Clashes fired out between the Syrian Army and Free Army militia in Nile Street, Sakhour and Maysar neighborhoods of Aleppo, which resulted in killing a number of Free Army gunmen, including Mahmoud Al-Safrani

Opponent activists: bombardments appear in al-Aqaba neighborhood, situated in Bab Antioch in Aleppo province, what resulted in the fall of some injuries

Anti-government students gathering in Al-Ashrafia neighborhood of Aleppo to demand the release of the detainees

Anti-government coordinations: Husam Abu Al-Liel, a leader in Free Army militia, has been killed in Aleppo city during clashes with the Syrian Army

The Syrian Army shells positions for Free Army militia in the Street of Al-Khouder Mosque in Saladin neighborhood. The bombing has been synchronized with clashes between both sides

The Syrian Army units attack the militia of Free Army at the roundabout of Qadi Askar, that’s situated in Aleppo outskirts. The attack resulted in killing more than 85 insurgents of the militia, as recording injuries of both sides

Gunmen, including a sniper who’s called Abu Qutiba, have been killed amid clashes with the Syrian Army at the School of Abed Al-Qader Al-Nadri, which is located in Sakhour area

Units of Syrian Army engage with militants in the area of Aqeul, what resulted in the death of a militia leader named Ahmad Abu Al-Layel

Activists post a video that shows fighters of Free Army firing grenades and explosive charges via a ballista on some neighborhoods in Aleppo city on 10-10-2012

Media Sources: Sulman Mahmoud Al-Hantosh, a Free Army leader, has been injured where a number of Free Army members have been killed during a qualitative operation for the Syrian Army in Al-Marjeh area of Aleppo

Opponent activists: The Syrian Army uses its artillery to shells several parts of Mashahed neighborhood in Aleppo


Activists claim that the Free Army militia takes control over Ma’ret Nouman area of Edlib countryside, while the BBC says that the Syrian Army has sent military reinforcements to the very area

Media Sources: The Syrian Army bombs positions for the Free Army militia in the village of Dair Sunbul, located in Jabal Al-Zawya area of Edlib countryside

Abed Al-Latif Ghrebe, the leader of Martyrs’ of Kafar Awied battalion, linked with Free Army militia, has been killed amid clashes with the Syrian Army in Khan Shykhun area of Edlib countryside

The Correspondent of Syrian Center for Documentation: Fierce clashes between the Syrian Army and Free Army militia break out in the villages of Darkoush, Ya’koubia and Al-Shughour, all located in Edlib countryside

The Syrian Army has been bombarding locations in the towns of Sukin and Al-Tamanaa in Edlib countryside. Pro-government activists say that the bombings were targeting positions for the armed rebels

A video shows two fighters of the Dawn of Islam brigade, linked with Free Army in Edlib countryside, saying that they’ve been given by Kuwaiti State a 14.5 anti-craft machinegun on 9-10-2012

Opponent Coordinations: Walid Fadel, A Free Army member, has been killed by a Syrian Army soldier while heading to the area of Bab Al-Hawa, located in Edlib countryside

Edlib anti-government coordination has published names for 21 persons saying that they were killed amid bombardments by the Syrian Army on several areas in Khan Shykhun of Edlib countryside

Fighters of Free Army have carried out an attack on checkpoints for the Syrian Army, situated in the village of Izmarin, located in Edlib countryside. The assault resulted in the death of 4 members of the Free Army, including Hussein Al-Obied

Anti-government activists talk about heavy bombings on the village of Dair Sunbul in Edlib countryside, what resulted in material damages only

Deir Al-Zour

Militants assassinate the Cameraman of Ikhbaria Syrian TV, Muhammad Al-Ashram, in the neighborhood of Mwazfeen in Deir Al-Zour

Armed confrontations take place between the Syrian Army and armed rebels in Al-Ardi neighborhood and the roundabout of Ghasan Aboud, located in the province of Deir Al-Zour province. The clashes resulted in deaths among the gunmen

Activists: Unidentified people fire shells on Al-Ketef neighborhood in Al-Bukamal city of Deir Al-Zour

Media Sources: the Units of Syrian Army attack a point for the Free Army militia, located opposite to the Farmers Union in Deir Al-Zour, what resulted in clashes between both sides and the death of each armed rebels Ibrahim Al-Younes, Meraai Al-Hasan, Amir Subhi Al-Hamadi and Ahmad Hamda


The Spokesman of Syrian Foreign Ministry, Jihad Makdesi: We have informed Mr. Ban Ki Moon that Syria had already tested the suggestion of ceasefire, for twice, but the result has been that the insurgents exploited the agreement to widen their deployment and doubling the human losses due to their terrorist crimes

Media Sources: Clashes between the Syrian Army and Free Army militia appear in the neighborhood of Qaboun and the Research Zone, situated in Barze Compounds of Damascus

A car bomb went off near Bahjat Bitar School, positioned in Midan neighborhood of Damascus, causing no damages or causalities

An evening demonstration initiates in Ruken el-Din neighborhood of Damascus

Damascus Countryside

The Opposition activists: The Syrian Army uses artillery to bomb Yabroud city in Damascus countryside

Al-Ikhbaria Syrian TV: an armed man get caught while trying to plant an explosive charge at the Square of Al-Suyouf, situated in Jaramana city of Damascus countryside

Activists: mortar shells have been fired in a neighborhood in Jesrin town of Damascus countryside, what resulted in damages upon some houses

Yusuf and Yael Ghanoush have been killed for sectarian reasons by the militants of Free Army in Jdedt A’rtouz area of Damascus

Moving the rubbles of the explosion that hit the HQ of Air Force Intelligence two days ago in Harasta of Damascus countryside on 10-10-2012

Atef Ahmad Al-Zahri, a Free Army member, has been killed in Al-Hajar Al-Aswad, where he is from Muhajja town of Daraa province


Severe clashes between the Syrian Army troops and Free Army militia break out in Bab Hood neighborhood, located in Homs city. The armed conflicts resulted in killing 40 militia fighters

Opponent Activists: shells have been fired on a market that’s positioned in Qusair city of Homs countryside, what resulted in 10 injuries among civilians

Thirteen gunmen get killed amid armed conflicts with the Syrian Army in Rastan city, including Muhammad Khatab, Muhammad Farzat, Husam Al-Yusuf and Mahmoud Al-Diek

Media Sources: The Syrian Army Units have liberated each of Fajer Al-Ashkar, Ahmad Nabhan, Fawaz Al-Khlouf, Fayez Al-Hefian and Qlaif Ali Tefaha. The former abductees were kidnapped by unknowns in Homs city

Homs Coordination has published names for 3 people saying that they were killed amid bombings by the Syrian Army on the area of Qusair in Homs countryside

A video shows a Free Army fighter firing a shell on a checkpoint for the Syrian Army in Al-Ghneto village, which is situated in Homs countryside on 9-10-2012

Anti-government activists: the Syrian Army tanks shells the neighborhood of Khaledia in Homs

The funeral of Mahmoud Bakour initiates in Talbeseh area, located in Homs countryside, while the Opposition activists accuse the forces of Syrian Security Services (SSS) of killing him


Severe clashes fired out in Yadouda village of Daraa countryside and resulted in the death of numerous insurgents known of them Thaer Haj Ali, Muhammad Shtara and Muhammad Al-Hashiesh

SANA: The Syrian Army units, and after armed conflicts with the militants, have confiscated weapons in the towns of east Cark and east Gharia, located in Daraa countryside


Media Sources: an explosive charge, which was attached into a car, parked in Qahtania of Qamishli countryside of Haskaa, has been dismantled


A video shows about 20 insurgents announcing together the formation of Al-Sukour Al-Dimashqia battalion (The Damascus Hawks) in the city of Hama on 10-10-2012


Armed conflicts between the Syrian Army soldiers and gunmen occur in the town of Ali Bajriah, located in Tal Abyad area of Raqqa province. No information has been recorded on victims so far


Ikhbaria Syrian TV: a plant used for manufacturing explosive charges and contains 150 Kilo of C4 materials, has been seized in Al-Sejen neighborhood of Lattakia Province