Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Salehi (R) and his Argentinian counterpart Héctor Timerman.

Last week, the foreign ministers of Argentina and Iran signed an agreement to establish a joint Truth Commission to investigate the 1994 bombing at the Jewish Community Center (AMIA) in Buenos Aires and 1992 bombing at Israeli Embassy building [1]. This has infuriated the Zionist regime and the Jewish lobbyists in the US, Canada and several European countries.

The Israeli propagandists have called Argentina’s Jewish foreign minister Hector Timmerman “a self-hating Jew” and have blamed Argentina’s first woman president Cristina Kirchner for selling her soul to the “devil”. The name-calling has now crossed into Argentina. Hector Timmerman summoned the Israeli ambassador, Dorit Shavit, and accused her government of provoking anti-Jewish feelings in Argentina. Shavit, in response boasted that Israel is the “guardian angel” for Jews living all over the world. She also reminded Timmerman about his own family’s relationship with Israel.

We do not accept Iran as a partner to trust, and much less when it comes to signing a deal,” thundered Argentina’s Jewish community leader, Guillermo Borger, who is a frequent visitor to the US and Israel. Maybe, Kirchner should appoint South African Zionist Jew judge Richard Goldstone to head the investigation [2]!

AMIA president Guillermo Borger: “Iran is theocratic, unreliable, can’t be trusted, fundamentalist and denies the Holocaust. My mother has the concentration camp number stamped in her arm, so they can’t tell me the holocaust never existed. We do not accept Iran as a partner to trust, and much less when it comes to signing deals.”

Guillermo Borger, while criticizing Kirchner government’s decision, claimed that the “truth commision” would result in a third bombing. In response, Kirchner accused Borger of being in contact with a foreign espionage agency (Mossad) – and said that’s how Borger knew about the coming terrorist attack. I bet Kirchner is not ignorant of Israel’s hundreds of terrorist false flag operations.

President Cristina Kirchner has declared that she would not get involved in Israel’s problem with Iran. “I will never allow the AMIA tragedy to be used as a chess piece in a game of faraway geopolitical interests,” she stressed.

I read with concern the statements made by Guillermo Borger, president of AMIA, on the deal with Iran. What do you know to make a statement so terrible? If there was an attack planned related to the agreement with Iran, who is the mastermind and the material author?,” wrote Kirchner on Twitter.

The Argentina-Iran agreement calls for setting-up a panel of five investigators from third countries to find out the culprits behind the bombing. The agreement has been hailed by the leaders in Venezuela, Barazil, Cuba and several other Latin American nations.

One wonders why the Zionist regime and Jewish groups are so afraid of the “truth commission” – unless they know that the two bombing incidents were carried out by Israeli agents with the help of local Jewish leaders.

Source: Rehmat’s World

[1"False Flag Attacks in Argentina: 1992 and 1994" by Adrián Salbuchi and James Fetzer, Voltaire Network, 13 October 2009.

[2"UN Gaza Report: Goldstone’s shameful U-turn" by Ilan Pappe, Voltaire Network, 4 April 2011.