Macedonian television broadcasted, on September 27th, a show of two and a half hours with Thierry Meyssan, The Milenko Nedelkovski Late Night Show. The president of the Voltaire Network expounded the events that have occurred in the Middle East for the past two years, distinguishing between the military operations planned by the Pentagon since 2001 (Libya and Syria) and the colour revolutions provoked and mismanaged by the State Department (Tunisia and Egypt).

He explained the sophisticated methods of NATO’s televised propaganda using a few concrete examples: the faked death of Neda during Iran’s green revolution (playacting), the staged arrival of the rebels in the Tripoli’s Green Square (images shot beforehand in open air studios) and the attempt to implant fake Syrian television programmes in the ArabSat and NileSat satellite channels.

He also harked back to the 9/11 coup, emphasizing the illegal takeover of power in the United States, between 10am and 4:30pm on that day, by the deep state in the name of the continuity of government. Finally, he concluded by underscoring the decline of the ’’American Empire’’ and it’s looming dissolution, according to a process similar to that of the Soviet Union.

Thierry Meyssan shared the floor with three experts in international politics, who highlighted the parallels between the wars on Yugoslavia and Syria: the intervention of international jihadists siding with the US and European, the role of Israel, the military training of the Free Syrian Army fighters by the KLA in Kosovo, etc.

[The Macedonian speakers expressed themselves in Macedonian, Thierry Meyssan in English.]

Alizée Ville