Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez returned to Caracas on Monday, 18 February 2013. Upon his arrival, at 2:30 am local time, the Venezuelan president Chávez announced his return in a series of message on his Twitter account, the first of them reading: "We’ve arrived once again in our Venezuelan homeland. Thank you, my God!! Thank you, beloved nation!! We will continue our treatment here."

Vice President Nicolas Maduro said later that President Hugo Chávez had been taken directly to the Military Hospital in Caracas, where he will continue the treatment he began in Havana.

In a statement made to state channel VTV, Vice-President Nicolas Maduro said that Venezuela was "one big family" that accompanied President Hugo Chávez for what he called the "60 days of intense fighting" following the surgery which he underwent in Havana on December 11, 2012.

Scenes of jubilation erupted in Caracas at dawn, as the news spread of the President’s return.

The return of President Hugo Chávez to his country invalidates all speculation by many mainstream media trying desperately to dampen the impact of the earlier photos taken in Havana which showed the president of Venezuela in bed, but smiling, and flanked by his daughters [1]