Damascus Countryside

Syrian Official TV channel: many militants get killed and injured after clashing with Syrian Army units in al-Hajar al-Aswad area of Damascus countryside.

Ten unidentified bodies were buried in a mass grave in al-Assali neighborhood, as the government and the opposition exchange accuses.

An Islamist group called Omahat al-Moumineen battalion, publishes a videotape that shows an attempt to fire-down a copter for Syrian Army in Duma city of Damascus countryside.

Military source: Syrian Army takes control over al-Kadam neighborhood of Damascus countryside and announce it as a safe, gunmen-free, area.

Free Army militia announces the death of 8 of its gunmen in al-Kadam neighborhood, where anti-government activists say 7 other civilians have been killed in bombardments by Syrian Army on areas of the very neighborhood.

Anti-government activists: Syrian Army artillery shells areas of al-Mu’addamia town, located in Damascus countryside.

Syrian government forces shell areas of al-Muleiha town, located in Damascus countryside, which resulted in the death of 8 gunmen and 4 civilians.


Syrian security forces arrest 6 persons under no specific charges in al-Tadamon neighborhood of Damascus.

A demonstration appears in Barzeh neighborhood of Damascus and gets separated with no injuries or arresting.

Correspondent of Syrian Center for Documentation: Syrian Army shells al-Kadam and al-Assali neighborhood, as relative calm appears in the main squares and street of Damascus city.

A demonstration initiates in a street in al-Zahira neighborhood of Damascus and gets separated with no incidents.


Many militants, including Shiraz Muhammad al-Mawerdi, Muhammad Farhat Muhammad and Ali Farhat Muhammad have been killed yesterday and others have been injured in clashes with Syrian Army in Ezree and Ghabagheb towns of Daraa countryside.

A videotape shows a person, claims to be Major Saleh Hussein Suleiman, announces his defection from the politic security branch and joins the opposition, in Daraa province on 17-9-2012

Severe clashes take place between Syrian Army and militants on Sahem al-Golan - Jelin road of Daraa countryside, what resulted in the death and injury of many insurgents.

Militants, including Abed al-Aziz al-Mawaj and Abed al-Majid Ayed al-Mawaj, have been killed during armed confrontations with Syrian Army in Majida, al-Wardat, Keirata villages and al-Lajat area of Daraa countryside.

Correspondent of Syrian Center for Documentation: Syrian Army units fire 5 shells on Tal Shehab town of Daraa countryside, what resulted in no injuries.

The Truth pro-government website: the Jordanian gunman Hamza Aba Oweis has been killed during clashes with Syrian Army in Daraa city.

The funerals of two of al-Shehabi family appear in a demonstration in al-Sheikh Miskeen area of Daraa province, in which protestors cheer for Free Army militia, where the gathering got separated with no incidents.

Al-Mu’tasem Billah anti-government battalions of Free Army militia publishes footage of what they called, “the spoils of the operations against the Syrian Army”, in Daraa city, on 18-9-2012


Anti-government activists: Syrian Air-forces copters bomb Kastoun town of Hama countryside, which resulted in damages of several houses.

SANA: Syrian Army units attacked yesterday a center for armed rebels and seized arms and explosive devices in al-Shiha village of Hama countryside

A video shows a Syrian Air-forces helicopters, flying over al-Karama neighborhood of Hama.

A demonstration initiates in Bab Kibli neighborhood of Hama and gets separated with no incidents.


Syrian Army shells parts of Talbiseh area, al-Safsafen and Bab Houd neighborhoods of Homs.

SANA: a store for making explosive charges blasted yesterday in Jobar area of Homs countryside, what resulted in 5 deaths.

Fierce armed conflicts occurred yesterday between Syrian Army and armed rebels in Jeb al-Jarrah town of Homs countryside.

Pro-government media sources: 22 militants get killed and other get injured during clashes with Syrian Army units in Bab Houd neighborhood of Homs and Tal Sarjeh area of Homs countryside.

Armed rebels attack a checkpoint for Syrian Army in Hasyaa area of Homs countryside, what resulted in deaths and injuries upon the gunmen.

Syrian border guards foil an infiltration attempt for armed rebels from Lebanon near Edlin and Halat locations of Homs countryside.

The funeral of Ahmad Koumi appears in a demonstration in Hasyaa area of Homs province, in which protestors accuse Syrian security forces for killing him.

Fierce armed confrontations take place between Syrian Army and militants in the entry of Bab al-Masdoud, the surroundings of al-Saraya and Bab Houd Street, located in Homs city.


Government opponents: Syrian Army shells several locations in Kubtan al-Jabal town of Aleppo countryside, which resulted in injuries.

Anti-government activists publish a video that shows gunmen of Ahrar Syria brigade, blast a tank for Syrian Army in Maysaloun neighborhood of Aleppo, on 17-9-2012.

According to government opponents, Syrian Army shells Hreitan town of Aleppo countryside, what resulted in the death of Muhammad Kersho and other civilians.

A video was published by anti-government activists, which shows the outcomes of Syrian Army bombardments on al-Bab area, located in Aleppo countryside, on 17-9-2012

A videotape shows blasting a tank for Syrian Army in al-Amiria neighborhood of Aleppo, on 17-9-2012.

Pro-government media sources: Syrian Army destroys 3 trucks, loaded with weapons, in Ma’aret al-Arteeq area of Aleppo countryside.

A video shows the armed confrontations that took place on this morning between Syrian Army and members of al-Fateh brigade in al-Midan neighborhood.

Anti-government activists say Syrian Air-forces copters shell al-Bab area and locations of Bayanoun and Mayer towns of Aleppo countryside, which resulted in victims, including Kassem al-Sheikh.

Media sources: Dr. Jack Koureh has been killed by a sniper of Free Army militia in al-Zebdia area of Aleppo city.

Activists: the towns of Nubul and al-Zahraa of Aleppo outskirts are still under siege since three months for ‘Sectarian Reasons’, while the civil associations appeal break the siege of the Free Army militia in order to deliver the humanitarian aid. On the other hand, the militia of Free Army says that the residents of both villages are involved in dealing with the Syrian Government.

Reporter of Syrian Center for Documentation: fierce clashes take place between Syrian Army and militants in some neighborhood of Old Aleppo, including the surroundings of the Ommiad mosque, as the news about firing mortar shells on Aleppo’s ancient castle are false.


Syrian Army attacks on centers for Free Army militia near al-Fateh mosque in Areeha town of Edlib countryside, what resulted in the death and injury of several insurgents.

Government opponents say Syrian Army has shelled parts of Kansafra area, located in Edlib countryside.

Al-Ikhbaria TV channel: a factor for making explosive charges has been blasted on Edlib – Bennesh road, what resulted in many deaths upon militants

Pro-government activists: Syrian Army shells centers for armed rebels in al-Hbeit town of Edlib countryside, as anti-government activists confirm that the bombardments resulted in civil victims.

Deir Al-Zour

A videotape shows gunmen of al-Ghurabaa brigade, fire an RPG shell on a house that contains members of Syrian security forces, at Ghassan Abboud roundabout of Deir al-Zour province on 17-9-2012.

Government opponents publish a video that shows a wrecked building due to the bombing by Syrian Air-forces copters on areas of al-Bukamal city.

Al-Arabia TV channel: Syrian Army artillery shells al-Sour area of Deir al-Zour province, what resulted in 15 victims and other injuries, as Syrian Official TV channel says the bombed areas are centers for armed rebels.


An Islamist armed group announces the formation of The Special Tasks battalion to fight Syrian Army units and pro-government allies in Lattakia.

Anonymous source explosion was heard in al-Oweina neighborhood and its surrounding neighborhoods in Lattakia city.