Robert S. Ford, current US ambassador in Syria (even though based in Turkey), has just been designated by Barack Obama to represent him in Egypt, thereby replacing Ann Peterson, who will in turn become under-secretary of State for the Near-East.

Former assistant to ambassador John Negroponte in Baghdad, Robert S. Ford organized the first anti-Assad demonstrations in Syria, in 2011. He tried, often successfully, to mobilize the other Western ambassadors to get them to support the ’’revolutionaries’’. When it proved impossible for NATO to bombard Syria, because of Russia’s and China’s veto, Robert S. Ford set up the ’’Nicaraguan Solution’’ with General David Petraeus : hundreds of thousands of combatants, coming from all places, attempted to overthrow the regime.

The nomination of ambassador Ford in Cairo, if it were to be confirmed by the Senate, would probably mark the end of the war against Syria and the beginning of the civil war in Egypt. Thus, the three major state armies (Iraq, Syria, Egypt) would be destroyed, leaving the Near-East and North Africa in the hands of the Israeli Military.

A delegation of the Muslim Brothers should be received in a few days in the White-House, in the presence of Turkish diplomats.

Egypt is particularly frail in the face of a destabilization operation, first because of it’s political and economic situation, and second because of the weakness of it’s army (500 000 men for 85 millions people, against 1 500 000 men for it’s police).

Alizée Ville