Tunisie-Secret published an excerpt from President Marzouki’s birth certificate, where it is marked: "By the rectification judgment emanating from the Trial Court of Grombalia, on December 2011, number 80180, the present certificate has been modified as follows: the mother’s nationality is indeed Tunisian."

According to Tunisie-Secret, the president’s mother has lived as a Moroccan national her entire life, which would bar him from occupying the highest public office, in accordance with article 40 of the 2009 Constitution.

A close friend of the president, Tarek Kahlaoui, has testified before Al-Chahid that the document is authentic. According to him, the court intervened simply to correct the administrative error "in the excerpt of Moncef Marzouki’s birth certificate regarding his mother, which indicated by mistake that she was Moroccan" (sic).

Moroccan television, on its part, considers the Tunisian president as a subject of King Mohammed VI.

A left-wing intellectual committed to the defence of Human Rights, but with no public support, Moncef Marzouki was elected president thanks to the votes garnered by the Muslim Brotherhood. Enjoying unlimited powers, his actions mainly consisted in serving as a secular lay garantee, first, in his country for the Ennahda government, and secondly abroad, for the bombing of Libya and the attack on Syria which he paints as extensions of "the Arab Spring."

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