Anti-government activists say Syrian Army shells al-Bab, Daret Azza areas of Aleppo countryside, Bustan al-Kaser, al-Zebdia, Hanano, al-Myassar and al-Sakhour neighborhoods of Aleppo.

Syrian Army forces take full control over al-Midan area of Aleppo city after severe clashes with Free Army militia that took place yesterday, as the units also dismantle an explosive device that weight 100 kg behind the Obstetrics Hospital, located in the very neighborhood.

Government opponents: Syrian Army fires in this dawn 6 rocket shells on al-Sakhour neighborhood of Aleppo.

Syrian Army units clashed yesterday with militants near the cultural center, the legitimate school and the police department of Daret Azza area, located in Aleppo countryside.

SANA: Syrian Army destroys 5 vehicles, provided with Dushka machineguns, that were headed from Mayer town to Ma’arseti Khan town, located in Aleppo countryside.

Video shows gunmen of al-Tawheed brigade, of Free Army militia, fire an RPG shell on a checkpoint for Syrian Army in al-Arkoub neighborhood, located in Aleppo.

Syrian Army shelled yesterday centers for Free Army militia in al-Sukkari neighborhood of Aleppo, what resulted in the death of the gunmen Ahmad al-Bayouni and Kassem Faraj.

A videotape shows clashes between Syrian Army units and Free Army militia in Suleiman al-Halabi area of Aleppo province, on 15-9-2012.

Many gunmen get killed in severe clashes with Syrian Army forces near al-Jazmati roundabout of al-Fardos neighborhood, located in Aleppo.

Armed confrontations occur between Syrian Army and Free Army militia in al-Jdeideh area of Aleppo countryside, as the Syrian Army was able to liberate the Evangelical Church and kill several insurgents.

Activists say a sniper, who situated in a building, has killed a woman, in al-Sheikh Abu Baker neighborhood of Aleppo city.

Gunmen of Free Army militia have been killed during clashing with Syrian Army units in al-Kalasa and al-Ma’adi areas.

The leader of Omar Bin Abed al-Aziz battalion, Abed al-Aziz Hori, of Free Army militia, gets killed during clashes with Syrian Army in Aleppo city.


Anti-government activists publish a video that shows Syrian Army bombardments on al-Rastan area of Homs countryside.

The Free Army militia member Ahmad Faisal Zikreet, got killed yesterday during clashes with Syrian Army in al-Shammas neighborhood of Homs.

According to anti-government activists, Syrian Army artillery shells al-Houla area of Homs countryside.

Syrian Army units killed yesterday many gunmen, arrested others, confiscated their arms and destructed their two cars, provided with Dushka machineguns, after clashing with the insurgents in al-Huson town of Homs countryside.

SANA: many militants have been killed yesterday after clashes with Syrian Army in Ezz al-Din town and al-Houla area of Homs countryside.

A videotape shows about 25 militants, headed by a person who claims to be First Lieutenant Ameen Rajab, announce the formation of Ansar al-Hakk battalion and join Free Army militia in al-Rastan area of Homs countryside, on 15-9-2012.

Members of Free Army militia, including Abed al-Rahman Mahamid, have been killed during clashes with Syrian Army in Talkalakh area of Homs countryside.

Syrian Army forces destroy a car for gunmen, provided with machinegun, on al-Moh al-Kaseer road, located in Homs countryside.

Al-Ikhbaria TV channel: the Customs units seize a vehicles, loaded with arms and ammunition, near al-Rastan area of Homs countryside.

Armed conflicts take place between Syrian Army and armed rebels in al-Sultania neighborhood of Homs city, what resulted in deaths and injuries of several persons.

Damascus Countryside

Khalid al-Ojan, Sameer al-Kholani, Yuness Muhammad Yuness and Muhammad al-Abdullah of Free Army militia, have been killed yesterday in clashes with Syrian Army in al-Sbeineh area of Damascus countryside, as 17 burned bodies that belong to insurgents were found in al-Sharakisa lane of the very area.

Anti-government activists accuse Syrian security forces for killing Ramzi Obeid in al-Mu’addamia area of Damascus countryside.

Media sources: armed confrontations occur on this morning between Syrian Army and Free Army militia in al-Hajar al-Aswad area, which resulted in deaths upon the gunmen and civilians.

Anti-government activists say mortar shells have been fired on this morning on Jisreen town of Damascus country