In Kiev, for more than a week, massive demonstrations are trying to force the government to go back on it’s decision not to sign the association agreement with the European Union.

In fact, Ukraine has been historically divided into two populations: in the West, the pro-European Union supporters, and in the East, the pro-Russians. It is on this division that the ’’orange revolution’’ had bloomed and that the protesters would like to revive.

Yet, the crowd control contingent at these protests is made up of a group of young Crimean Tatars.

They are members of the ’’Azatlyk’’ (freedom) movement led by young Naïl Nabiullin, and campaign for a Greater Turkey. They are backed by Trotskyist parties such as the Russian Left Front of Sergei Udaltsov, as well as the Turkish government of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. They’ve just come back from Syria, through Turkey, where they had gone to practice jihad against the Syrian government. They seem to be behind the provocations that have led the Riot Police to commit excesses.

Alizée Ville