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«Current Concerns», n° 37, 10 September

Hit Syria – Target Russia

« Hit Syria – Target Russia », Interview with Professor Andrei Ilyich Fursov / « Diplomat: USA let private military companies do the dirty work in the war zones » / « “Moscow demands international investigation of terrorist attacks in Syria”» / «Switzerland: Our country currently experiences attacks of unprecedented violence around its financial center », by Pascal Décaillet / «A country is seeking its own rules», Dr Niels Peter Ammitzboell and Dr Barbara Hug / « 10 September 2012 Current Concerns Page 11 “The ‘Green Economy’ is the new colonialism, with whom our peoples shall be conquered” » / «Bolivia: Morales opens Lithium conveyor», by Benjamin Beutler /«The honest way would be “more sustainable”», by Dr Muruchi Poma / «Switzerland is grassland», by Heini Hofmann

| Zurich (Switzerland)

Current Concerns (Switzerland)

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Current concerns

"Current concerns" is a bi-monthly selection from swiss weekly paper "Zeit Fragen" .

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