According to the website magazine Foreign Policy dated August 28th 2013, the NSA would have intercepted communications between the chief of the Syrian chemical weapons unit and a high ranked official from the Syrian Department of defence. The latter was in panic after the chemical attack that costed the lives of 1 429 people [1].

This information, widely broadcasted by the Atlantic press, contributed to increase the conviction of the western states of Syria’s guilt.

However, the source of the intox wasn’t from the US : on the eve, August 27th, the television channel Jewish News One announced that the interceptions were undertaken by Tsahal [2].

On the other side, a Syrian military source confirmed, prior to the attack, the presence of Tsahal officials in Douma (zone controlled by the Islamic brigade) from where the two bombshells containing chemical products (but not necessarily combat gases) were launched.

The western flight of enthusiasm is the fact of few individuals linked to Israel, under the impulse of the french foreign minister, Laurent Fabius.

Alizée Ville

[2« IDF says Syrian government used WMDs on civilians », Jewish News One, August 27th 2013.