In Tehran, President sheikh Hassan Rouhani presented a televised report of his first 100 days in power. He voiced sharp criticism of his predecessor, Mahmoud Amadinedjad, accusing him of mismanagement, of leaving behind a 67 billion dollar debt, and making him responsible for all the problems plaguing the country.

One of president Rouhani’s advisers, Akbar Turkan, suggested that the former president should seek penitence from God and the nation for all the problems he brought on the country, economic as well as political.

In response, Mr. Ahmadinejad respectfully invited his successor, in writing, to a public debate in which he could have the opportunity to defend himself. Sheikh Rouhani indicated that it could be done on condition that Ahmadinejad finally accepted to "tell the truth."

Since the signature in Geneva of the provisional agreement with the 5+1, President Rouhani enjoys strong support which is compounded by that of Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. He intends to use this surge in popularity to stamp out anti-imperialist feelings, which are still very vivid especially amongst the poorest.

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