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Simultaneous jail-break of jihadists in 9 countries


’’Following a succession of evasions that occurred in nine countries, all members of Interpol, and all within last month, especially in Iraq, in Libya and Pakistan, the Secretary General of the organization has sent out a global security alert, inviting people to be vigilant. Al-Qaida’s implication being suspected in many of these operations, which have led to the escape of hundreds of terrorists and other criminals, Interpol’s press release requests the assistance of the 190 country members of the organization, in order to establish if the recent events are coordinated or linked.’’ announced the agency of international police organization in a press release, dated August 3rd 2013.

The agency does not reveal the list of the targeted states. The major operations to which it refers to are:
- On July 23rd, 500 to 1 000 inmates escape from Taj and Abou Graïb prisons (Iraq). 
- On July 27th, 1 117 inmates escape from Koufia prision (Benghazi district, Libya) following a riot and an external attack.
- In the night of the 29th of July, 243 Taliban escape of Dera Ismaïl Khan prison (Pakistan’s tribal zones).

According to witnesses, theses escapes occurred after very sophisticated commando operations.

The recruitment offices of private military organizations are struggling more and more to send personnel to ’’do the jihad’’ in Syria. Hence the idea of pulling out experienced fighters. According to a reliable source, Iraqis have already arrived on the field.

Washington answered to the suspicion that weighs on the Special Forces of having organized these operations, by denouncing an Al-Qaida plot, and by temporarily shutting down 22 of it’s embassies.

Alizée Ville

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