The White House released a photo of President Barack Obama discussing the situation in Egypt with his national security team on July 3, 2013. However, the Secretary of State is absent from the photograph.

According to CBS, John Kerry did not attend the meeting because he was relaxing aboard his yacht, Isabel [photo].

At that point, the State Department claimed that Mr. Kerry was busily working on the Egyptian issue ... from his yacht. Thus, he is supposed to have spent his time on 3 and 4 July (the U.S. national holiday) taking part in the White House meeting through a secure communication system and on the phone with the Norwegian, Qatari and Turkish foreign ministers as well as with Egyption opponent El Baradei, in addition to the five calls he placed to the U.S. ambassador in Cairo. The next day, his calls allegedly included the UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Israeli Prime Minister and the "Egyptian Foreign Minister" (sic).

However, the record shows that Secretary of State had called his Egyptian counterpart on Monday, July 1st. Kerry was startlingly informed by Amr Mohamed, who was still in his office, about his resignation from the Morsi government, something which news agencies had been reporting for some time but to which John Kerry was somehow still oblivious.

A military coup overthrew the government of the Washington-backed Muslim Brotherhood, on July 3 at 22h (Cairo time).