Aleppo anti-government coordination announces the death of the leader of Abdal al-Sham battalion, that belongs to Free Army militia, in A’zaz town, located in Aleppo countryside.

Anti-government activists: Syrian Army shells the Industrial area in al-Sheikh Najjar neighborhood of Aleppo.

A videotape shows gunmen of Free Army militia, fire an RPG shell on a checkpoint for Syrian Army and clash with its soldiers in Jeser Assan area of Aleppo outskirts.

Military source: Syrian Air-forces bomb centers for Armed rebels in Qubtan al-Jabal town of Aleppo countryside, as anti-government activists publish a video, in which they say the bombed houses belonged to civilians.

A videotape shows armed confrontations between Syrian Army and al-Tawheed brigade of Free Army militia in Salah al-Din neighborhood, on 16-9-2012.

Many militants got killed and injured yesterday during clashes with Syrian Army units, near al-Ansari mosque in al-Arkoub area of Aleppo.

A video shows insurgents of Free Army militia, firing a rocket on a Syrian Army checkpoint in Salah al-Din neighborhood of Aleppo, on 16-9-2012

Correspondent of Syrian Center for Documentation: severe clashes took place between Syrian Army and Free Army militia in New Aleppo area.

A photo that’s been published by opponent activists of they said to be an effects of bombardments by the Syrian Army units on al-Shaar neighborhood in Aleppo.

SANA: 6 vehicles, provided with Duskha machineguns, that belong to gunmen, have been destructed in between Kafar Hamra and al-Mansoura areas, located in Aleppo.

A videotape shows a member of Free Army militia, attempting to snipe a patrol for Syrian Army in al-Amiria neighborhood of Aleppo, on 16-9-2012.

Pro-government activists say Syrian Army takes control over the researches center after insurgents situated in it, in al-Zahraa area, located in Aleppo.

A video shows gunmen, announce the formation of al-Karama battalion of Free Army militia in a village, located in Aleppo countryside.

A videotape shows insurgents of Free Army militia, targeting Syrian Army units with local-made bombs in Aleppo countryside.

A member in al-Tawheed battalion of Free Army militia, called Hasan Beshnaq, has been killed in armed confrontations with Syrian Army in Hreitan town, located in Aleppo province.


Syrian border guards foiled yesterday an infiltration attempt for armed rebels near Edlin area of Homs countryside.

Several members of Free Army militia, including Abed al-Rahman Mahamid, have been killed yesterday during clashes with Syrian Army in Talkalakh area of Homs countryside.

Syrian Army shells centers for Free Army militia in Talbiseh city of Homs countryside.

Homs anti-government coordination publishes 9 names of persons, claiming to be killed in bombardments by Syrian Army on several areas of Homs province.

The Free Army militia member Naser Ghali has been killed, as 4 others have been injured, during clashing with Syrian Army forces in al-Khalidia neighborhood of Homs city.

Anti-government activists say Syrian Army shells in this dawn al-Nakira village of Homs countryside.

Activists: Syrian Army liberates several abductees in Jouret al-Shaiah neighborhood of Homs city.

Armed rebels open fire on an overnight military vehicle near al-Sultania neighborhood of Homs city, what resulted in the death of Captain.

SANA: Syrian Army wrecked yesterday a car, provided with Dushka machineguns, in al-Qusair area of Homs countryside.

Engineering units of Syrian Army dismantled yesterday an explosive charge that weights 15 kb, on Homs – Hasyaa road.

The anti-government activist Noura al-Jizawi has been released from Homs Central Prison.


Anti-government activists say Syrian Army shelled yesterday al-Na’eema town of Daraa countryside.

Media sources: fierce clashes occur between Syrian Army and Free Army militia in al-Lajat area of Daraa countryside.

According to government opponents, mortar shells have been fired on Daraa al-Mahata area.

The bodies of Rakan al-Hariri, Naser al-Hariri and Abed al-Majid al-Dagher were found in Alma town, where the bodies of Saber al-Ta’ani and Muhammad al-Kebet have been also found near Abdeen town of Daraa countryside.

Armed confrontations appeared yesterday between Syrian Army and armed rebels in al-Sabeel neighborhood of Daraa city, what resulted in deaths and injuries upon the insurgents.


Anti-government activists say Syrian Army units deploy in Jeser al-Shughour area of Edlib countryside.

Syrian Air-forces fire two rocket shells on two areas in Kansafra town of Jabal al-Zawieh, located in Edlib countryside.

Armed conflicts took place yesterday between Syrian Army and armed rebels in Kafar Oweid area of Jabal al-Zawieh and Kasafra village, located in Edlib countryside, which resulted in the death and injury of several gunmen.

Three shells were fired on Taftanaz town of Edlib countryside, as no victims have been recorded.

A video shows about 20 gunmen, announce the formation of al-Nusra Li Om al-Momineen brigade in Edlib countryside.

Damascus Countryside

Armed confrontations take place on this morning between Syrian Army and unidentified gunmen in a street in Harasta city of Damascus countryside, as calmness returns to the very city.

SANA: many militants get killed and injured after clashes with Syrian Army in al-Hajar al-Aswad area of Damascus countryside.

The leader of al-Omawieen battalion Walid al-Azem of Free Army militia gets killed during severe clashes with Syrian Army in al-Kadam neighborhood of Damascus countryside.

A shell has been fired on Omar Bin al-Khattab and two others were fired near al-Rahma mosque in Duma city, of Damascus countryside.

Majes Samir al-Sa’eb gets killed in Duma city, as activists accuse Syrian security forces for killing him.

The funeral of Wael Barghasheh appears in a demonstration in al-Mu’addamia town, in which protestors accuse Syrian security forces for killing him.

The member in Osoud al-Islam battalion, Ahmad al-Zein, of Free Army militia has been killed in al-Assali neighborhood of Damascus countryside.

The body of Dr. Muhammad Shaker Murad was found in al-Mu’addamia area of Damascus countryside.

Muhammad Yassin al-Hamwi was released and Muhammad Khannaq was arrested near Daria police department of Damascus countryside.


Government opponents say gunfire appeared, accompanied with firing mortar shells, in Masaa al-Arba’een neighborhood of Hama city.

Anti-government activists publish the names of 5 members in Shuhadaa al-Latamneh battalions, of Free Army militia, which they are: Abdullah al-Rajjoub, Muhamamd al-Masri, Hamdo al-Ashkar, Nader al-Ashkar and Tareq Oleiwi. The gunmen got killed on 15-9-2012 during attacking a Syrian Army checkpoint in al-Latamneh district of Hama countryside.

A videotape shows about 20 gunmen, form Ansar al-Shari’a battalion in Hama countryside.

Syrian security forces arrest Sa’ed Hasan Kattash, under no specific charges, in Khattab town of Hama countryside.


Many militants, including Anas Fa’our, Tareq Fa’our, As’ad al-Khaja and Abed al-Rahman Feirouz, have been killed yesterday during clashing with Syrian Army in al-Joura and al-Assali neighborhoods of al-Kadam area, located in Damascus.

Correspondent of Syrian Center for Documentation: Syrian Army shells some of the southern areas of Damascus and its countryside, as helicopters fly over the southern part of Damascus on this morning.


A videotape shows a burned tank for Syrian Army after severe armed confrontations with Free Army militia gunman in a village of Lattakia countryside.


Syrian Army forces find 40 mortar shells during raiding on centers for armed rebels near the traffic branch of Hasaka province.


Anti-government activists: Free Army militia takes control over Tal Abiad town of Raqqa province.