The Muslim Brotherhood organized a large demonstration in Amman, on Friday, 5 October 2012, at the end of prayer. At first convened to prod the monarchy towards transformation, it soon rose to near-insurgency levels to the, by now classic, cry of "The people want the regime to go!".

The Muslim Brotherhood believe they enjoy Washington’s support to accede to power - with or without the consent of the king - since they have pledged not to challenge the separate peace between Egypt and Israel and to endorse liberal capitalism. The Brotherhood is already in power in Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Gaza.

Aware of the problem in the offing, the day before the protest, King Abdullah II had announced the dissolution of Parliament and the holding of early elections, without however specifying the date. During the event, the Brothers rebuffed his gesture and said they would continue to boycott the electoral process. In the circumstances, it will never be known just how much support they actually have among the population. On Sunday, the king took a second initiative in establishing a Constitutional Court.

Remembering that he had led the Jordanian branch of the Brothers, some strategists in Washington and Tel Aviv are advocating in favor of placing Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal at the helm of the country which would then be recognized as the Palestinian state.