Three Syrian citizens have lodged a complaint in the French Cour de Justice de la République against Laurent Fabius, for complicity in death threats, forcible entry into private homes, damages and destruction, mutilation, murder, illegal confinement, abduction, detention and desecration of human corpses because of their supposed non-affiliation to a specific religious group.

The plaintiffs—Mrs. Al Kassem, Messrs. Al Ibrahim and Salim—consider that Mr. Laurent Fabius, in his capacity as Minister of Foreign Affairs, has committed abuse of authority aiming to delegitimize Syrians fighting against terrorism and to legitimize, and even legalize, the use of terrorism against civilians for their presumed non-affiliation to Sunni Islam.

They are defended by an international lawyers collective, some of whose members have gone to Syria and were witnesses to the crimes committed by the international jihadists supported by Laurent Fabius  [1].

The Cour de Justice de la République is the constitutional authority established to try offences committed by government ministers in the exercise of their duty.

Alizée Ville

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• « La Syrie, attaquée de toutes parts, résiste », by Bernard Ripert, Damien Viguier, Fabrice Delinde, Pascal Junot, Voltaire Network, October 15th 2013.