Qaser neighborhoods

Al-Tawheed battalions of Free Army militia have launched attacks on checkpoints for the Syrian Army in al-Telal, al-Maadi and al-Jdedeh neighborhoods, what resulted in the death of more than 8 Syrian soldiers

The battalion of Suyouf al-Shouhadaa- Swords of Martyrs, of Free Army militia, abducts the Mukhtar of al-Sukari neighborhood; Abed al-Fatah Toutanji. The battalion members say that they will apply the law of God against him, as he will receive the retribution he deserves


Demonstrations appear in front of a mosque in al-Karama neighborhood of Hama city, in the neighborhoods of Aleppo road, Janoub al-Malaab, al-Qusour, Kafarzeta and Mork towns, in the village of Shaheshbo mount and al-Latamna suburb of Hama province


Anti-government activists: Syrian Army shells the villages of al-Turkman Mount, what resulted in deaths, injuries and some material damages

Clashes between the Syrian Army and militants take place in Frounlok and al-Mor Spring- Nabeaa al-Mor areas, located in Lattakia countryside. The armed conflicts resulted in killing a number of the insurgents

Syrian Army engaged yesterday with armed rebels at the TV-Radio broadcasting Station in Kessab area. As well, the Syrian Army clashed with militants attempting to block the road of Kessab-al-Bassyt

Government opponents say that the released anti-government activist, Alaa Moralie, has joined the militia of Free Army. That comes after she has appeared in a photo holding a Kalashnikov and accompanied with a member of Free Army

Pro-government activists publish photos of fires in Kessab forests and accuse the militias of Free Army of perpetrating the blazes due to the blockade imposed by the units of Syrian Army in the very areas


A demonstration occurs in Amouda city of Hasaka province

SANA: Syrian Army has set an ambush yesterday against militants riding a car on the road between al-Qamishlie and Hasaka. The trap resulted in capturing 3 rebels as 20 rifles have been confiscated

Syrian forces arrest 5 armed rebels who were riding a truck in Abu Raseen area, located in al-Qamishlie City. 29 automatic rifles have been seized in addition to 21 pump action guns and a sniper


Anti-government gathering initiates from al-Hussein Mosque in al-Sad Road of Daraa al-Mahata. Another gathering appears in Daraa al-Balad and Khourbet al-Joz village of Daraa Countryside

Free Army militia announces the death one of its leaders; Captain Fahed Mahmoud al-Samara. The alleged Captain was killed amid bombardments by the Syrian artillery

Daraa anti-government coordination says that tens have been killed during bombings by the Syrian Army units on points situated in al-Harak city of Daraa province. The coordination says that among the killed ones was the defected Lieutenant Fahed Mahmoud al-Samara

Deir Al-Zour

Five shells have been fired on al-Aradie neighborhood of Deir al-Zour city

During clashes with the Syrian Army, Qais Turki al-Ali Fandi, a member in Ossoud al-Tawheed battalion, gets killed in Deir al-Zour, where he is from Mo Hasan village

Severe armed conflicts between the Syrian Army and Free Army militia take place in al-Myadeen city of Deir al-Zour, and resulted in the death of Jaber Khalil al-Ayesh, one of al-Qurieh city residents


Syrian security forces disperse by forces an anti-government gathering in Ruken el-Din neighborhood of Damascus. Neither causalities nor arrests have been recorded

The correspondent of Syrian Center for Documentation; demonstrations appear in Barze, Kafar Souseh and Ruken el-Din neighborhoods, as heavy security deployment is seen on Damascus entrances, where the traffic is medium ranged in al-Abbasid and Omayyad, al-Mouhavaza, al-Maysat and bab Muslah Squares. As well, light traffic can be observed in the streets of al-Maze, al-Adawie, al-Tijara-al-Shaghour, Bab Sharkie, the north and south Circinate. Our reporter confirmed that no accidents or clashes ha

The correspondent of Syrian Center for Documentation: a sound bomb explosion appears near the ministry of High Education, beside the Square of Customs, and has left no damages


Free Army militia claims responsibility for attacking military vehicles for the Syrian Army in Wadi al-Ahmar- the Red Valley, located in east Tadmor city of Homs Countryside

Clashes between the Syrian Army and Free Army militia take place in al-Husn town, located in Homs countryside, what resulted in deaths and injuries among the militias’ ranks, including Adnan al-Tayyar

Anti-government activists: Syrian Army shells al-Rastan area of Homs countryside. The bombings left deaths and injuries upon the Free Army militants and some civilians

Free Army militia raid on a checkpoint for Syrian law enforcement forces, situated in Talkalakh area in Homs countryside. The attack recorded deaths and injuries from the both sides

The two brigades of Sulman al-Faresi and Khalid Bin al-Walied, both of Free Army militia, fire shells on Malouk checkpoints of the Syrian Army, situated on Hama – Homs road in Homs countryside

Demonstrations initiate in front of al-Omari mosque in al-Waar neighborhood and in al-Malaab neighborhood of Homs city, in which the Syrian security forces dispersed without any causalities recorded. Other demonstrations occur in Talbeseh city of Homs countryside

Five shells have been fired on Talbeseh city of Homs countryside, while government opponents accuse the Syrian Army units of firing them

Media Sources: the Syrian National Reconciliation Committee has succeeded in liberating Pilot Engineer Brigadier, Haidar Khalil, who was abducted in al-Ghouta and Pilot Colonel Muhsen Habeeb who was kidnapped in al-Hajar al-Aswad of Damascus

Al-Farouk battalion militia claims responsibility for firing mortar shells on al-Zahra neighborhood, known of its pro-government residents


Anti-government activists post a video filmed by Libyan militants and shows firing a shell near a popular Souk in Maaret al-Nouman area of Edlib countryside, what resulted in the death of two civilians

Morning demonstrations take place in towns of Maaret Hurmeh, Surmeen, al-Habait, al-Bshyriah village and Kafar Nubul district of Edlib Countryside

Armed confrontations between the Syrian Army and Free Army militia appear in Darkoush town of Jeser al-Shughour, at the checkpoint of the town’s police Station

A massive sound of an explosion, caused by firing a shell by unknowns, appear in Darkoush town of Edlib Countryside

Government opponents: Syrian Army is bombing Maaret al-Nouman area in Edlib Countryside, which resulted in 5 deaths

Radical militants attack a center for gas distribution

Unidentified gunmen attack the house of the Inspector Judge Mujahed Younes in al-Thawra neighborhood in Edlib and they had stolen his car