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«Current Concerns», n° 9, 5 March 2013

Electric power supply in Switzerland

« “A look at the business activities of the major Swiss power companies” », by Dr-Ing Ernst Pauli / « “We must do everything possible to increase production from local renewable energy” », Interview with Thomas Egger / «“The peace model Switzerland and the energy issue” », by Tobias Salander / «“Resource-poor landlocked Switzerland and its dependence on pipelines”» / «“Strengthening the rights of private and minority shareholders” », Interview with the former federal administrative judge Hans-Jacob Heitz / «“Of China, Senator Paul, and the terrible price of open borders”», by Michael Scheuer /«“US troop withdrawal from southern Afghanistan con- fronted with harsh reality”», by Matthew Rosenberg / « Goals and means of Obama’s high tech military strategy », by Prof Dr Albert A. Stahel / « “Fourth Dresden Peace Prize for Stanislav Petrov” », by Anton Friedrich

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Current Concerns (Switzerland)

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Current concerns

"Current concerns" is a bi-monthly selection from swiss weekly paper "Zeit Fragen" .

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