Pastor Terry Jones, whose Quran-torching escapade in 2011 brought him hatred in the Islamic world, has reportedly promoted Innocence of Muslims, a controversial low-budget movie that sparked anti-American protests in Libya and Egypt.

Innocence of Muslims’ director Sam Bacile said he had received some $5 million from a “hundred of Jews” to shoot the film and called Islam “a cancer.” However, he denounced allegations that his movie was religious, saying it was a political one.

Pastor Terry Jones announced he was going to show an Innocence of Muslims fragment during a prayer service.

In 2011, Pastor Jones rose to prominence after staging several public Quran burnings. The first of these dubious events ran off in March 2011, triggering a wave of unrest in Afghanistan, which claimed the lives of more than a hundred people.

Ambassador Chris Stevens (above) and three US officials were killed in a rocket attack on their car as they were rushed from a consular building in Benghazi.

Mass protests erupted Tuesday in Egypt’s capital of Cairo and in Libya’s Benghazi. In Cairo, demonstrators climbed the wall of the US Embassy to then shred and burn the American flag. In Benghazi, several armed men assailed the US Consulate, killing the US ambassador to Libya and three other Americans.

Source: The Voice of Russia