A video shows members of Ahrar Daret Azza brigade of Free Army militia, fire an RPG shell on a Syrian Army tank in Salah al-Din neighborhood of Aleppo, on 8-9-2012.

Videotape shows gunmen of Free Army militia, carrying machineguns and firing machineguns on jets for Syrian air-forces in al-Sakhour neighborhood of Aleppo province.

Activists: Syrian Army units take control over al-Mihani academy and kill many insurgents in the Maysaloun neighborhood of Aleppo.

Armed confrontations take place between Syrian Army and Free Army militia near al-Ansar mosque in Maysaloun neighborhood, and al-Arkoub neighborhood of Aleppo.

Al-Miadeen TV channel: clashes continue between Syrian Army and Free Army militia in the surroundings of Hanano barrack in Aleppo.

Media sources: Syrian Army forces liberate 30 abductees near Hanano barrack of Aleppo province.

Syrian Army shelled yesterday a center for Free Army militia in al-Shaar neighborhood, what resulted in 8 deaths upon the gunmen.

The Syrian filmmaker Tamer Awam got killed yesterday by Syrian security forces, when he was filming the attacks of Free Army militia on Syrian Army in Aleppo city.

The Syrian Center for Documentation has got photos published by opponent activists, which show a blast of a Tank shell on a checkpoint for the Free Army, when the FA members were preparing an RPG shell. The explosion resulted in the death of each Isa Ayash, Ahmad Shakik and al-Sheikh Mahmoud, where one member of the Free Army has survived the bombing on 9-9-2012.

Severe clashes take place between Syrian security forces and Free Army militia in Bustan al-Basha neighborhood of Aleppo city.

Gunmen of Free Army militia blast a checkpoint for Syrian Army in al-Kura al-Ardia in Aleppo city, which resulted in deaths and injuries of its soldiers.

Media sources: more than 70 Free Army militia members have been killed after Syrian Air-forces bombed their centers in al-Shaar neighborhood of Aleppo city.

A bomb car blasts in New Aleppo neighborhood, which resulted in material damages and victims.

Al-Khabar TV channel: 8 mortar shells have been fired randomly in between al-Ma’ari and Ojat al-Jeb areas in al-Suleimania area of Aleppo. The shells were fired from Bustan al-Basha neighborhood that Free Army militia took control over earlier, as one of the shells hit the political security branch and the others hit buildings.


An explosive charge blasts in a bus that was headed from Misyaf to Damascus near al-Sam’alil, which resulted in more than 5 deaths and 25 injuries of civilians.

According to government opponents, Syrian Air-forces fire a shell on al-Houla area of Homs countryside, what resulted in material damages only.

Opponent activists: more than 10 shells, synchronized with shootings, have been fired on the neighborhoods of Bab Drayb and al-Warsha in Homs.

The leader of al-Ameer Hamad battalion, Abu Assem, and the Moroccan militant Abdullah al-Hamjan, get killed in clashes with Syrian Army units in Bab al-Dreib neighborhood of Old Homs.

Syrian Air-forces continue to bomb neighborhoods of Old Homs.


Clashes continue between Syrian Army and Free Army militia in al-Tadamon neighborhood of Damascus.

A videotape shows a gunman of Osama Bin Zeid battalion that links to Ahrar Horab brigade, of Free Army militia, fires an RPG shell on Syrian Army in al-Tadamon neighborhood.

Two maltreated bodies were found near the electronic bakery, as another unidentified body has been found in Barzeh orchards of Damascus.

A blaze was extinguished in al-Tadamon neighborhood of Damascus, where pro-government activists accuse Free Army militia for setting the fire by firing a shell on a building in the very neighborhood.

A video shows members of Free Army militia, abducting 5 soldiers of Syrian Army, as pro-government activists say the abductees are pro-government civilians.

Anti-government activists: a mortar shell was fired in a farmland near the southern highway, in front of al-Zayat junction, which resulted in no damages.

Unidentified people fire a mortar shell near Amer Car Wash in al-Yarmouk Camp, which resulted in material damages only.

An unidentified body was found in Barzeh orchards of Damascus.

Two evening demonstrations initiate in Ruken al-Din and Kafarsouseh neighborhoods of Damascus and get separated with no incidents.

Damascus Countryside

Government opponents say Syrian Army shells in this dawn areas of Duma city, located in Damascus countryside.

According to anti-government activists, 37 militants have been killed during armed conflicts with Syrian Army on Duma – Adra road of Damascus countryside.

Government opponents say Syrian Army units surround Yelda town of Damascus countryside and prepare to enter it.

Unidentified militants abduct Rama al-Asas in al-Baramkeh area of Damascus and demand for a ransom.

Unknowns fire two mortar shells on al-Halala area of Katana city, located in Damascus countryside, which resulted in no injuries.

Anti-government gathering appears in a street in Kudsaya area and gets separated with no incidents.


Syrian Army shells centers for gunmen in Kafartakharim town of Edlib countryside.

Pro-government allies: Syrian Army raids on dens for armed rebels in Farjah and Deir Subul villages of Edlib countryside.

Armed rebels open fire on guards of the central Prison on Harem road of Edlib countryside, what resulted in the death of a Captain in Syrian Army and two injuries of the guards.

Al-Khabar TV channel: armed rebels attack checkpoints for Syrian law enforcement forces in the surroundings of Edlib city, the western side, what resulted in two deaths of gunmen at least.

Anti-government activists say Syrian Army tanks shell Kafarroma town of Edlib countryside.

Pro-government allies say Syrian Air-forces target centers for armed rebels in several areas of Ma’aret al-Nu’man.


Ibrahim Muhammad al-Salaama al-Musalmah gets arrested, under no specific charges, at the checkpoint of al-Kherbeh, located in Daraa countryside.

Mortar shells have been fired on Da’el town of Daraa countryside, as the government and the opponent exchange accuses.

Daraa anti-government coordination publishes 14 names of persons, claiming to be killed by Syrian Army units in several areas of Daraa city and its countryside.

Deir Al-Zour

Anti-government activists: a shell was fired on a house in al-Hamidia neighborhood of Deir al-Zour city, which resulted in the death of Taha Freih and Ahmad Freih.

Three insurgents of Free Army militia have been killed during armed confrontations with Syrian Army forces in al-Jbeileh neighborhood of Deir al-Zour city.

Zi Kar battalion of Free Army militia announces the death of its leader and 5 of its members during clashes with Syrian Army units in al-She’eitat area of Deir al-Zour.

The Faculty of science closes temporarily due to firing shells on it in al-Arfi neighborhood of Deir al-Zour, what resulted in the wreckage of parts in the college.


Abi Abdullah battalion of Free Army militia announces abducting two Syrian Army soldiers, called Muhammad Sa’eed Ghazawi and Jumaa Saleh al-Ahmad, at the checkpoint of al-Jeb roundabout, located in Hama province.

A demonstration initiated yesterday evening in Bab Kibli neighborhood of Hama city.


Pro-government demonstrations occur in Lattakia and Jableh cities, in which demonstrators cheer for Syrian Army and President Bashar al-Assad.


Pro-government demonstrations appear in Tartous and Banyas cities, as the participators cheer for the Syrian Arab Army and President Bashar al-Assad.