According to government opponents, Syrian Army shells Deir Hafer village of Aleppo outskirts, what resulted in two injuries.

Opponent activists publish a video of what they’ve said a bombardment’s rubbles, which have been caused by the Syrian helicopters on some parts of Manbij area of Aleppo outskirts.

Syrian Army units clash with armed rebels near the junction of Scientific Researches and near Muhammad Mustafa Mer’ee school of Hanano neighborhood, what resulted in deaths in injuries upon the gunmen.

SANA: Syrian Army forces attacked yesterday centers for Free Army militia near Halima al-Sa’dia school, al-Shabiba building, the Court and the Endowments Center in al-Bab area of Aleppo countryside, what resulted in the death of many gunmen.

Syrian Army shells the outskirts Daret Azza, Kubtan al-Jabal, Endan towns and al-Layramoun roundabout, as 6 rocket shells have been fired on al-Sakhour neighborhood.

A video shows the militia members of Free Army firing a rocket-propelled grenade on a Syrian Army’s checkpoint in al-Midan neighborhood of Aleppo.

Pro-government allies say Free Army militia leaves al-Midan neighborhood to the outskirts of the very neighborhood of Aleppo after clashes with Syrian Army.

Armed confrontations took place yesterday between Syrian Army and armed rebels in Suleiman al-Halabi area, what resulted in the death of many gunmen and the destruction of a car, loaded with weapons and ammunition.

Pro-government sources: 3 cars, provided with Dushka machineguns, have been wrecked yesterday in al-Fardos area, as 6 others were destroyed near Kaser al-Azem school on al-Bab road.

Correspondent of Syrian Center for Documentation: the leader of al-Naser battalion of Free Army militia, Ibrahim Alloush, has been killed in Aleppo.

Severe clashes occurred yesterday between Syrian Army and insurgents in al-Haidaria, Maskana and Deir Hafer areas of Aleppo countryside, which resulted in deaths and injuries of militants.

Anti-government coordination announces the death of the leader of al-Aqsa battalion, of Free Army militia, Fares Fadel Hilal, in Ehtimlat town, located in Aleppo countryside.

Activists: a mortar shell has been fired behind Haj Habib Street near the Telephone area in Aleppo, what resulted in the injury of a woman.


Anti-government activists say Syrian Army shells al-Houla and Kalaat al-Huson areas of Homs countryside.

Syrian Army clashes with insurgents near al-Kahrabaa roundabout in al-Rasta area of Homs countryside, what resulted in 20 deaths and other injuries upon the gunmen.

Many insurgents, including Abed al-Raouf Ayoub, Muhammad, Suleiman al-Qassem, Abu Salah al-Obeid and Salah al-Rezz, got killed yesterday in clashes with Syrian Army in Talbiseh and al-Rastan areas of Homs countryside.

Anti-government activists publish a video that shows the shelling outcomes on al-Qusour neighborhood in Homs city.

A video shows a Lieutenant from the Syrian Army, named Muhammad Saed Tlas, announces his defection from the Syrian Army and joins the militia of Free Army in al-Rastan area in Homs countryside.

Media sources: Syrian Army kills 30 militants and injure 30 others in an operation in Bab Houd neighborhood of Homs city.

Nineteen civilians who were abducted by gunmen, have been liberated in Homs province and its countryside after negotiations made by the National Reconciliation Committee.

Damascus Countryside

Duma anti-government coordination says Syrian Army and copters shelled in this dawn Duma city.

Anwar al-Bitar has been killed in Duma city, where anti-government activists accuse Syrian security forces for killing him.

Syrian Army finds a field hospital after severe clashes with armed rebels in Zuleikh neighborhood of Yelda town, located in Damascus countryside.

Anti-government activists say Syrian Army shells neighborhoods of al-Hajar al-Aswad area, located in Damascus countryside, what resulted in 6 victims, where pro-government media sources say the bombed areas are centers for militants and the bombardments resulted in the death of several insurgents, including Yusuf Reslan.

Shells have been fired on al-Zabadani area of Damascus countryside, as no victims have been recorded.

The gunman in Fidayee Kafarshames battalion of Free Army militia, Ayham Abed al-Rahman al-Zu’bi, , who comes from Kafarshames, village in Daraa city, gets killed in al-Assali neighborhood of Damascus countryside.

Several bodies have been found in al-Qadam and Jobar neighborhoods of Damascus countryside.


SANA: Syrian Army found yesterday evening various weapons, RPG shells and explosive charges during a military operation in Ghabagheb town of Daraa countryside.

Abdullah Abed al-Muhsen al-Na’san gets killed when plating an explosive device on Sahem al-Golan – Jlein road.

Activists say Syrian Army shells al-Mzeireeb, Om al-Myazen and Enkhil towns of Daraa.

Fierce armed confrontations occur between Syrian Army and Free Army militia in al-Lajat area of Daraa countryside.


The UN envoy to Syrian al-Akhdar al-Ibtahimi says his meeting with President al-Assad was the first step to settle the crisis in Syria.

Anti-government activists: Syrian Air-forces fly over al-Kaboun and al-Midan neighborhoods of Damascus.

More than 10 unidentified bodies, including the bodies of Fidaa al-Homsi, Ahmad Malas and Mustafa Murad, were found in al-Tadamon neighborhood of Damascus.

Anti-government activists say Syrian security forces raided on houses and arrested many persons in Naher Eisheh neighborhood, located in Damascus.

A demonstration initiates in al-Yarmouk Camp of Damascus, as activists say Syrian security forces opened fire to separate the demonstrators, what resulted in two injuries.

Deir Al-Zour

According to government opponents, Syrian Army shells al-Bukamal area and al-Baloum village in Deir al-Zour countryside.

A video shows the Free Army militia arresting around 13 soldiers of Syrian Army near a border point, situated in al-Bukamal area of Deir al-Zour countryside.

Deir al-Zour anti-government coordination publishes 7 names of persons, claiming to be killed in bombardments by Syrian Army on several areas of Deir al-Zour province.

Many shells have been fired on al-Masaken neighborhood in al-Bukamal city, located in Deir al-Zour province.


The funeral of Diab Radeef al-Okda turns into a demonstration in Kafar Roma town of Edlib countryside, as activists say he was killed in bombardments by Syrian Army.

A video shows around 20 people announcing the formation of ‘Abed al-Naser Abedo’ battalion in jabal al-Zawya of Edlib countryside.

Syrian border patrols clash with gunmen who tried to infiltrate into Syrian territories via Khourbet al-Joz point, situated in southern Edlib, what resulted in some deaths among the infiltrators. In the same context, a military source confirm that some of the killed insurgents appear to be foreigners.

The Correspondent of Syrian Center for Documentation: each of Bader Muhammad Saleh al-Shwagheri, Nizar Ibrahim Younes and 15 other members of Free Army militia had been killed in an attack of the military Airport of Abu Duhour, while opponent activists say that Attack failed due to an error of withdrawal timing.


Many militants get killed in injured in severe clashes with Syrian Army in Shouleen farm of Hama countryside.

SANA: Syrian Army units attack centers for armed rebels in Rasha village, destroy vehicles provided with anti-aircrafts, and dismantle 8 explosive devices on al-Tleisieh – al-Mubattan road of Hama countryside.

Anti-government activists: Syrian Air-forces fly over al-Karama neighborhood and Jeser Beit al-Raes village in Hama countryside, as shells have been fired; resulted in 7 deaths, including 3 civilians.

Severe gunfire was heard in al-Arba’een neighborhood of Hama city.


Anti-government pages say a member in Hitteen battalion, called Yamen Mustafa, of Free Army militia, gets killed in Jabal al-Turkman area of Lattakia countryside.