A few days ago, Israel launched air strikes on Syrian territory. These attacks cannot but qualify as an act of aggression against a sovereign state. The UN Charter defines aggression as the most serious crime against peace.

These actions were made possible because for decades Tel Aviv has brazenly violated international law, led wars of aggression against neighboring states, grossly ignoring the resolutions of the UN Security Council in continuing its occupation of Arab territories, preventing the return of millions of Palestinian refugees to their homes. All this increases the tension in the Middle East, undermines peace and stability in the region.

Tel Aviv could not implement such a policy, including attacks against Damascus, without Washington’s full consent and unconditional support. This creates in the aggressor a sense of impunity and pushes him to indulge in new, ever more ambitious provocations.

It is not a coincidence. The United States, in their quest for world domination, are increasingly moving away from political and economic forms of offensive and resorting to military force against countries that do not share Western values.

The targets of such a policy have become Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. Syria has been cast in the role of the next victim. But the heroic resistance of the people does not permit the actualization of these plans. The Israeli attack against Damascus is a vain attempt to salvage the operation aiming to overthrow the legitimate government of Syria that the major NATO countries and their allies have conducted for more than two years in the Middle East via mercenaries from around the world.

The air strikes on Damascus indicate the existence of a close coordination between the military and groups of mercenaries and terrorists, including Al Qaeda fighters. Externally, the Jewish state and Islamic extremism are sworn enemies, but in fact it is legitimate to talk about their interaction.

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation strongly condemns the further escalation of violence and assigns to Tel Aviv and its clients all responsibility for the possible disastrous consequences of the intervention against Syria.

The Communist Party believes that under the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation between the USSR and the Syrian Arab Republic, dated 8 October 1980, which is still in effect, our country has the right to take the necessary measures to protect the integrity and the sovereignty of its ally. Given the political, financial and other support from Western countries to mercenaries, as well as the constant tightening of sanctions by the European Union, Russia could lend Syria greater support by supplying weapons of a defensive character.

The Communist Party believes that Russia, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council must call upon the Council to convene meetings for the adoption of a resolution, which requires Israel to stop the aggression against Syria and neighboring countries, notably Lebanon.

Obviously, Syria is not the first nor the last victim of the global expansion of the United States and its NATO allies. The events of the last twenty years show that Russia is also in the crosshairs. Therefore, the borders of our country run through the cities of Syria, which have now become the theatre of fierce fighting. Russia should not blindly look at the subversion that Washington and its satellites direct against our allies and only limit itself to to political and diplomatic statements.

With Syria, a friend of Russia, being the target of an undeclared war, the long-term interests of Russia require an adequate response to stop the military intervention in the internal affairs of this sovereign state, a member of the United Nations.

Roger Lagassé