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«Current Concerns», n° 3, 21 January 2013

National air sovereignty and our politicians”

« “Our air space has to be controlled under all circumstances and to be defended if necessary even over weeks by the existing and the new means (the TTE)!” », by Peter Regli / « On neutrality, air sovereignty and international obligations » / «“The Federal Council’s and Parliament’s security policy violates the constitution and international law” », by Dr Rudolf P. Schaub, / «Swiss Army – abandon dangerous primacy of financing», Findings from the Lilienberg events on security policy and Army 2012 / «Sovereignty, law and power “No state is worth more than another. No country should control another. No people should suppress another.” », Address by President Ueli Maurer / «“People’s initiative “Save our Swiss Gold” ”», by National Councillor Luzi Stamm /«“It is about maintaining the workplace Switzerland”» / « Spring heath – the first herald of Spring », by Helmut Hintermeier / « “Cooperation with Samen-Mauser – to the benefit of our bees” », by Robert Sieber

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Current Concerns (Switzerland)

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Current concerns

"Current concerns" is a bi-monthly selection from swiss weekly paper "Zeit Fragen" .

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