Dmitry Borodin (photo), second highest-ranking diplomat at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in The Hague, has announced that he was leaving the country.

On October 5th, the police stormed into his private apartment, responding to an alleged report that he was abusing his children. The diplomat was dragged out of his home and severely roughed up, before being suddenly released.
M. Borodin has persistently denied having maltreated his children.

Russia denounced a flagrant violation of it’s diplomatic immunity and demanded, in vain, that charges be brought against the policemen.

In the same inelegant way, two unidentified men posing as electricians slipped into Onno Elderenbosch’s home ( n°2 of the Netherlands Embassy in Moscow) and beat him up.

The Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs offered his apologies but the Russian police has not yet caught the criminals.

Alizée Ville