While the city of al-Qusayr was liberated by the Syrian Arab Army bolstered by Hezbollah combatants, the president of the National Coalition (opposition), Georges Sabra, called on all units affiliated with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) to send in their men to "rescue" the city.

The Syrian army is currently grappling with pockets of jihadists which still linger in certain neighborhoods and suburbs. The goal of the Trotskyist Coalition leader is to restore the North-South line dividing Syria that the opposition wanted the "Geneva-2" conference to endorse.

More than 80,000 Christians were forced to flee al-Qusayr in late 2012 to escape the frenzy of the jihadists.

The liberation of al-Qusayr profoundly modifies the Syrian strategic equation and defeats the partition plan.

President Barack Obama called his Lebanese counterpart Michel Suleiman to rile against Hezbollah’s intervention, at odds with Lebanon’s policy of neutrality. Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan Reccep, also condemned Hezbollah’s intervention during a press conference in Istanbul, held shortly after his return from the United States.