The armed groups located in Aleppo gathered to denounce the creation of the National Coalition and to claim the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate.

In the video below, the spokesman lists the names of the main armed groups participating in the meeting: Gabhat al Nousra (Al-Nusra Front), Ahrar Al Sham Kataeb (Free Land of Ham Phalangists) Liwaa al tawhiid (Unification Phalangists), Ahrar souria (Free Men of Syria) Halab al shahba al islami phalanx, Haraket al fagr al islamiia (Dawn of the Islamic Movement), Dra al ummah (Nation’s Armor) Anadan phalanx, Al Islam phalanx, Liwa’a gaish mouhammad (Muhammaf Battalion) Liwa’a al nasr (Victorious Phalangists), Al baz phalanx, Al sultan Muhammad phalanx, Liwa’a dra al islam (Armor of Islam Phalangists), etc..

He then declares that they reject the conspiracy of the so-called "National Coalition", that they agree unanimously to the formation of a just Islamic state and refuse any external project (coalition, advice, etc.) imposed on them, regardless of the origin.

This declaration only implicates the "revolutionaries" of the "liberated zone Aleppo" [in fact, three districts of the city], but it is representative of the state of mind of all armed groups in Syria. While the opposition figureheads wear a democratic face on the steps of the Elysée Palace in Paris, none of the armed groups inside Syria aspire to democracy. On the contrary, all, without exception, profess to to embrace Sunni Islamism.

Three weeks ago, 80% of the armed groups had attempted to form a command center near the city of Idlib in northwestern Syria. All participants had recognized Sheikh Adnan al-Arour as their spiritual leader and were given a sermon by him. Meanwhile, those commanders who disagreed with the Islamist line have been liquidated and only Salafist, Wahabi or Takfirists groups remain.

It is these groups that France has been secretly arming for months and now proposes to do so officially.