Unknowns fired yesterday two mortar shells on al-Kalasa Street and al-Suleimania area of Aleppo city, what resulted in damages of two buildings and no victims.

Al-Khabar TV: a fighter jet for Syrian Air Force strikes two positions for the armed rebels in the “Public Souk” that’s situated in Masken Hanano, and on the “Agricultural School” located in the Youth Housing, in which appeared later to have pads for firing mortar shells.

Anti-government activists say Syrian government forces shell the area of Kaser al-Wali restaurant in Aleppo, what resulted in 4 injuries of civilians.

A military source: Special tasks of Syrian Army carry out a military operation in al-Atareb town of Aleppo countryside, what resulted in the death of a large number of armed rebels.

Anti-government activists publish a video that shows the destruction of buildings due to Syrian Army bombardments on areas of Maree town, located in Aleppo countryside.

Government opponents publish a videotape that shows a military jet fighter, strikes Masaken Hanano neighborhood of Aleppo city.

Pro-government media sources: gunmen of Free Army militia, including Yusuf Daiam have been killed during clashes with Syrian Army in al-Arkoub area.

Anti-government activists have published a video that shows targeting members of Syrian Army by insurgents of Aleppo al-Shahbaa brigade, in Aleppo province on 23-9-2012.

Syrian Official TV channel: many militants were killed during a military operation by Syrian Army in Daret Azza area of Aleppo countryside.

Activists in the media center of the Muslims Brotherhood in al-Buheira have published a videotape that shows dozens of civil victims, claiming to be killed due to strikes by Syrian Air-forces jet fighters on Bab al-Hadid area of Aleppo province.

Many gunmen have been killed and injured in clashing with Syrian Army units in between Bayanoun and Ratyan towns and in al-Tamoura village, located in Aleppo countryside.

Armed conflicts occur between Syrian Army and armed rebels in the surroundings of al-Quran mosque in Suleiman al-Halabi area, located in Aleppo province.


The correspondent of Syrian Center for Documentation: an explosive charge blasts near the Four Seasons hotel of Damascus, where two injuries have been recorded so far

The reporter of Syrian Center for Documentation: copters of Syrian Air-forces fly over the southern parts of Damascus.

Correspondent of Syrian Center for Documentation: Syrian security forces deployed yesterday in the entries of Damascus city, where gunfire was heard in Kafarsouseh and Naher Eisheh areas.

Syrian Security forces arrest 3 persons, under no specific charges, in Barzeh neighborhood of Damascus.

The Opposition Syrian Conference initiates under the title of the National Conference to rescue Syria, with the participation of about 20 parties.

SANA: Syrian security forces kill about 15 armed rebels and arrest 6 others in Kafarsouseh neighborhood of Damascus

A demonstration appeared yesterday in Ruken al-Din neighborhood of Damascus and got separated without incidents.

Anti-government gatherings initiate in al-Sweika neighborhood and al-Salihia area of Damascus.

Deir Al-Zour

Anti-government activists publish a video that shows Syrian Air-forces jets, bomb locations in al-Kouria area of Deir al-Zour province, where pro-government allies say the bombed areas are centers for armed rebels.

Activists: Syrian Army shells al-Bukamal city of Deir al-Zour countryside.

The funeral of Ismael Ibrahim al-Omar appears in a demonstration in al-Kouria area of Deir al-Zour province.

Armed confrontations take place between Syrian Army and Free Army militia in Muhasan town of Deir al-Zour countryside.

Armed conflicts took place yesterday between Syrian Army units and Free Army militia in al-Bukamal city of Deir al-Zour countryside, as gunfire appeared from the border police station of Iraq to the Syrian lands.

Clashes occur between Syrian Army and Free Army militia n Ghassan Abboud roundabout of Deir al-Zour province.


Free Army militia attempts to target copters of Syrian Air-forces in Taftanaz town of Edlib countryside.

A demonstration initiates, with the participation of children, in Khan Sheikhoun area of Edlib countryside.

Ahrar al-Sham anti-government battalions publish a video that shows a suicide bomber, blasts himself on a checkpoint for Syrian Army in Bab al-Hawa area of Edlib countryside.

The reporter of Syrian Center for Documentation: militants open fire on a car that belongs to Syrian law enforcement forces near the area of al-Mastoumeh, which is located in Edlib Countryside. The shootout resulted in killing a Syrian forces member and a number of gunmen.

Anti-government activists: Syrian Army shells Ma’asran and Ta’oum towns of Edlib countryside, what resulted in victims, injuries and material damages.

Two demonstrations initiate in Hish and Hass towns of Edlib countryside.

Edlib anti-government coordination publishes 3 names of persons, claiming to be killed in bombardments by Syrian Army on al-Baya’ia village of Abu al-Duhour district, located in Edlib countryside.


Government opponents have published a videotape that shows the destruction in al-Khalidia neighborhood after the bombing by Syrian Air-forces on the area.

Severe armed conflicts take place between Syrian Army and Free Army militia in Jobar, al-Sultania neighborhoods and al-Nakira town of Homs countryside, as the Syrian Army units make progress in the area.

Military source: a fighter jet for Syrian Air-forces bomb vehicles of armed rebels in al-Rastan area of Homs countryside, what resulted in the death of an armed group, called Muhammad Shennir.

Fierce clashes occur between Syrian Army forces and armed militias in al-Bekei’a flat in Talkalakh area of Homs countryside, what resulted in the death of 8 militants, including the Lebanese Ali Fayad, and 4 injuries upon Syrian Army soldiers.

Naser Ghazi al-Salah, who is called as al-Jahwani, has been killed and others have been injured during clashing with Syrian Army in al-Ghanto village of Homs countryside.

Many Free Army militia gunmen were killed during clashing with Syrian Army in al-Mashjar al-Janoubi neighborhood of Talbiseh area, located in Homs countryside.

Pro-government activists say a car, provided with Duskha machinegun, has been wrecked and all the militants inside have been killed, near al-Kantara bridge of al-Qusair countryside.

Damascus Countryside

Pro-government activists have published a video that’s filmed by the members of Free Army, showing the Syrian citizen Ammar Sawan gets a severe torture and beaten on the head and genitals. The Syrian Citizen was claimed by the Free Army to rape girls who are known of their opposition stances. Ammar had died of his wounds, as his body was found in the orchards of al-Ma’damia of Damascus Countryside on September 2012.

Syrian Official TV channel: the residents of al-Hajar al-Aswad area of Damascus countryside return to their houses after the operations of Syrian Army ended in the very area.

Anti-government activists say heavy bombardments occur on Yabroud town of Damascus countryside.

Three unidentified and tortured bodies were found in al-Mu’addamia area of Damascus countryside.

Each of Hussam Hammoudeh, Muhammad al-Saqqa, Saria Mudawar, Jamal Muhammad al-Abbar and Muhammad Khalil Hamdouni have been released in Daria city of Damascus countryside.


Twelve unidentified gunmen attack the poultry facility of Hasaka, abduct two citizens and steal their car in al-Tweineh town, of the western Hasaka.

Syrian Army units arrest 3 insurgents after severe clashes near Masaken Harsho area of Hasaka countryside.


Syrian security forces arrest Dr. Fadel al-Ze’bi, under no specific charges, at the checkpoint in Seida town of Daraa countryside.


Engineering units of Syrian Army forces blast an explosive charge after they were unable to dismantle it on Taqsees Hama road.

Demonstrations appear in Bab Kibli, al-Jarajmeh, Tareeq Aleppo neighborhoods and Kafar nabboudeh town of Hama countryside.

A Free Army militia member, called Manar al-Kahef, has been killed when Syrian Army members toasted a bomb on a center for Free Army militia in Hama city.

Anti-government activists: bombardments occur on this morning on Kastoun village of Hama, what resulted in material damages only.

The member of Free Army militia Ahmad Najjar, was killed yesterday during clashes with Syrian Army at al-Arba’een roundabout of Hama city.