Anti-government activists: Syrian Army artillery shells al-Sakhour neighborhood, Bani Zeid, Manbej, Endan, al-Abzamo and Qubtan al-Jabal towns of Aleppo outskirts

Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad issues a presidential decree on forming a committee that’s responsible for the maintenance, rehabilitation of Omayyad Mosque in Aleppo in a deadline of 31-12-2013. Armed confrontations have occurred between the Syrian Army and Free Army militia in the Ommiad mosque of Aleppo for the last few days

Media sources: many Free Army militia members have been killed during clashes with Syrian Army in Bab al-Hadid, al-Shaar neighborhoods and Khan al-Assal area of Aleppo

According to government opposition activist, the fighter jets of Syrian air-force bomb al-Shaar neighborhood of Aleppo, what resulted in the death of 4 persons of al-Fayouni family and other injuries

Free Army militia fires mortar shells on al-Azizia neighborhood of Aleppo, what resulted in injuries

Armed conflicts occur between the Syrian Army and Free Army militia in the surroundings of al-Sakhour and Karem al-Jabal neighborhoods, located in Aleppo province

A videotape shows members of Free Army militia, abduct a person under the charge of cheering for Syrian Army during entering Aleppo city on Addounia TV channel

Anti-government coordinations: many insurgents, a leader in Free Army militia, called Muhammad Mahmoud al-Sekhni, have been killed yesterday in armed confrontations with Syrian Army at al-Marjeh roundabout of Aleppo

SANA: Syrian Army destroyed yesterday 3 vehicles, loaded with arms and machineguns, at Seirobian pool in Bustan al-Basha area of Aleppo

Syrian Army wrecked yesterday 5 vehicles for armed rebels in Arab Fattouma area of Aleppo outskirts, which resulted in the death of many gunmen, including 3 non-Syrians

A video shows insurgents of the battalion of the Martyr Abed al-Naser Barakat, that belongs to Free Army militia, firing mortar shells on the 46 troop of Syrian Army, in Aleppo province, on 15-10-2012

Syrian Official TV channel: Syrian Army destroys positions for militants and several anti-aircraft rockets in Aleppo

Syrian Army forces foiled yesterday an attempt to blast a car bomb that carried 3 tons of explosives near al-Layramoun roundabout of Aleppo province

Activists have posted a videotape that shows a member in the brigade of Shuhadaa al-Atareb, that belongs to Free Army militia, sniping soldiers of the troop 46, that belongs to Syrian Army in Aleppo province

A video shows members of Hamza Bin Abed al-Muttaleb battalion of Free Army militia, break into the house of the Mufti Sheikh Ahmad Hassoun and take control over it, in Aleppo province


Syrian Army bombs Ma’aret Harma and Ma’arshamra towns of Edlib countryside

Many militants got killed during armed conflicts with Syrian Army in Ma’ar Shamshameh, Heish and Wadi al-Deif villages, all located in in Edlib countryside

A videotape shows insurgents of Ahrar al-Sham battalions of Free Army militia, using a rockets’ launcher to target Sehyan checkpoint for Syrian Army in Edlib countryside

Gunmen attack Wadi al-Deif military located in Edlib countryside, what resulted in the death of 16 of them

Anti-government activists say the fighter jets of Syrian Army fired a rocket on Kafarsajna town of Edlib countryside

Government opponent activists post a video that shows the copters of Syrian air-force, bombing Ma’aret al-Nu’man area of Edlib countryside, as pro-government activists say the bombed areas are positions for Free Army militia

Ahrar al-Sham battalions blast a car bomb on al-Namra checkpoint of Syrian Army in Edlib countryside

A demonstration initiates in Bennesh town of Edlib countryside

Deir Al-Zour

Anti-government activists say the Syrian Army has shelled al-Mwazzafin, al-Jbeileh neighborhoods of Deir al-Zour city abd al-Miadeen city of Deir al-Zour countryside

Al-Ikhbaria TV channel: 8 militants got killed and others got injured during clashes with Syrian Army on the Hanged Bridge of Deir al-Zour city

A video shows several insurgents, announce the formation of the unity of Muhasan town’s battalions and brigades, in the name of La Ilah Illa Allah (Allah is the only god) brigade, leaded by Captian Abed al-Rahman al-Abdullah

Deir al-Zour anti-government coordination publishes 3 names of persons, claiming to be killed in bombardments by Syrian Army on al-Miadeen area of Deir al-Zour

Al-Ikhbaria TV channel: several militants, including Haitham Mahmoud al-Kheder, got killed, as others got injured, in clashing with the Syrian Army units in al-Halabia roundabout of Deir al-Zour province

Armed confrontations occur between the Syrian Army forces and Free Army militia in al-Mwazzafin, al-Sheikh Yassin, the Central Park and al-Jbeileh neighborhoods, located in Deir al-Zour city, which resulted in the death of more than 12 insurgents, including Ahmad Fawaz al-Atwan

Armed rebels clash with each other on stolen goods in al-Muhasan village of Deir al-Zour, what resulted in deaths of insurgents


Activists published a video that shows firing a shell on Abel village of the southern countryside of Homs province

An evening demonstration initiated yesterday in The Old al-Wa’er neighborhood of Homs city, in which protestors raise the mandate flag

Many Free Army militia members, including Abed al-Salam Harba, have been killed yesterday during clashes with Syrian Army in al-Diabieh town of Homs countryside

Engineering units of Syrian Army dismantle two explosive charges in al-Houla area of Homs countryside

A videotape shows a bunch of Free Army members, target military housings in al-Qusair countryside, located in Homs province

Pro-government activists: dozens of armed rebels, including Mahmoud Obeid, Iyad Idrees, Mahmoud Shahrour and Samer Rahmoun, were killed yesterday during a qualitative operation for Syrian Army in al-Rastan area of Homs countryside

Damascus Countryside

Government opposition activists say the Syrian Army bombs Hammouria and Saqba towns of Damascus countryside

The funerals of victims turn into a demonstration in al-Nabek area of Damascus countryside, in which demonstrators raise the mandate flag

Syrian Army shells positions for Free Army militia in Jisreen town of Damascus countryside

Severe clashes take place between Syrian Army and Free Army militia in Harasta city of Damascus countryside, what resulted in the death of several gunmen and injuries from both sides


Syrian Official TV channel: Syrian Army kills 3 militants and injure others in a qualitative operation in Maharda area of Hama

An explosive charge explodes in al-Ta’awonia neighborhood of Hama city

A morning demonstration occurs in al-Tawbeh village of Hama countryside, where the residents of Jabal Shaheshbo village participate in the demonstration

Two persons have been arrested under no specific charges in Janoub al-Malaab neighborhood of Hama city

A videotape shows about 15 insurgents, announcing the formation of al-Ansar brigade, that belong to Free Army militia, in Hama province, on 11-10-2012


Malik Kurdi, deputy chief of Riad Al-Asaad; the leader of Free Army militia, has stated that they will not abide to the ceasefire called by UN envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi

The spokesman of Syrian Army leadership denies the rumors about using Cluster bombs by Syrian Army in its confrontations with the armed rebels

Clashes take place between the Syrian Army forces and Free Army militia in al-Assali neighborhood of Damascus, as no victims have been recorded


Armed rebels attacked yesterday a bus near al-Kantari area on Hasaka – Raqqa road, what resulted in 3 victims and more than 30 injuries of its passengers, as Syrian Army clashes with the attackers and causes them many deaths

Armed confrontations occur between Syrian Army and insurgents in Ghweiran neighborhood of Hasaka province, which resulted in deaths and injuries upon the gunmen’ ranks


According to government opponent activists, Syrian Army shells al-Mzeireeb and Da’el towns, located in Daraa countryside, what resulted in victims, including Ahmad Shalash, and other injuries

Government opposition activists accuse Syrian security forces for killing Yusuf al-Ghabsheh in Busra al-Sham area of Daraa countryside


Othman Shekhani, the leader of “Pride in Allah” battalion, linked with Free Army, has been killed amid clashes with the Syrian Army in Ghar area, that’s situated in Lattakia countryside

A demonstration occurs in the Project of al-Sleibeh, located in Lattakia


The Opposition Coordinations: the dissident Sergeant, Muhammad Yehya Al-Zoabi, gets killed amid clashes with the Syrian Army troops in the town of Msahra, situated in Quietra countryside