Thierry Meyssan analyses the contradictions and incoherences made by the US, British and French secret services about the so-called chemical massacre of Ghouta.


Thierry Meyssan : The Western secret services are 100% sure of things that aren’t logical :

1. They think that combat gases can make the difference between men and women.

2. They observed while the concoction of combat gas was being made, but did not intervene to avoid it’s usage. On the other hand, they stepped forward to suggest punishing the ones who used it.

3. They explain that the children were killed on the 21st of August, while the video is dated from before that, and these children come from families that support the Syrian regime and Bashar el-Assad’s government.

4. They assure they possess telephone call recordings. But they are not the ones who made those telephone interceptions.

5. And, finally, the ’’red line’’ affair. According to the joint committee of the British Intelligence service, Jon Day, Syria would have supposedly used combat gas 14 times in the past. But this was never confirmed. Why 14 times before ? Because it is the number of times the US government had use of chemical weapons in Iraq, in 2003-2004. And, of course, it would only be the 15th time of use that would lead the punishment exerted by the great powers.

The Ghouta massacre
The contradictions of the Western secret services

TM : The US and French government assure that the Syrian Arab Army, the legitimate army of the Syria state, carried-out a chemical massacre in the Damascus suburbs, in the agricultural belt of Ghouta, which surrounds Damascus, on August 21st .

I I am going to show you that this affirmation is utterly fabricated and that is conforms in no way to reality. Therefore, I will first take support on official documents, published by the american government, as well as the british and French.

1- The number of victims varies from 1 to 5

TM : In the information note that was published by the american government, we can read that this attack caused the death of at least 1 429 people.

However, when we look at the French equivalent document, only 281 deaths are mentioned, that would have supposedly been counted by watching the internet videos. The same document states that a ’’non government related’’ organization – this has to be said with quotations marks -, Doctors without boarders, would have counted – for the French government – 355 deaths in the hospitals surrounding Damascus.

So, the difference of evaluation of the problem varies from 1 to 5, from source to source.

Then, the West leans solely on the videos to prove the veracity of the facts.

In conclusion, about these videos, almost no one agrees on the number of victims. From what the US document says, their are more that 100, whereas the French one only claims 47.

2- Paris and Washington have validated the videos dated from before August 21st

TM : When we look at these videos, we can notice that some of them are previous to the massacre.

Indeed, if you look on YouTube , you will see that they were posted on august 20th, which could be on the eve of the massacre, but not necessarily when you take into account the time change of 9 hours between Syria and California, where the Youtube server is. However, you can clearly see that the outside scenes are filmed during the time where the sun is at it’s highest.

So, it was filmed around noon and can’t possibly have been recorded before that date.

And yet, these are the unproven facts that the US and French government are relying on.

3- A gas that spares women

TM : In these documents is explained that most of the victims are children.

Indeed, you can see in the videos that many children are in agony. They are all about the same age. There are also adults. But all the adults are men. And generally, are at the age where they can fight.

There are no woman. Aside from two exceptions, there were no women in the officially announced victims. On the 1 429 official victims, only 2 are women.

It would be the first time that a gas would discriminate individuals according to their gender.

4- The victims are prisoners of the jihadists

TM : When these images had been broadcasted, the first thing that jumps to eye is that none of these children are accompanied.

This is very shocking, because in Near-Eastern culture, you never leave a body unaccompanied, even more so when they are children.

But these children are without parents.

Then, we can see them in the hands of people that are presented as medical staff, trying to save them. But it is hard to deduce what exactly the staff is doing.

In fact, their is a simple reason : these children are not victims of a chemical attack.

These are children that were kidnapped two weeks previous, in the beginning of August, in the Latakia region, 200 km away from the Ghouta.

They were taken while a jihadist attack on pro-Assas alaouit villagers. Most of the families were killed. Some survived. In the improvised cemeteries around Latakia were found over a thousand dead.

These children, of whom no one has heard about for two weeks, actually resurfaced on these videos.

Those of which the families were still alive recognized them, and these families pressed charges for assassination. If we don’t understand what kind of care is given to these children on these videos, it’s simply because they are not being treated.

They are being injected poison by intravenous, and being killed in front of the cameras.

5- The secret services would supposedly have a secret way to analyze human samples

TM : The US, Britain and France explain that the victims were gassed, or by sarin gas, or by a mix of gas including sarin gas. They rely on analysis produced by their own laboratories, from their own samples collected in the field.

This is completely impossible, because the United-Nations have also gone the scene and swabbed samples, but need about another ten days in order to analyze them.

So, in fact, what has been explained by the US, the UK and France, is that they have at their disposition secret investigation methods completely unknown to the scientific world, that permits to instantly cultivate human tissue and to have immediate results.

6- The US would have supposedly watched while the preparation of the crime during 4 days without any intervention

TM : Even stranger, in James Clapper’s note, the US’ intelligence boss, we read that – as final proof – the US had observed, during 4 days, the Syrian army mixing the components of sarin gas, and thus preparing it for immediate attack.

However, what we do not understand is, if they did indeed see it happening, why didn’t they say anything ? Why didn’t they intervene ?

7- A telephone call interception delivered by Israel

TM : In the same way, the US, the UK and France declared having intercepted a phone call between a high official of the Syrian minister of Defence of the Unit Chief of combat gas. The Syrian minister would have panicked by the usage of these gases. This would be another proof of the Syrian’s guilt.

However, this piece of information was not collected by the Western services. It was handed to them by the 8200 Unit of the Israeli Mossad, as broadcasted – before these services – by Israeli televison.

Israeli television (Voice over)

The Israeli Defence Forces announce having intercepted the Syrian government’s communications that demonstrate that Bashar el-Assad’s regime is behind the recent chemical attack that made hundreds of dead civilians in a country devastated by war.

8- Not Sarin gas symptoms

TM : On the videos, the victims are trembling and drooling. This is very characteristic of chemical intoxication with combat gas.

Except that sarin gas does not provoke white drool, but a yellow one, that we do not see on this video. So, It cannot be sarin gas that was used to intoxicate the people who were killed.

The US, UK and french leaders and liable to the International Penal Court

TM : In conclusion, this case in completely fabricated. It is the consequence of war propaganda, which is, according to international law, the worst crime, since it is a crime against peace, the one which enable to perpetrate other crimes, including crimes against humanity.